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Series - 1. Gorgias Press imprint series (new books) - Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts (1935-6897) - Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures I
By Ehud Ben Zvi
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 1)


 American Christianity
 Ancient Near East
 Arabic & Islamic Studies
 Armenian Studies
 Ascetical & Monastic
 Assyrian Studies, Modern
 Biblical Studies
 Centennial of Sayfo
 Central Asian Studies
 Children's Books
 Chinese Studies
 Church History
 Coptic & Egyptian Studies
 Dead Sea Scrolls
 Eastern Christianity
 European Studies
 Finance and Economics
 Genocide Studies
 Hebrew & Judaica
 Manuscript Studies
 Medieval Studies
 Middle East
 Now in Paperback
 Ottoman & Turkish Studies
 Pastoral Studies
 Philosophy & Theology
 Travel & Missionary
 Women's Studies

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Buy this book together with Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures II by Ehud Ben Zvi
This volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published in Volumes 1-4 (1996-2003) of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.+This volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published in Volume 5 (2004-2005) of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.Save $87.79
Total List Price: $585.26
Buy both books for only $497.47


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Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures I
By Ehud Ben Zvi
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 1)

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Title:Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures I
Subtitle:Comprising the contents of Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, volumes 1–4
Series:Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 1
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press

By Ehud  Ben Zvi
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:10/2006
Language:English and Hebrew
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (JHS) is an academic peer-reviewed journal that pioneers open-source, freely available, prompt, academically responsible electronic publication in the area. This printed volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published in the journal from 1996 to 2003. It includes articles by Uwe F.W. Bauer, David A. Bergen, Mark J. Boda, Kenneth M. Craig Jr., Philip R. Davies, Vincent de Caen, Caetano Minette de Tillesse, Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, Michael V. Fox, R. Christopher Heard, John R. Huddlestun, Allan K. Jenkins, Raz Kletter, Gary N. Knoppers, Francis Landy, Bernon Lee, Niels Peter Lemche, Mark Leuchter, James R. Linville, Oded Lipschits, Hanna Liss, Meir Malul, Cynthia L. Miller, Christine Mitchell, Raymond F. Person Jr., Aron Pinker, Gary A. Rendsburg, Silvio Sergio Scatolini, Marvin A. Sweeney, Helmut Utzchneider, and Jan-Wim Wesselius. The review section includes more than one hundred reviews.

Other volumes of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures are available here:

Ehud Ben Zvi is a professor in the department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta. He serves as the General Editor of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures. Ben Zvi is the author of History, Literature and Theology in the Book of Chronicles (2006); Hosea (2005); Signs of Jonah: Reading and Rereading in Ancient Yehud (2003); Micah, (2000); A Historical-Critical Study of The Book of Obadiah (1996) and A Historical-Critical Study of The Book of Zephaniah (1991), and many articles on the prophetic and historical books of the Hebrew Bible.

Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures I
By Ehud Ben Zvi
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 1)
Weight:1.44 LBS.
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