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George Anton Kiraz, Ph.D.George Anton Kiraz, Ph.D.

George is the President and co-founder of Gorgias Press. Born in Bethlehem, he immigrated to the United States and attended California State University, Northridge, where he obtained a degree in Engineering in 1990. He then became the first student to obtain the M.St. degree in Syriac Studies at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford in 1991. Wishing to combine his technical background with his passion for Syriac and Semitic languages, he joined the University of Cambridge where he obtained an M.Phil. in Computational Linguistics and a Ph.D. in the same. He wrote his thesis on computing the morphology of Arabic and Syriac.

In 1996, George became a research scientist at Bell Laboratories, NJ, where he worked on speech technology. In 2000, he was hired by Nuance Communications, a speech technology startup, to help establish and lead a New York branch of the company. This gave George tremendous experience in management, but was short lived due to the stock market crash of 2001.

Already a published author, George co-founded Gorgias Press along with his wife Christine in 2001. The press was announced to the public in the summer of 2001 at the Leiden Peshitta conference, and later to a larger public in November 2001 with 10 books in the Press’s catalog. Within a short period of time, the press grew at a rate of publishing 70 titles per year.

George is married to Christine and together they have three children, Tabetha Gabriella, Sebastian Kenoro and Lucian Nurono. In his free time (whatever is left of it), George directs Beth Mardutho, The Syriac Institute. His hobbies include collecting printed types, reading, and writing.

George Kiraz's list of publications

Christine Kiraz, Ph.D.Christine Kiraz, Ph.D.
Vice President

Christine is the Vice President and co-founder of Gorgias Press. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from UCLA. Later, Christine worked in the pharmaceutical industry to return to graduate school where she obtained her M.S. in Chemistry from UCLA and then a Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

At Gorgias Press, Christine wears many hats. She is the Director of Marketing and in charge of Human Resources, as well as Customer Service. During the first year of the press, she designed book covers for over 100 books. She would love to go back to designing covers at some point but still remains involved in the design process.

Christine has always loved literature and read most of the European classics since an early age, first in Turkish then in English. She still likes to think that she has time to read and continues to collect books in various areas of literature, fiction and history of science especially alchemy. She loves to listen and dance to Syriac and Turkish folk music and is very happy that she finally got an iPod. She claims to have a reading knowledge of Syriac and was quite impressed with her ability to speak Syriac at a level of a three year old during her trip to Tur Abdin in her conversations with the angelic nuns of the Mor Gabriel Monastery in Turkey.

Christine is married to George and together they have Tabetha Gabriella, Sebastian Kenoro and Lucian Nurono.

Melonie Schmierer-Lee, Ph.D.Melonie Schmierer-Lee, Ph.D.
Acquisitions Editor

Born in North Queensland, Australia, and now based in the United Kingdom, in 2012 Melonie gained her PhD in Aramaic linguistics from the University of Cambridge. Her research interests include the linguistic and sociolinguistic background to Eastern Aramaic, and the Aramaic and Hebrew documentary material (letters, legal documents) from the Cairo Genizah.

When not reviewing manuscript submissions, Melonie can be found reading the Economist, watching Doctor Who, and learning elementary cooking techniques.

Rachel ShieldsRachel Shields
Digitization Specialist

Rachel is currently studying at Rutgers University. At Gorgias Press she is the digitalization specialist, and is responsible for making books ready for reprints. She also gives a hand around the office with small projects that anyone may need a little extra help in completing. Her hobbies are playing soccer, reading books, and hanging out with her sisters.

Joan ShieldsJoan Shields
Client Services Coordinator

Joan completed her BS in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration at the University of Delaware.  After working several years programming for Unisys, she and her husband went into missionary work with college students, first at SUNY Buffalo and then at Rutgers University.  Leaving after 17 years to pursue other opportunities, Joan picked up various part-time jobs while continuing to take care of their household of 8.  Between teaching special-needs children, sales, teaching fitness classes, dabbling in web design with search engine optimization, and her daily household schedule, she is a natural at addressing many competing, simultaneous demands. In her spare time, Joan likes to spend time with her family, run, swim, organize things, make jewelry, and read.

