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Reference - Chaldean-Arabic Dictionary
By Eugene Manna
(Kiraz Historical Dictionaries Archive 6)


 American Christianity
 Ancient Near East
 Arabic & Islamic Studies
 Armenian Studies
 Ascetical & Monastic
 Assyrian Studies, Modern
 Biblical Studies
 Centennial of Sayfo
 Central Asian Studies
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 Church History
 Coptic & Egyptian Studies
 Dead Sea Scrolls
 Eastern Christianity
 European Studies
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 Women's Studies

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Buy this book together with Al-Lubab by Gabriel Cardahi
A historical dictionary translating Syriac into Arabic, this handy volume brings together the language of the author’s Chaldean Church and the Arabic of his contemporary culture.  This scarce volume, now available in the west, is sure to be of considerable interest to scholars of Syriac and Arabic alike.+A historical dictionary between two Semitic languages, Cardahi’s Syriac-Arabic dictionary was among the first attempts to bring together the classical languages of Eastern Christianity and Islam.  Consistently referred to by subsequent Arabists, this lexicon has become a well-known reference book.Save $89.72
Total List Price: $598.10
Buy both books for only $508.39


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Chaldean-Arabic Dictionary
By Eugene Manna
(Kiraz Historical Dictionaries Archive 6)

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Title:Chaldean-Arabic Dictionary
Subtitle:Introduction by George A. Kiraz
Series:Kiraz Historical Dictionaries Archive 6
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press

By Eugene Manna
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:11/2007
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

Among the early attempts to bring ancient languages together, Manna’s lexicon is a landmark. A concise comparison between Syriac, the language of the Chaldean Church, and Arabic, the language of the contemporary culture, this work has eminently practical application. Originally a tool for Arabic-speaking Chaldean Christians, this dictionary quickly became a standard reference tool for scholars of Syriac as well. By printing this scarce resource, Gorgias Press now makes this insightful lexicon widely available to western scholars.

Eugene Manna (1867-1928) was a Chaldean educator and priest. He was eventually consecrated bishop, but after disagreements with his hierarchy, he disappeared, leaving his episcopal cross and ring in his room. Several days later his body was found in the Tigris River. In addition to his lexicon, he wrote a Syriac grammar and a two-volume collection of Syriac literature.

Chaldean-Arabic Dictionary
By Eugene Manna
(Kiraz Historical Dictionaries Archive 6)
Weight:1.44 LBS.
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