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978-1-4632-0415-0Pronunciation is in the Brain, not in the Mouth
By Edward Y. Odisho

This book investigates the cognitive roots of pronunciation in children and adults and the emergence of accent with adults when learning a second language (L2). Subsequently, any teaching of L2 pronunciation to adults should be premised on a multisensory and multicognitive approach covering a wide selection of teaching and learning strategies consistent with the cognitive roots. More...
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978-1-4632-0409-9Self and Other
By Kate V. M. Daniels
(Gorgias Studies in the Modern Middle East 60)

Self and Other explores the complex dynamic between the individual and the collectivity, narrative and identity that define the short fiction of Yusuf al-Sharuni, pioneer of Arab literary modernism. With a range of translated extracts, Kate V.M. Daniels offers English-speaking readers an invaluable introduction to one of Egypt's greatest short story-writers. More...
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978-1-59333-098-9Collected Papers in Greek and Georgian Textual Criticism
By Neville Birdsall
(Texts and Studies 3)

This volume collects together for the first time the most influential papers of the late scholar of Georgian and New Testament textual critic, J. Neville Birdsall. Professor Birdsall wrote on Greek witnesses to the New Testament text, the Georgian version of the New Testament, palaeography, patristics, and the theory of textual criticism. The collection fully demonstrates the author’s standing as one of the most learned and wide-ranging New Testament textual scholars of modern times. More...
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978-1-61719-915-8From Anglo-First-Wave towards American Second-Wave Jewish Feminism
By Luke Devine
(Judaism in Context 9)

This book completely redefines our understanding of fin de siècle Anglo-Jewish author Amy Levy and her writing. Demonstrating that Levy’s writing is less anti-Judaic and more profoundly influenced by the religious concerns of classical German Reformism, Luke Devine's innovative approach reveals that Levy's writing constitutes a genre whose female subjectivity evinces a concern for justice and authority that prefigures numerous aspects of Second-Wave Jewish feminist theory and its spiritual and theological underpinnings. More...
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978-1-61143-914-4Color-Terms in Social and Cultural Context in Ancient Rome
By Rachael B. Goldman
(Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity 3)

Romans attached nuanced implications to color-terms which went beyond their literal meaning, using these terms as a form of cultural assessment, defining their social values and order. By analyzing the use and color words in specific contexts, we can gain greater insight into the Roman mind. More...
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978-1-4632-0234-7The Small Temple
By Sara Karz Reid
(Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity 9)

Excavation of the Small Temple of Petra, Jordan has revealed a Roman building likely dedicated to the imperial cult. Constructed in the wake of Roman annexation of Nabataea in 106 CE, the temple would have helped to solidify Roman control. Reid systematically examines the evidence used to support the identification of the Small Temple as an imperial cult building through the discussion of its prominent use of marble, a material with Roman imperial associations and almost entirely monopolized by the bureaucracy of the Roman Empire. The analysis of architectural evidence, as well as the placement of the Small Temple within the city, also support this identification. More...
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978-1-61143-970-0Terms for Eternity: Aiônios and Aïdios in Classical and Christian Texts
By Ilaria L. E. Ramelli & David Konstan
(Perspectives on Philosophy and Religious Thought 9)

What is truly timeless? This book explores two ancient Greek terms for eternity, aiônios and aïdios. It traces these terms from their earliest occurrence in Pre-Socratic philosophy and Plato and through their interaction with Jewish thought and down into the patristic fathers, where they play a crucial role in debates over eternal punishment vs. universal salvation. More...
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978-1-59333-791-9The Archaeology of Cult in Middle Bronze Age Canaan
By Jill Katz
(Gorgias Studies in the Ancient Near East 3)

What was Canaanite religion like during the Middle Bronze Age, at the time of the biblical patriarchs? This volume presents a theoretical model for identifying ritual behavior in the archaeological record, providing a test case using the rich material culture and structures that have been unearthed at the biblical city of Gerar (Tel Haror, Israel). More...
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978-1-59333-985-2Homer and the Bronze Age
By Peter Karavites
(Gorgias Studies in the Ancient Near East 2)

