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Religion - Malphono w-Rabo d-Malphone
Edited by George Anton Kiraz
(Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 3)


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Malphono w-Rabo d-Malphone
Edited by George Anton Kiraz
(Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 3)

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Title:Malphono w-Rabo d-Malphone
Subtitle:Studies in Honor of Sebastian P. Brock
Series:Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 3
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press

Edited by George Kiraz
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:12/2008
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

Prepared as a substantial Festschrift for Sebastian P. Brock, a recognized leader in the field of Syriac studies, this volume contains 34 essays from a variety of scholars across the discipline. The studies contained in this volume reflect the broad scope of Prof. Brock’s professional and intellectual interests, his many years of friendship with colleagues, and his devotion and commitment to the raising up of the younger generation of academics. The contributions are in English, French, and German, and are made by scholars from the United States, Europe, and Asia. The breadth of the submissions illustrates the multiplicity of approaches taken in contemporary Syriac studies, and while no overall limitations were set for the contributions, a lively interest in Jacob of Serug remains evident. No scholar in this discipline will want to miss this important collection that represents the latest in serious exploration of the world of Eastern Christianity in Late Antiquity. In addition to the essays, a bibliography of Sebastian Brock’s works and two appreciations complete this noteworthy volume.

George A. Kiraz is the founder and director of Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute, and the president of Gorgias Press. He earned an MSt in Syriac Studies from Oxford University, and an MPhil and PhD from Cambridge University. He has an extensive list of publications in Syriac studies.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents v
Preface ix
Bibliography of Sebastian Paul Brock xiii
Sebastian Brock, A Tribute by George A. Kiraz xlvii
Siroturcica 1. The Önggüds and the Syriac Language by Pier Giorgio Borbone 1
Découverte d’une inscription syriaque mentionnant l’évêque Rabbula by Françoise Briquel Chatonnet, Alain Desreumaux, Joseph Moukarzel 19
Von Bischöfen, Ärzten und Asketen—Schnittpunkte von Christentum und Medizin im spätantiken Sasanidenreich by Peter Bruns 29
Virtuous Reading: Aphrahat’s Approach to Scripture by J. W. Childers 43
Syriac Books Printed at the Dominican Press, Mosul by J. F. Coakley & David G. K. Taylor 71
Suivre l’étoile à Oxford: inédits sur la venue des Mages by Muriel Debié 111
?unayn ibn Is?aq and the Kitab Adab al-falasifah: The Pursuit of Wisdom and a Humane Polity in Early Abbasid Baghdad by Sidney H. Griffith 135
“Calling on the Name” in St. Ephrem: Roots and Influence by Mary Hansbury 161
Bride of Blood, Bride of Light: Biblical Women as Images of Church in Jacob of Serug by Susan Ashbrook Harvey 177
Identifying the Syriac Vorlage of the Ethiopic History of Joseph by Kristian S. Heal 205
Some Lexical and Legal Notes on a Syriac Loan Transfer of 240 CE by John F. Healey 211
Approximation of the ‘traditions’ in Jacob of Edessa’s Revision of Isaiah by Andreas Juckel 227
Zur Datierung nach christlicher Ära in den syrischen Kirchen by Hubert Kaufhold 283
Biobibliographies of some Twentieth Century Syriac Writers by George A. Kiraz 339
On the Road to Nineveh Dramatic Narrative in Jacob of Serug’s Memra on Jonah by Robert A. Kitchen 365
Greek Words in the Syriac Text of the Apology of Aristides by Michael Lattke 383
A Neo-Aramaic Version of the Soghitha of the Sinful Woman and Satan by Alessandro Mengozzi 405
Jacob of Sarug, John of Tella and Paul of Edessa: ecclesiastical politics in Osrhoene 519–522 by Volker Menze 421
“Though He cannot be eaten, we consume Him” Appeals to Liturgical Practice in the Christological Polemic of Philoxenos of Mabbug by David Michelson 439
David’s Opening Speech (1 Sam 17:34–37a) according to Jacob of Serugh by Craig E. Morrison 477
‘The One Talent is the Words of the Teaching of our Lord’ The Gospel Translation and Commentary of Deacon Israel of Alqosh (Houghton Ms. Syr. 147, 1768/69) by Heleen Murre-van den Berg 497
The Cause of the Commemoration of Mary: Author, Date, and Christology by G. J. Reinink 517
Ephrem and Jacob of Edessa in the Commentary of the Monk Severus by Bas ter Haar Romeny 535
The Peshitta of 2 Samuel 11–12 and its Reception History by Alison Salvesen 559
A Verse Homily of Jacob of Serugh on the Annunciation to the Mother of God by Aho Shemunkasho 575
Yours, Mine, or Theirs? Historical Obersvations on the Use, Collection and Sharing of Manuscripts in Western Europe and the Christian Orient by Columba Stewart 603
Transcribed Proper Names in Chinese Syriac Christian Documents by Hidemi Takahashi 631
„J’ai commencé à étudier l’Allemand“ The ecumenism under the sign of the struggle against misery: Addai Sher writes to Johannes Lepsius. by Martin Tamcke 663
Between Christology and Kalam? The Life and Letters of George, Bishop of the Arab Tribes by Jack Tannous 671
Severus of Antioch on the Forty Martyrs Translated by Iain Torrance (with notes in collaboration with Anna Wilson) 717
A Precious Gift to Deir al-Surian (AD 1211): Ms. Vat. Syr. 13 by Lucas Van Rompay 735
Al-Farabi and the History of the Syriac Organon by John W. Watt 751
Illustrating Charms: a Syriac manuscript with magic drawings in the collection of the British Library by Ewa Balicka-Witakowska 779
The Magi in Syriac tradition by Witold Witakowski 809
An incalculable debt by Robert Murray 845

Malphono w-Rabo d-Malphone
Edited by George Anton Kiraz
(Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 3)
Weight:4.3 LBS.
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