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RBL praises the innovative approach of "YHWH Fights for Them!" The Divine Warrior in the Exodus Narrative by Charlie Trimm

Benjamin Giffone, of LCC International University, writes:.

"[A] significant value of this study is its numerous references (especially in the footnotes) to ancient Near Eastern imagery and terminology. . . Trimm has provided scholars, teachers, and advanced students of Exodus a stimulating and careful literary study of the biblical text."

Read the full review here or find out more about the book.

"YHWH Fights for Them!"
ISBN 978-1-4632-0271-2, $95 (Yours Today for Only $57.00)

The divine warrior is an important motif in the Old Testament, leading many to study profitably the motif in its most prominent manifestations in poetic texts. This study builds on that foundation by examining the divine warrior in detail in the exodus narrative to construct a broader picture of the motif in the Old Testament.


A New Issue of e-Gorgias
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We invite you to read Issue 91 (September, 2015) now.


Journal of Early Christian History Calls Insiders Versus Outsiders, edited by Jacobus Kok and Anthony Dunne, "Relevant to all disciplines in theology."

Dirk. G. van der Merwe, of the University of South Africa, Pretoria, praises its work in making Afrikaans scholarship accessible and describes the book as beneficial for both scholars and laypeople:

"This book is relevant to all disciplines in theology. Scholars in theology as well as church leaders have to take cognisance of the content of this book and the arguments presented in it. It can also be useful to and be prescribed for theological students."

Click here to learn more about the book!

Insiders versus Outsiders
ISBN 978-1-4632-0257-6, $95 (Yours Today for Only $85.50)

Christianity as a movement developed within the already established, but volatile Jewish movement/religion, expressing a profound sense of inclusivism illustrated in the transcendence of social boundaries. In this book the dynamic reality of creating and transcending boundaries and the relationship between insiders and outsiders are explored by way of reflecting on mission and ethos.


RBL Gives High Praise to Righteous Giving to the Poor, by Rivka and Moshe Ulmer

Gregg Gardner, of the University of British Columbia, describes the book as ideal for adult education:

"Intended for lay or nonexpert audiences, this book provides a useful and insightful overview of the concept of tzedakah in classical rabbinic texts. The opening chapter (“Brief Introduction”) can be used as a standalone introduction to rabbinic literature that would be accessible to upper-level undergraduate students and careful readers in popular educational settings (e.g., adult education, continuing education). . .

"[T]his book is a welcomed contribution to broader discourses on philanthropy and Jewish studies. Its insightful readings and analyses of the primary sources will be of interest to those who seek an entryway into rabbinic literature, Jewish approaches to charity, or both. Written in an accessible fashion, it provides a useful overview of the most important aspects of charity in classical rabbinic texts."

Click here to read the full review!

Righteous Giving to the Poor: Tzedakah ("Charity") in Classical Rabbinic Judaism
ISBN 978-1-4632-0261-3, $65 (Yours Today for Only $58.50)

Moral insights and comments about Tzedakah ("Charity") are found throughout the vast body of rabbinic literature. This book attempts to present a survey of the rabbinic sources concerning Tzedakah and to provide the reader with an analysis of the system of Tzedakah as created and understood by the Rabbis.

Gorgias Concise Syriac-English, English-Syriac Dictionary by Brock, Sebastian, and George A. Kiraz.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($48)

"As for me, I will dwell at Mizpah …": The Tell en-Nasbeh Excavations after 85 Years by Zorn, Jeffrey R., Aaron J. Brody, Alexis Boutin, Stephanie Brown, Catherine Foster, .

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($95)

"As for me, I will dwell at Mizpah …": The Tell en-Nasbeh Excavations after 85 Years by Zorn, Jeffrey R., Aaron J. Brody, Alexis Boutin, Stephanie Brown, Catherine Foster, .

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($95)

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Athos and its Monasteries by Hasluck, F.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($121.25)

Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam by Crone, Patricia.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($89)

Die Lieder des Hafis by Brockhaus, Hermann.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($286.25)

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