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The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh: A Bilingual Edition
By Sebastian P. Brock
(Texts from Christian Late Antiquity 1)

From one of the most thought-provoking writers in the monastic tradition, this volume contains 153 short, contemplative sayings of St. Isaac of Nineveh (fl. 661-681 CE) in their original Syriac with facing English translation. St. Isaac was ordained bishop of Nineveh but resigned his post only five months later and became a monastic hermit in the mountains of southeastern Iraq. This work speaks to believing Christians today as well as scholars wishing to learn more about the Eastern monastic tradition.
1-59333-335-8Eastern Christianity, Syriac, Patristics, Texts from Christian Late Antiquity (1935-6846), Early Christianity Sale

An Introduction to Syriac Studies
By Sebastian P. Brock
(Gorgias Handbooks 4)

This Introduction aims to provide basic guidance to important areas of Syriac studies. The relevance of Syriac studies to a variety of other fields is explored. A brief orientation to the history of Syriac literature is offered, and Syriac is set within the context of the other Aramaic dialects. A thorough discussion on important tools (Instrumenta Studiorum) is presented; topics include grammars, dictionaries, the Bible in Syriac, histories of Syriac literature, bibliographical aids and relevant series, periodicals, and encyclopedias. This Introduction should prove useful both for the student beginning Syriac studies and for scholars working in adjacent fields.
1-59333-349-8Eastern Christianity, Syriac, Gift Suggestions, Gorgias Handbooks (1935-6838)

John the Solitary on the Soul
Translation and Introduction by Mary T. Hansbury
(Texts from Christian Late Antiquity 32)

In this treatise, John the Solitary (ca. 390) enters into a dialogue with two disciples who have come past the beginning stage of the spiritual life and have brought him their struggle against the passions in the life of the inner person (barnâšâ gawwâyâ). John’s description of the life of the soul is outlined here in a framework of the stages of the spiritual life. Included is his analysis of the passions, showing very little if any Evagrian influence. The Dialogue on the Soul is a difficult text. It is hoped that this Syriac-English presentation will enable others to take the discussion forward. John’s genial thought merits this.
978-1-60724-044-0Religion, Syriac, Literature, Texts from Christian Late Antiquity (1935-6846), Philosophy & Theology, Spirituality, Early Christianity Sale

The New Syriac Primer, 2nd Edition
By George Anton Kiraz
(Gorgias Handbooks 9)

A truly useful introduction to the Syriac language is a rare find. This practical initiation to the study of this ancient language of the Christian church speaks with clarity and authority. A fruitful integration of scholarly introduction and practical application, this primer is more than a simple grammar or syntactic introduction to the language. Written in a style designed for beginners, Kiraz avoids technical language and strives for a reader-friendly inductive approach. Readings from actual Syriac texts allow the student to experience the language first hand and the basics of the grammar of the language are ably explained. The book comes with downloadable material so that readers may listen to all reading sentences and text passages in the book.
978-1-59333-325-6Linguistics, Syriac, Gorgias Handbooks (1935-6838)

A Comparison of Ancient Near Eastern Law Collections Prior to the First Millennium BC
By Samuel Jackson
(Gorgias Studies in the Ancient Near East 4)

This book highlights and explains consistent differences in both the framing and content of the various pre-first millennium BC law collections of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Hatti. The differences between collections are placed in the broader background of the worldview and political make-up of the societies and individuals that created them, and their historical context.
978-1-59333-221-1Ancient Near East, Ancient Heritage of Iraq, Gorgias Studies in the Ancient Near East

Anonymous. The Racovian Catechism
The author provides the biography of Socianism founder Faustus Socinus. The article provides a partial translation of his posthumously compiled “Racovian Catechism” from the original Polish with the intention of revealing information about Socianism.
978-1-61143-181-0Religion, Analecta Gorgiana (1935-6854), Church History, Philosophy & Theology

Balta, Evangelia. Ottoman Studies and Archives in Greece
Evangelia Balta, an expert on the Greeks in the Ottoman Empire, collects here her experiences in studying the Ottomans in Greece. She explores issues in historiography and archival research.
978-1-61719-090-2Analecta Isisiana: Ottoman and Turkish Studies (1949-4229), Ottoman & Turkish Studies

Divine Contingency: Theologies of Divine Embodiment in Maximos the Confessor and Tsong kha pa
By Thomas Cattoi
(Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 7)

This work explores the points of contact, as well as the differences between the distinct notions of divine embodiment developed by Maximos the Confessor (580-662), one of the greatest Greek Fathers, and Tsong kha pa (1357-1419), arguably the most important thinker in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. Both authors developed a spiritual theology where natural contemplation and the practice of the virtues are invested with a transformative value and are construed as a response to a cosmic intelligence, which sustains the universe, but also becomes manifest in history.
978-1-59333-970-8Religion, Patristics, Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies (1539-1507), Philosophy & Theology, Early Christianity Sale

Gorgias Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Syriac Heritage
Edited by Sebastian P. Brock, Aaron Michael Butts, George Anton Kiraz & Lucas Van Rompay

This page is for the Gorgias Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Syriac Heritage (GEDSH) for scholars and students. If you are an institution, please check the GEDSH main page.
978-1-59333-714-8_BMSyriac, Reference

History of Eastern Christianity
By Aziz S. Atiya
(Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 16)

This book is a classic in the history of the Oriental Churches, which are sometimes portrayed as heretical in general church history books, if mentioned at all. Written by a Copt, it portrays the history of the faith of these non-Chalcedonian Churches with first-hand knowledge of their traditions. The author covers Alexandrine Christianity (the Copts and the Ethiopians), the Church of Antioch (Syriac Orthodox), the “Nestorian” Church of the East, the Armenian Church, the St. Thomas Christians of South India, the Maronite Church, as well as the Vanished Churches of Carthage, Pentapolis, and Nubia.
978-1-60724-343-4Eastern Christianity, Syriac, Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies (1539-1507), Coptic & Egyptian Studies, Early Christianity Sale

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