Peter Karavites presents a revisionist overview of Homeric scholarship, whose purpose is to bridge the gap between the “positivist” and “negativist” theories dominant in the greater part of the twentieth century. His investigation derives new insights from Homer’s text and solves the age old question of the relationship between Homer and the Mycenaean age. More...
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978-1-4632-0215-6Concise Teachings of Christianity for Orthodox Families and Schools
By Gregorius Bulus Behnam; Translation and Introduction by Matti Moosa
(Publications of the Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church 11)

Matti Moosa provides an introduction and a translation of Rev. Bulus Behnam’s 1946 work on the basic principles of the Christian faith based on the Holy Scriptures, showing that the Syrian Church considers the Holy Bible its sole authority for salvation. More...
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978-1-59333-781-0Language and Heresy in Ismaili Thought
By Jamal Ali
(Gorgias Islamic Studies 2)

The heretofore unpublished Kitab al-Zina, virtually unknown in western scholarship, is a glossary of important Islamic terms by the 9th/10th-century Ismaili polymath Abu Hatim al-Razi. Some lament that Razi’s historical approach to etymology failed to catch on and that had it done so, the face of Arabic dictionary writing might have been altered for the better. His organization of material was uniquely Ismaili as he took pains to synthesize contradictory information into a harmonious whole. This study examines sections of Razi’s work with a view towards his contributions to the field of grammar and linguistics. More...
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978-1-60724-046-4Approaches to the History of the Interpretation of the Qur’an
Edited by Andrew Rippin
(Gorgias Islamic Studies 1)

In recent years, the Qur’an has come to the forefront of scholarly investigations in Islamic studies. However, the traditional interpretation of the book, commonly termed tafsir, remains a vast, virtually untapped field of investigation. Many Muslims tend to ignore the material, seeing it as a storehouse of traditional restraints, and scholars frequently gloss over its importance as a historical record of the Muslim community, not appreciating the depth and breadth of the literature. The essays gathered here expose and explore various aspects of the field of tafsir, and their potential for scholarly research. More...
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978-1-61143-489-7Narratology and the Pentateuch Targums
By Simon Lasair
(Biblical Intersections 9)

In this innovative book Simon Lasair explores some of the potentials of applying narratology to the Pentateuch Targums. Lasair argues that when the targums present coherent narratives, they largely carry the major structures of the Pentateuch over into an Aramaic context. This book calls for a wide ranging rethink of the methodologies used to study targumic literature, as well as how to place the targums within their original historical contexts. More...
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978-1-61719-165-7Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis
Edited by Pernille Carstens, Trine Bjørnung Hasselbalch & Niels Peter Lemche
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 17)

Cultural memory is the shared reproduction and recollection of what has been learned and retained, normally treated as “the cultural heritage”. The purpose of this book, the first product of the research program Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis, is to study how memory is inscribed and embodied in biblical culture and its surrounding area. The essays in this volume seek to open new investigations into cultural memory in biblical and cognate studies, and to include a plethora of methods and perspectives such as the relationship between cultural memory approach and post-colonialism, globalism and epistemology. More...
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978-1-61719-351-4Vetus Testamentum in Novo
Compiled by Willhelm Dittmar
(Kiraz References Archive 12)

Willhelm Dittmar gives a complete list of the references to the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and the Pseudepigrapha, including the Sibylline Oracles and the Apocalypse of Baruch. More...
$39.42Add to Cart
978-1-61719-162-6Ephraem Syrus on the Repentance of Nineveh
Translation and Introduction by Henry Burgess
(Syriac Studies Library 72)

This volume contains English translations of five works of various lengths from St. Ephrem on the theme of repentance. The translator also includes a lengthy introduction, notes to the translation, and indices. More...
$73.14Add to Cart
978-1-61719-163-3Moses bar Kepha und sein Buch von der Seele
Translated and Annotated by Oskar Braun
(Syriac Studies Library 73)

