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Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament
Edited by H. A. G. Houghton
(Texts and Studies 11)

A collection of ten original papers on the New Testament text, first presented in 2013, which reflect the diversity of current research. Examples of ancient engagement with the Bible include Origen, Eusebius of Caesarea and Augustine along with early translations.
978-1-4632-0411-2Biblical Studies, Texts and Studies (1935-6927), Church History, Manuscript Studies

Engraved on Stone
By Rony Feingold
(Gorgias Studies in the Ancient Near East 7)

Cylinder seals were important instruments in the Ancient Near East, and were used in Mesopotamia from the beginning of the third millennium BCE to the fifth century BCE. This volume presents an analysis of 1000 cylinder seals (including 70 that are not yet published) from the Old Babylonian period, including the Isin and Larsa dynasties, and uses this analysis as well as data from written texts of the period to answer questions relating to the seal cutters and the production of the seals.
978-1-4632-0167-8Ancient Near East, Archaeology, Gorgias Studies in the Ancient Near East

The New Syriac Primer, 2nd Edition
By George Anton Kiraz
(Gorgias Handbooks 9)

A truly useful introduction to the Syriac language is a rare find. This practical initiation to the study of this ancient language of the Christian church speaks with clarity and authority. A fruitful integration of scholarly introduction and practical application, this primer is more than a simple grammar or syntactic introduction to the language. Written in a style designed for beginners, Kiraz avoids technical language and strives for a reader-friendly inductive approach. Readings from actual Syriac texts allow the student to experience the language first hand and the basics of the grammar of the language are ably explained. The book comes with downloadable material so that readers may listen to all reading sentences and text passages in the book.
978-1-59333-325-6Linguistics, Syriac, Gorgias Handbooks (1935-6838)

Who is afraid of the rhetor?
By Yosef Z. Liebersohn
(Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity 16)

This book concentrates on the conversation between Socrates and Gorgias which takes place in the first part of Plato's Gorgias. Scholars have tended to concentrate on the following two conversations held by Socrates with Polus and, especially, with Callicles. This first, relatively short, conversation is usually taken to be a kind of preface coming before Plato's 'real' philosophy. The present study challenges this assumption, arguing that the conversation between Socrates and Gorgias actually anticipates the message of the whole dialogue, which concerns the essence of rhetoric and its implications.
978-1-4632-0258-3Classics, Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity

Approaches to the History of the Interpretation of the Qur’an
Edited by Andrew Rippin
(Gorgias Islamic Studies 1)

In recent years, the Qur’an has come to the forefront of scholarly investigations in Islamic studies. However, the traditional interpretation of the book, commonly termed tafsir, remains a vast, virtually untapped field of investigation. Many Muslims tend to ignore the material, seeing it as a storehouse of traditional restraints, and scholars frequently gloss over its importance as a historical record of the Muslim community, not appreciating the depth and breadth of the literature. The essays gathered here expose and explore various aspects of the field of tafsir, and their potential for scholarly research.
978-1-60724-046-4Religion, Arabic & Islamic Studies, Philosophy & Theology, Gorgias Islamic Studies

Baumstark, Anton. Aristoteles bei den Syrern vom V.-VIII. Jahrhundert
In this volume, Baumstark deals with the transmission of Aristotelian philosophy into Syriac and Arabic. Syriac texts with German translations are included, alongside a detailed study of their textual interrelationships.
978-1-60724-936-8Syriac, Classics, Philosophy & Theology, Syriac Studies Library

Deuteronomy According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation
Deuteronomy: English Translation by Carmel McCarthy; Text Prepared by George Anton Kiraz & Joseph Bali
(Surath Kthob )

This volume is part of a series of English translations of the Syriac Peshitta along with the Syriac text carried out by an international team of scholars.
978-1-61143-930-4Syriac, Biblical Studies, , Surath Kthob

Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians
Edited by Geoffrey Herman
(Judaism in Context 17)

The Sasanian Empire was home to many religious communities. It was also a place of meeting and transformation. The studies in this volume encompass a diverse array of topics concerning these religious communities inhabiting the Sasanian Empire. Some include the Roman East in their deliberations. Most, however, deal with the interaction of one or other religious community based in the Sasanian Empire with the dominant religion of the empire, Zoroastrianism.
978-1-4632-0250-7Religion, Eastern Christianity, Judaism in Context (1935-6978), Hebrew & Judaica

Verbal Paradigms in Syriac
By George Anton Kiraz
(Gorgias Handbooks 16)

This handbook tabulates the most common verbal paradigms and conjugations. It begins by explaining the various types of verbs and how they differ from each other. Every table is spread over two pages in width. Columns and rows are marked to make easy references.
978-1-60724-920-7Syriac, Gorgias Handbooks (1935-6838)

"Epistolarity" in the First Book of Horace's Epistles
By Anna de Pretis
(Gorgias Studies in Classics 5)

De Pretis’s book focuses on the epistolary features of Horace’s First Book of Epistles, reading them from points of view related to the epistolary form: the weight of the addressee; the dialogue between literary genres; the poet's self-representation; temporality; and the power of the author. These issues also pertain to literature as such, since all literature can be regarded, to a certain degree, as "epistolary." But the extent and consistency with which the Epistles explore epistolary aspects, can only be explained in terms of their generic affiliation.
978-1-4632-0393-1Gorgias Studies in Classics (1935-6870)

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