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Arthur John Maclean

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The Catholicos of the East and His People

The Impression of Five Years' Work in the "Archbishop of Canterbury's Assyrian Mission"
ISBN: 1-59333-403-6
Describes the life and customs, both ancient and modern, of the modern Assyrians (“Nestorians”) who formed in the nineteenth century a remarkable outpost of Christianity in the Middle East. The authors rely in their descriptions on the Sunhadus, or Book of Canon Law, which governs that Church even today.
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The Ancient Church Orders

ISBN: 1-59333-099-5
The Church Orders are an interesting series of manuals in The Ancient Church Orders. A. J. Maclean makes them better known to the modern reader, and explains the extent to which they throw light on early Christian worship and customs.
$134.00 $93.80

East Syrian Daily Offices

ISBN: 1-59333-060-X
An English translation of the Daily Offices of the East Syriac rite, used today by the Assyrian Church of the East, the Chaldean Church, and the Syro-Malabar Church.
$112.00 $78.40

Dictionary of the Dialects of Vernacular Syriac

ISBN: 1-59333-017-0
The main Neo-Aramaic-English dictionary for the dialects spoken by the "Eastern Syrians [Assyrians & Chaldeans]", including illustrations from the dialects of the Jews of Zakhu and Azerbaijan, and of the Western Syrians of Tur Abdin and Ma'lula.
$172.00 $120.40

Grammar of the Dialects of Vernacular Syriac

ISBN: 1-59333-018-9
The primary grammatical reference for the Neo-Aramaic dialects "spoken by the Eastern Syrians [modern Assyrians & Chaldeans] of Kurdistan, North-West Persia, and the Plain of Mosul," includes notices of the dialects of the Jews of Azerbaijan & Zakhu.
$179.00 $125.30