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Aurelian Botica

Currently, Lecturer in Hebrew Studies at the Emanuel University of Oradea. BA in Philosophy at Asbury College, Kentucky (1994); MA in Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary (1997). MA (2000) and Ph.D. in Hebrew and Cognate Languages at the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati (2006). I wrote a number of articles on the topics of Rabbinic Judaism and the Old Testament.For example, 1. "Theodicy as Theophany in the Book of Job," Perichoresis, vol. 2, nr. 1 (2004) 2. " 'When Heaven is Shut Up.' Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds to the Concept of Natural Calamity," Perichoresis, vol. 4. nr. 1 (2006)3. "The role of intention in 'non-action' action, where the intent, not the action, establishes blame or praise – a review of scholarly literature," Supliment Teologic. Crestinul Azi, vol 4, nr. 1 (2006)

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The Concept of Intention in the Old Testament, Philo of Alexandria and the Early Rabbinic Literature

A study in human intentionality in the area of criminal, cultic and religious and ethical law.
ISBN: 978-1-59333-653-0
Does God take into account only the physical act, or does He also consider intention? Does inward motivation truly matter in the areas of criminal or cultic law? Were there differences between the biblical, hellenistic and rabbinic views on intention? This book explores what the Old Testament, Philo, and the early Rabbis thought about human intentionality in a legal context.