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We just added 1 new book to our online catalog...

Neo-Aramaic in its Linguistic Context by Geoffrey Khan

List Price: $188.50 (today yours for only $113.10)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0410-5

This volume contains papers on the Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialects and the languages in contact with them. The papers make important contributions to the documentation of the dialects and to the understanding of their development in the context of non-Semitic contact languages.


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The new issue of the monthly e-Gorgias newsletter is now available on the web. The newsletter not only inform you about our recent releases and special sales, but also includes informative content of interest to the scholar and any interested readers. Our Gorgias Enthusiast of the Month section always provides an interesting list of books suggested by readers and scholars. All this information will be delivered straight to your inbox when you join our mailing list, so click here to join.

We invite you to read Issue 80 (October, 2014) now.


The following 1 book will soon be back in print...

Les Yézidis by Thomas Bois

List Price: $40.82 (today yours for only $24.49)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0506-5

In this al-Machriq article published in 1961, Thomas Bois examines the origins of the religious beliefs of the Yezidis in the context of Zoroastrianism, Kurdish paganism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. A second part, included in this publication, discusses contemporary life and organization in Yezidi society.


We just added 2 new books to our online catalog...

Multilingual and Multigraphic Documents and Manuscripts of East and West by Giuseppe Mandalà

List Price: $169.00 (today yours for only $101.40)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0283-5

This volume deals with the evidence from manuscripts and handwritten documents with multilingual and multigraphic structures in Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and Greek, conceived and designed to display texts in different languages or scripts, as well as addressing the historical context of these testimonia (their production, use and circulation) and focusing on problems inherent to multicultural societies.

Ezekiel and Daniel According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation by Donald Walter

List Price: $150.00 (today yours for only $90.00)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0478-5

This volume is part of a series of English translations of the Syriac Peshitta along with the Syriac text carried out by an international team of scholars.


We just added 1 new book to our online catalog...

Common Grounds without Foundations by David Kratz Mathies

List Price: $95.00 (today yours for only $57.00)

ISBN 978-1-60724-042-6

An alternative, fallibilist model of moral reasoning rooted in the American Pragmatic tradition. Additional resources drawn from Chinese philosophy, Jain epistemology, modern philosophy of mathematics, and the Gadamerian hermeneutical tradition serve both to corroborate the argumentation and to provide examples of continuities in reasoning that cross the boundaries of disparate traditions.


Journal of the Canadian Society for Syriac Studies 14 by Harrak, Amir.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($75)

Christian and Muslim Dialogues by Bertaina, David.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($37.5)

Teachings on the Prayer of the Heart in the Greek and Syrian Fathers by Gather, Jill.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($45.19)

See More...

The Origins of the Islamic State by Hitti, Philip Khûri, and Francis Clark Murgotten.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($320.645)

The Syriac Book of Steps 3 by Kitchen, Robert, and Martien F. G. Parmentier.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($78.845)

Die Lieder des Hafis by Brockhaus, Hermann.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($286.25)

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