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Austen Henry Layard

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The Monuments of Nineveh

From Drawings Made on the Spot
ISBN: 1-59333-068-5
The companion volume to Nineveh and Its Remains. This large (11x17), handsome volume, carefully reproduced from the original edition of 1849-53, and bound in deluxe cloth, contains 170 drawings made by Layard of sculptures, bas-reliefs, and other objects discovered by him among the ruins of Nineveh.
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Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; With Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan, and the Desert

ISBN: 1-931956-50-2
In this sequel to the author's Nineveh and Its Remains, and containing over 200 illustrations, Layard describes the second expedition he undertook to Nineveh. His words raise questions of cultural imperialism and epistemology central to modern critical debates.

Early Adventures in Persia, Susiana, and Babylonia (2-volume set)

Layard relates fascinating tales of his adventures in Persia and Mesopotamia before the discovery of Nineveh.
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Nineveh and Its Remains (2-volume set)

This book describes the discovery of Assyrian sites in Nineveh by interspersing journeys and descriptions of people and places with accounts of archaeological discoveries. Layard's romantic view of the countryside and people blends with his rediscovery of Assyria.
From $82.00