Kelly SilarKelly Silar
Graphic Designer

Kelly is currently studying at Raritan Valley planning to earn her Associates in graphic design in the fall of 2013. At Gorgias Press, she is in charge of creating practical, yet eye-catching book covers. She also makes advertisements, fixes XMLs, and argues with computers that malfunction when everything should be in working order. When she’s not working or sleeping, Kelly can be found doodling, playing video games, watching anime and other TV shows, as well as reading all kinds of manga and fantasy books. Her taste in music is diverse, ranging from her favorite rock bands such as Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper to her newest obsession with SHINee and other K-pop bands. She enjoys watching fandoms grow, playing D&D, writing stories about her characters, and learning new ways to improve her drawing skills.

Jeff HainesJeff Haines
Marketing & Editorial Assistant

The newest addition to the Gorgias team, Jeff graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011 with a double B.A. in History and Classics, then pursued an M.A. in Early Christian Studies at the University of Notre Dame (2013). During his graduate studies, he became acquainted with Syriac language and literature (and, not surprisingly, several Gorgias publications).

At Gorgias, Jeff is the marketing assistant, which includes going to conferences, coordinating projects with other companies, and working with authors to develop plans to promote their books.

Naomi WaltersNaomi Walters
Newsletter Editor

Naomi Walters lives in Princeton (NJ) with her husband (Jamey) and their son (Simon). She grew up in Syracuse (NY), graduated in 2007 from Rochester College (MI) with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, and received her M.Div. from Abilene Christian University (TX) in 2010. She is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry from Lipscomb University (TN), expected to graduate in May 2016.

In addition to her work with Gorgias, Naomi works as the Assistant Minister at the Stamford Church of Christ (CT) and as an adjunct online Bible Instructor for Abilene Christian University and Rochester College.

In the rare moments when she is not marketing, preaching, or teaching, Naomi enjoys reading, running, playing soccer, listening to music, and watching TV and movies; she can’t wait to coach Simon’s soccer team! She prefers salty snacks to sweet, white wine to red, and coffee to tea. The clothes in her closet are organized by color, then sleeve-length. In addition to Christian scripture and homiletics, her academic interests include thinking theologically about TV, movies, and music; spiritual temperaments or types; and the lectionary/liturgical calendar.

Jack Tannous, Ph.D.Jack Tannous, Ph.D.
Honorary Acquisitions Advisor

Jack Tannous was born and raised in Houston, Texas. For his BA, he attended the University of Texas, at Austin, where he majored in Philosophy, Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies and History. After UT, Jack attended Oxford, where he recieved an MPhil in Eastern Christian Studies and represented Gorgias Press at academic conferences in the UK. He did his PhD at Princeton and was a frequent visitor at George and Christine's house, as well as the GP offices in Piscataway; he always loved the people, the books, and of course, Christine's great food. After Princeton, he lived in Washington, DC for two years as a post-doc at Dumbarton Oaks. As part of that post-doc, he taught at George Washington University as well. He is now an assistant professor in the History Department at Princeton and is interested in Late Antique, early Islamic, and Byzantine history in the Near East.

Jack started working for Gorgias not too long after the company was founded. Over the course of nearly a decade, he has been a number of things: an employee, an acquisitions specialist, and a constant emailer of George, but most of all, he has been a big fan.  Here is a picture of him reading through a ninth-century Arabic Bible with his wife, Jeannette, at St Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai.

Flo ChartFlo Chart
Multitasking Specialist

Flo Chart was born and raised in  Growing up in a multi-core and hyperthreading environment, she is fluent in HTML, SQL, C#, ASP.NET, and many other languages.  Flo is the hardest working employee of all of Gorgias Press as she works 24/7, only pausing for the occasional BSOD break.  She is responsible for not only overseeing the production of each and every Gorgias title; she also operates the software which makes the production possible.  Flo chart peruses entomology as a hobby, however often times she gets carried away and her fellow Gorgias staff must intervene with some debugging.  She likes to live by the motto: “010000010110111001100100001000000110100101100110001000000110111001101111 0111010000100000011011100110111101110111001011000010000001110111011010000 110010101101110001111110010001001011011”

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