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Syriac - The Asmar Syriac Peshitta Gospel Illuminated Lectionary
By Asmar Khoury


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The Asmar Syriac Peshitta Gospel Illuminated Lectionary
By Asmar Khoury

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Title:The Asmar Syriac Peshitta Gospel Illuminated Lectionary
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Self Published

Note: Gorgias Press was able to acquire only 9 copies of this masterpiece of art.

The Asmar Illuminated Lectionary is a masterpiece of art. Malphono Asmar Koury was one of the most prominent Syriac scribes and artists of the twentieth century. He produced this magnum opus using traditional calligraphic techniques which passed from scribe to scribe for generations. The volume, printed on heavy, high-quality art paper and adorned with traditional Syriac art, contains the entire Peshitta Syriac lectionary. Each page is illuminated with decorative borders, and each lection begins with a special design. The front matter consists of paintings and an illuminated table of contents, while paintings of the life of Christ appear throughout the work. The volume contains the Syriac Peshitta text and a Garshuni version. It measures 12 x 17 in and weighs 18 lb.

Front Cover

Front matter Cross
Front matter Cross

Front matter illumination

Table of Contents
Illuminated table of contents (one page of 8 each with a different design)

One of many paintings

Sample Page
Sample page. Lection heading appears in Estrangela

The Asmar Syriac Peshitta Gospel Illuminated Lectionary
By Asmar Khoury
Weight:1.9 LBS.
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