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Biblical Intersections

Biblical Intersections explores various topics beyond theological or exclusively historical exegetical studies, including the relationship of Hebrew and Christian scripture to philosophy, sociology, anthropology, economics, cultural studies, intertextuality and literary studies. Biblical Intersections seeks to be the leading publishing outlet of scholarship combining Biblical Studies and other professional fields, attending to both the ancient and modern cultural contexts of the text.

Series Editorial Board

Dr. Robert Seesengood, Drew College (Chair)

Dr. Katie Edwards, University of Sheffield

Dr. Laura Copier, Universiteit Utrecht

Dr. Jay Twomey, University of Cincinnati

Dr. James Crossley, St. Mary’s University, London

Dr. Jorunn Økland, University of Oslo

Dr. Rhiannon Graybill, Rhodes College

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Picture of The Gospel of Mark and Other Haunted Places

The Gospel of Mark and Other Haunted Places

ISBN: 978-1-4632-4271-8
Euro-American biblical scholarship has traditionally conceived of the Bible in a way that removes privileged readers from personal responsibility in the subjugation of marginalized communities. Peter McLellan terms this practice gentrified biblical scholarship: readers removed from difference, because of the gentrification of space in the West, who are left without the conceptual resources to understand their relationship with the Bible as simultaneous relationship with minoritized communities. McLellan deploys the theoretical fields of hauntology and critical space theory to argue that the Gospel of Mark is a haunted place. A project written largely in New Jersey’s wealthy northern suburbs, each chapter converses with vignettes from Newark, New Jersey’s Ironbound neighborhood—a low income, largely Latinx and immigrant community—to explore relations between these two otherwise isolated locales. The result is a discussion of gentrifications harmful effects on vibrant communities, made invisible to suburban Christian readers, and an effort to explore how marginalized people make persistent demands upon those who hold Mark’s Gospel sacred.
$114.95 $68.97
Picture of Watering the Garden

Watering the Garden

Studies in Honor of Deirdre Dempsey
Edited by Andrei A. Orlov
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4493-4
The essays collected in Watering the Garden are intended to honor Deirdre Dempsey, a distinguished biblical educator, translator, and scholar. The contributions to this Festschrift mirror Dempsey’s own scholarly interests, including biblical studies, with particular attention to the Old Testament and intertestamental literature, the theology of visual arts, the history of spiritual traditions, and modern theology. The content of the Festschrift closely follows Dempsey's own spiritual and scholarly journey and reflects the breadth and scope of her influence on the academy.
$114.95 $68.97
Picture of “Who Knows What We’d Make of It, If We Ever Got Our Hands on It?” (paperback)

“Who Knows What We’d Make of It, If We Ever Got Our Hands on It?” (paperback)

The Bible and Margaret Atwood
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4258-9
In the nightstands of hotel rooms, kept under lock and key, in the poetry of a pre-apocalyptic environmental cult, and quoted by children, atheists, and murderers alike—the Bible is omnipresent in the work of Margaret Atwood. The Bible is found not only in her novels but also in her poetry, short stories, and non-fiction work. “Who Knows What We’d Make of It, If We Ever Got Our Hands on It?” assembles cutting edge literary and critical readings of Margaret Atwood and the Bible.
$65.00 $39.00
Picture of “Who Knows What We’d Make of It, If We Ever Got Our Hands on It?”

“Who Knows What We’d Make of It, If We Ever Got Our Hands on It?”

The Bible and Margaret Atwood
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4135-3
In the nightstands of hotel rooms, kept under lock and key, in the poetry of a pre-apocalyptic environmental cult, and quoted by children, atheists, and murderers alike—the Bible is omnipresent in the work of Margaret Atwood. The Bible is found not only in her novels but also in her poetry, short stories, and non-fiction work. “Who Knows What We’d Make of It, If We Ever Got Our Hands on It?” assembles cutting edge literary and critical readings of Margaret Atwood and the Bible.
$158.00 $94.80
Picture of Daughter Zion's Trauma

Daughter Zion's Trauma

A Trauma Informed Reading of Lamentations
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0744-1
Daughter Zion's Trauma offers a new critical reading of the Book of Lamentations through the lens of trauma studies. Through structural analysis and use of the concept of non-referential history as a heuristic lens, Yansen yields fresh insights into the book’s form, language, and larger "historical" significance. Utilizing insights from study of the rhetorical dimensions of the trauma process in cultural trauma, this study asserts that Lamentations strategically adapts certain religious traditions to ensure the survival of those whose voices it echoes.
$128.00 $76.80
Picture of Women in Drag

