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Biblical and Apocryphal Christian Arabic Texts Series


Gorgias Press is delighted to launch its latest series: Biblical and Apocryphal Christian Arabic Texts (BACA). The series brings to the scholarly world reliable editions of unpublished texts based on a single manuscript. The series will prooduce edited volumes on Biblical and Apocryphal literature of the various Christian-Arabic ecclesiastical traditions, preceded by substantial introductory studies covering the socio-historical, theological, literary and linguistic aspects connected to the texts. Ultimately, this series seeks to present a varied and comprehensive map of texts that represent the rich and vast field of biblical and apocryphal literature in one of the Christian languages, Arabic.


Elie Dannaoui

University of Balamand

George Kiraz

Bet Mardutho, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Wageeh Mikhail

Center for Middle Eastern Christianity

Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala (Chair)

University of Cordoba

Sabine Schmidtke

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Jack Tannous

Princeton University


2018 Editions

  • Hexateuch from the Syro-Hexapla, Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala

  • The Book of the Rolls, Samuel Noble

2019 Editions

  • Book of Ezekiel, Miriam Lindgren Hjälm

  • The Hexaemeron, Andreas Ellwardt

2020 Editions

  • Isaiah, Ibrahim Basal

  • History of Adam and Eve, Clint Hackenburg

2021 Editions

  • Pentateuch from the Peshitto, (to be confirmed)

  • History of Joseph, son of Jacob, Aurélie Bischofberger

Each edition will contain a substantial introduction, which will set out the book's (1) historical context, (2) cultural milieu, (3) substantive content, (4) literary genre, (5) the title, author, date and place of composition, (6) a discussion on the original language, (7) theological content, (8) codicological and philological description of the MS, and (9) its bibliographical information

If you would like to contribute towards, or find out more information about the BACA series, please contact