This volume contains a German translation of a fascinating work on the soul in all its characteristics and aspects from the Syrian Orthodox author Mushe bar Kipho (d. 903). More...
$65.73Add to Cart
978-1-60724-015-0Covenant and Grace in the Old Testament
By Robert D. Miller
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 16)

This book examines the Old Testament language about Israel’s relationship with God in the light of Assyrian royal propaganda. Unpacking this language’s meaning in both Assyrian and biblical contexts, it shows Israel borrowed language from Assyrian vassal treaties to describe its covenant with God, and this book reveals what “covenant” meant, and that it is not “covenant” at all, but “grace.” The broader theological implications of this discovery are explored in dialogue with contemporary theologians. The book takes seriously the study of text in its ancient context in order to highlight the theological content and its modern relevance. More...
$44.00Add to Cart
978-1-4632-0054-1The Reception and Remembrance of Abraham
Edited by Pernille Carstens & Niels Peter Lemche; Contribution by Beate Ego
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 13)

This book explores the role of the biblical patriarch Abraham in the formation and use of authoritative texts in the Persian and Hellenistic periods. It reflects a conference session in 2009 focusing on Abraham as a figure of cultural memory in the literature of these periods. Cultural memory is the shared reproduction and recalling of what has been learned and retained. It also involves transformation and innovation. As a figure of memory, stories of Abraham served as guidelines for identity-formation and authoritative illustration of behaviour for the emerging Jewish communities. More...
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978-1-4632-0050-3The Two Syriac Versions of the Prayer of Manasseh
By Ariel Gutman & Wido van Peursen
(Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 30)

The authors present a detailed philological and linguistic comparison of two versions of The Prayer of Manasseh. Combing state-of-the-art computational tools together with traditional philology, the texts are compared at all linguistic levels, from their vocabulary up to their discursive structure, with a special emphasis on their morphology and syntax. The results are revealing not only for the question of the relationship between the two versions, but they also illuminate various debates pertaining to Syriac syntax. More...
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978-1-4632-0084-8Second-Wave Jewish Feminism, 1971-1991: Foundational Theology and Sacral Discourse
By Luke Devine

This book is the definitive critical analysis of the Jewish feminist theological project in the United States, its principal theologians and its foundational, embryonic, and more elaborated sacral discursive. The monograph critically examines each of the diverse theologians, their varied perspectives, and individual contributions, and asks will a prescriptive Jewish feminist theology ever be a reality? More...
$58.72Add to Cart
978-1-61143-964-9The Deserted Medieval Village of Cottam and the Settlement Matrix Model
By William R. Fitts
(Digital Technologies and the Ancient World 6)

This volume introduces the concept of the Settlement Matrix, a heuristic model that connects the analysis of the symbolic and practical aspects of human culture by placing them both within the same spaces defined by a settlement and its support area. The settlement matrix model examines each venue of daily life from the house to the settlement to the field system as integral parts of a single cultural construct, the settlement matrix. By defining discrete spaces and a way to connect them, the settlement matrix model provides a way to combine technologies like GIS with current archaeological theory. More...
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978-1-61143-684-6Lily Montagu’s Shekhinah
By Luke Devine
(Judaism in Context 11)

Lily Montagu’s Shekhinah outlines Lily Montagu’s theological writing, particularly her appropriation of the feminine aspect of the divine presence, Shekhinah, and provides a much needed corrective to the androcentric Anglo-Jewish historiography that has ignored, marginalized, and completely erased the founder of the Liberal Jewish movement in England. Luke Devine’s book is vital reading for students of Anglo-Jewry, First-Wave feminism, Jewish feminism, Liberal Judaism, and Jewish mysticism. More...
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978-1-61143-728-7Religion, Economy and State in Ottoman-Arab History
By William Ochsenwald
(Analecta Isisiana: Ottoman and Turkish Studies 32)

