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Religion - Ars Christiana: In Memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.XI.1928 – 6.VI.1995)
Part 1–Part 2: Edited by Roman Krivko, Basil Lourié & Andrei Orlov


 American Christianity
 Ancient Near East
 Arabic & Islamic Studies
 Armenian Studies
 Ascetical & Monastic
 Assyrian Studies, Modern
 Biblical Studies
 Centennial of Sayfo
 Central Asian Studies
 Children's Books
 Chinese Studies
 Church History
 Coptic & Egyptian Studies
 Dead Sea Scrolls
 Eastern Christianity
 European Studies
 Finance and Economics
 Genocide Studies
 Hebrew & Judaica
 Manuscript Studies
 Medieval Studies
 Middle East
 Now in Paperback
 Ottoman & Turkish Studies
 Pastoral Studies
 Philosophy & Theology
 Travel & Missionary
 Women's Studies

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Buy this book together with Patrologia Pacifica: Selected Papers Presented to the Asia Pacific Early Christian Studies Society by Vladimir Baranov
The volume is dedicated to the memory of Russian philologist and culturologist Michail F. Murianov and includes essays on various topics related to both the Eastern and Western European Christian tradition.  Professor Murianov was intensely interested in the Slavonic Middle Ages and its relation to the Latin Church and Byzantium.  Several primary source documents are published here for the first time, including Slavonic translations of texts where the original is no longer extant.+The volume collects selected papers from the fifth annual APECSS conference which focused on the topic of letters from Christian Antiquity.  The conference papers deal with epistolography from the apostle Paul up to Theodore the Studite (ninth century), considered in different aspects, namely, historiography of studies, literary form, Church history, dogmatic contents, attribution, etc.  Other patristic studies include hagiography, liturgics, Christian art, early Egyptian monasticism, Islamic-Christian relations in the Middle Ages, and the Jewish background of Christianity.Save $85.80
Total List Price: $572.01
Buy both books for only $486.21


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Ars Christiana: In Memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.XI.1928 – 6.VI.1995)
Part 1–Part 2: Edited by Roman Krivko, Basil Lourié & Andrei Orlov

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Title:Ars Christiana: In Memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.XI.1928 – 6.VI.1995)
Series:Scrinium: Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique 7-8
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press & Axioma

Part 1
Edited by Roman Krivko
Edited by Basil Lourié
Edited by Andrei Orlov
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:6/2012
Language:Russian, English, French, & Italian
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

Part 2
Edited by Roman Krivko
Edited by Basil Lourié
Edited by Andrei Orlov
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:6/2012
Language:Russian, English, French, & Italian
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

The volume covers several topics connected to the Christian mediaeval traditions, both Eastern (Byzantine, Slavic, Coptic, Armenian) and Western, including intertestamentary traditions and the reception of biblical and mediaeval heritage in the modern epoch. Several documents are published for the first time. Among them are Byzantine historia animae utilis BHG 1277a, an anonymous 9th-century Byzantine treatise in defense of the holy icons, the Slavonic version of a previously unknown Vita of St. Empress Theophano, which is lost in Greek original, and a 13th-century charter from the Monk Bretton Priory in Yorkshire. Several papers are dedicated to heortology and hymnography, especially in the Byzantium and Slavic world (among them, an exhaustive dossier of the earliest Byzantine service menaia available either directly or in Slavonic and Oriental versions), but also presented is an ample dossier of Yezidi religious poetry (containing publications of the texts collected by the author). Cross-cultural studies include such topics as the cult of St Gregory of Armenia in Constantinople, the Roman See’s relations with Korea in the 14th century, and the cult of the martyrs Varangians in the early Christian Kiev. The linguistic studies are dedicated to the Church Slavonic/Old Russian lexicography.

Ars Christiana: In Memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.XI.1928 – 6.VI.1995)
Part 1–Part 2: Edited by Roman Krivko, Basil Lourié & Andrei Orlov
Weight:5 LBS.
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