Women in Drag

Gender and Performance in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0716-8
From Jael’s tent peg to Judith’s sword, biblical interpreters have long recognized the power of the "lethal women" stories of the Hebrew Bible and related literature. The tales of Jael and Judith, female characters who assassinate enemy commanders, have fascinated artists, writers, and scholars for centuries, no doubt partly because of the gender of the characters doing the killing. Tamber-Rosenau presents the first systematic study, both text-centered and deeply engaged with a variety of queer-theoretical frameworks, of the motif of the woman-turned-warrior in ancient Jewish literature. Through analysis from queer-theoretical perspectives and comparison with Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman literature, Women in Drag shines new light on three strong female characters from the Hebrew Bible and the early days of Jewish literature.
$114.95 $68.97

Humanist Comic Elements in Aristophanes and the Old Testament

ISBN: 978-1-4632-0243-9
Lazarus compares and discusses comic elements used for didactic purposes in two separate literary traditions: Old Testament narrative and Aristophanic Comedies. Given that humour relies on taking people's ideas of what is normal and making them incongruous, this volume examines these very different texts to see how they use that comic incongruity to help define what it means to be human within the hierarchy of the universe.
$192.00 $115.20

Three Mirrors for Two Biblical Ladies

The Queen of Sheba and Susanna in the Eyes of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
ISBN: 978-1-59333-363-8
The biblical episode relating the encounter of the Queen of Sheba with Solomon and the apocryphal tale of Susanna, a Jewish woman slanderously accused of adultery by two judges and saved by Daniel, have become part of the collective imagination in West and East. These two Old Testament women have been adapted in art throughout time and space to meet the changing cultural horizons of the community. Like mirrors, various periods and modes of late-Ancient and medieval Judaism, Christianity and Islam have each, in their own way, reflected the characteristics of the great Queen and the chaste Susanna.
$121.00 $72.60

In the Arms of Biblical Women

ISBN: 978-1-4632-0231-6
The less-discussed character in the Bible is the woman: two talking animals therein have sometimes received more page space. This volume shines the light of close scrutiny in the less-trodden direction and focuses on biblical and allied women, or on the feminine side of Creation. Biblical women are compared to mythical characters from the wider Middle East or from contemporary literature, and feminist/womanist perspectives are discussed alongside traditional and theological perspectives.
$168.00 $100.80

Opening Heaven's Floodgates

The Genesis Flood Narrative, its Context, and Reception
ISBN: 978-1-61143-894-9
The narrative of Noah’s flood in Genesis draws perennial interest from scholars and the general public. Too often, however, historical and exegetical studies of the text, the story’s reception, and discussion of theological appropriation remain aloof from each other, if not at odds. This volume takes the influential nature of the flood story as an ideal opportunity to bring some of these methods into dialogue.
$218.00 $130.80

Studies on Magic and Divination in the Biblical World

ISBN: 978-1-61143-869-7
A selection of essays on magic and divination in relation to the biblical world, including Mesopotamian demonology, Akkadian literary influences, exorcism, healing, calendars, astrology, bibliomancy, dreams, ritual magic, priestly divination, prophecy, magic in the Christian Apocrypha and the New Testament, magic in rabbinic literature, and Jewish Aramaic magic bowls.
$165.00 $99.00

The Unbearable Flaming Fire

ISBN: 978-1-4632-0160-9
This anthology on Eve brings together an international group of scholars to discuss how this character has been interpreted by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In a time when the history of women is being reassessed, it is natural that women look to the paradigmatic female figure. This treatment of Eve covers her wide range of roles as mother of our race, victim, stooge, wife, companion, independent thinker, and “helper”. A venerated figure by many modern feminists and a denigrated figure by those who blame her for original sin, no reader will leave these pages indifferent to the first woman.
$129.00 $77.40

Narratology and the Pentateuch Targums

A Methodological Experiment
ISBN: 978-1-61143-489-7
In this innovative book Simon Lasair explores some of the potentials of applying narratology to the Pentateuch Targums. Lasair argues that when the targums present coherent narratives, they largely carry the major structures of the Pentateuch over into an Aramaic context. This book calls for a wide ranging rethink of the methodologies used to study targumic literature, as well as how to place the targums within their original historical contexts.
$138.00 $82.80