A collection of essays by Professor William Ochsenwald on the history of Arabia under the Ottoman rule. More...
$54.40Add to Cart
978-1-59333-653-0The Concept of Intention in the Old Testament, Philo of Alexandria and the Early Rabbinic Literature
By Aurelian Botica
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 9)

Does God take into account only the physical act, or does He also consider intention? Does inward motivation truly matter in the areas of criminal or cultic law? Were there differences between the biblical, hellenistic and rabbinic views on intention? This book explores what the Old Testament, Philo, and the early Rabbis thought about human intentionality in a legal context. More...
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978-1-60724-112-6The Book of Lamentations and the Social World of Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Era
By Lauress L. Wilkins
(Biblical Intersections 6)

Using a form of social-historical criticism this book provides a counter-reading of Lamentations that elucidates the impact and aftermath of siege warfare on Judah's peasants. The rhetoric of Lamentations, ancient Near Eastern writings, and archaeological evidence are considered, along with social models from other agrarian societies. Together these shed light on the changing social dynamics, religious customs, and political and economic structures of rural and urban Judah in the sixth century BCE. This study brings to life voices long silent, and suggests that Judah's peasants played a significant role in the survival of peasant and city-dweller alike, when Jerusalem fell. More...
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978-1-61143-546-7A Comparison of the Egyptian Execration Ritual to Exodus 32:19 and Jeremiah 19
By Michael S. Donahou
(Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts 8)

Ancient Egyptian leaders sought to preserve the status quo by using not only their military might, but also enlisting magical rituals to help control any perceived threats to their way of life. Biblical leaders also sought to control their respective peoples by means of divine authority, brute force, and/or ritual actions. Examples of ritual actions by Moses and Jeremiah mimic those used by the ancient Egyptians in order to preserve or restore order to their given societies. More...
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978-1-61719-886-1Bedrossian's Armenian-English Dictionary
By Matthias Bedrossian; Introduction by Edward G. Mathews Jr.
(Kiraz Historical Catalogues Archive 33)

In 1875 Matthias Bedrossian undertook to update earlier Armenian dictionaries, but he succeeded in producing a completely reworked Armenian-English dictionary. This updated edition is presented by Gorgias with a new introduction by Edward G Mathews Jr. More...
$88.00Add to Cart
978-1-61719-151-0War and Peace in Rumeli
By Rossitsa Gradeva
(Analecta Isisiana: Ottoman and Turkish Studies 100)

This collection of works by Rossitsa Gradeva looks at aspects of the Balkans under Ottoman rule. In particular Gradeva addresses the Danube river, local judicial and administrative practices and daily life under the Ottomans. More...
$60.28Add to Cart
978-1-61719-159-6The Rabbis’ King-Parables
By Alan Appelbaum
(Judaism in Context 7)

The Rabbis’ King-Parables: Midrash From the Third-Century Roman Empire examines the ancient Rabbis at work using parables about kings; parables that reflect the Rabbis' ideas about the role of the ruler in society, and the relationship of humanity to God. It considers the parables as resistance literature in light of the work of theorists of dominated groups. It is the first systematic attempt to read the parables as sources for Roman history in over 100 years. More...
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978-1-61719-194-7Judaic Logic
Edited by Andrew Schumann
(Judaism in Context 8)

Judaic reasoning is discussed from the standpoint of modern logic. Andrew Schumann defines Judaic logic, traces Aristotelian influence on developing Jewish studies in Judaic reasoning, and shows the non-Aristotelian core of fundamentals of Judaic logic. Further, Schumann proposes some modern approaches to understanding and formalizing Judaic reasoning, including Judaic semantics and (non-Aristotelian) syllogistics. More...
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978-1-60724-963-4Essai de vulgarisation des homélies métriques de Jacques de Saroug
Translated by Jacques Babakhan
(Syriac Studies Library 64)

In this series of articles originally published in Revue de l’Orient Chrétien from 1912-1914, Babakhan aimed to popularize the work of Jacob of Sarug. Included are rhymed French translations of extracts from five of Jacob’s homilies. More...
$48.10Add to Cart
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