Job of Uz

Suffering of the Righteous and the Justice of God
ISBN: 978-1-61143-420-0
Job finds himself in a situation similar to one experienced by everyone at some point in his or her life. He wants answers to questions concerning what has happened to him, since he lived his life according to the traditional wisdom and rules of conduct, asking what has gone wrong and why. The Book of Job raises fundamental questions of both the actions and expectations of humans and deities, and asks whether a clear understanding can be reached between them. The contributing essays to this anthology help advance and sharpen both the questions and the responses to that question.
$140.00 $84.00

Portraits of a King Favored by God

David the King: God's Poet, Warrior, and Statesman
ISBN: 978-1-61143-405-7
David the king, when studied against the backdrop of existing material cultural remains from the ancient Middle East, scarcely seems to have been there. Excavations in Jerusalem have turned up nothing concrete about his existence. The literature concerning him is fraught with problems and generally takes on a legendary-mythological character. Even the meaning of his name is unclear. If he is mentioned at all by his contemporary monarchs against whom he would have fought it is only obliquely or only intimated by omissions or partial spellings in context. This volume attempts to advance scholarship addressing these concerns.
$150.00 $90.00

Community Participation in Scripture Version Design

An Experiment in Translating Jonah into Sabaot
ISBN: 978-1-60724-408-0
What strategies can be applied in producing an alternative version of Scripture that is complementary to the existing translation(s) and acceptable to the target audience? This book answers this question by exploring a theoretical strategy for this purpose. On the basis of Christiane Nord’s functionalist theory of translation, the author of this book formulated a Participatory Approach to Bible Translation and experimented with it in translating the book of Jonah into Sabaot, a Kenyan language. This book provides an excellent model for involving communities in the production of Scripture translations.
$178.00 $106.80

The Book of Lamentations and the Social World of Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Era

ISBN: 978-1-60724-112-6
Using a form of social-historical criticism this book provides a counter-reading of Lamentations that elucidates the impact and aftermath of siege warfare on Judah's peasants. The rhetoric of Lamentations, ancient Near Eastern writings, and archaeological evidence are considered, along with social models from other agrarian societies. Together these shed light on the changing social dynamics, religious customs, and political and economic structures of rural and urban Judah in the sixth century BCE. This study brings to life voices long silent, and suggests that Judah's peasants played a significant role in the survival of peasant and city-dweller alike, when Jerusalem fell.
$152.00 $91.20

Anthropology and the Bible

Critical Perspectives
Edited by Emanuel Pfoh
ISBN: 978-1-60724-956-6
The papers in this anthology represent the proceedings of the Anthropology and the Bible session from the European Association of Biblical Studies Annual Meeting held in Lincoln, UK (July 2009). The main aim of the session is to foster critical uses of social anthropology for reading biblical scholarship and ancient Near Eastern studies related to the Bible. The papers of this volume reflect all these perspectives and stand as a critical renewal of the uses of anthropology and sociology in biblical scholarship in distinction to social-science approaches.
$128.00 $76.80

Re-Reading the Prophets Through Corporate Globalization

A Cultural-Evolutionary Approach to Economic Injustice in the Hebrew Bible
ISBN: 978-1-60724-978-8
Using societal patterns of exploitation that are evidenced in agrarian societies from the Bronze Age to modern-day corporate globalization, Re-Reading the Prophets offers a new approach to understanding the hidden contexts behind prophetic complaints against economic injustice in eighth-century Judah.
$168.00 $100.80

Social identity in Nahum

A theological-ethical enquiry
ISBN: 978-1-60724-001-3
Were issues like economic and political oppression, holy wars, resistance literature, hate-speech, xenophobia and other 21st-century realities already present among the civilizations of the ancient Near East? Prophetic literature and specifically the Book of Nahum in the Old Testament provide a unique perspective on these issues. Through Nahum’s moving poetry and disturbing imagery, oppression is verbalised, deep emotion is uncovered and we are given a glimpse of liberation and new hope in times of darkness. This book will sensitize the reader to a better understanding of the identity and dynamics of oppressed groups, both ancient and modern.
$158.00 $94.80

Dischronology and Dialogic in the Bible’s Primary Narrative

ISBN: 978-1-60724-105-8
This ground-breaking study offers a reassessment of Moses' book of the law from a narrative theory perspective. Concerned for the long-term viability of his people, Moses legislates a public reading of his document which is deposited next to the ark of the covenant as a national testament. Through the mechanics of narrative mediation, the narrator reveals to the reader of Deuteronomy the contents of Moses' enshrined publication. Deuteronomy's simulcast of Moses' book invites external readers to compare and evaluate their readings with story-world readers who access the same text within the Bible's Primary Narrative.
$141.00 $84.60