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Classics in the History of Early Christian Literature

Classics in the History of Early Christian Literature brings back into print book-length standard texts and research monographs on the earliest literature of Christianity. Classic editions of the works of the Fathers of the Church, translations into modern languages, critical monographs on individual texts, and surveys of the ancient literature have all been done; they are often referred to; but many of them are difficult for a modern reader to access, as they moulder in the pages of periodicals of limited circulation or availability.

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The Apocryphal New Testament

Attributed in the First Four Centuries to Jesus Christ, his Apostles and their Companions, and not included in the New Testament by its Compilers, Translated from the Original Tongues and now First Collected into One Volume
Compiled by William Hone; Translated by Jeremiah Jones
ISBN: 978-1-61719-219-7
Collected by the radical journalist William Hone, this collection is of the Greek New Testament Apocrypha and other first century writings.
$151.00 $90.60

Die Überlieferung der Griechischen Apologeten

des 2 Jahrhunderts in der alten Kirche und im Mittelalter
ISBN: 978-1-61719-263-0
This volume examins the manuscript tradition, and the account of the works of the 2nd century apologists in the ancient church and the Middle Ages.
$160.00 $96.00

Die Altercatio Simonis Judaei et Theophili Christiani

nebst Untersuchungen über der antijüdische Polemik in der alten Kirche
Edited with an Introduction by Adolf Harnack
ISBN: 978-1-61719-264-7
A quarrelsome disputation between a Jew and a Christian over the Old Testament prophecies, with introduction, notes, and essays on the character and compostion of the work.
$121.00 $72.60

Gnostike Schriften in koptischer Sprache

aus dem codex Brucianus
Edited and Translated by Carl Schmidt
ISBN: 978-1-61719-358-3
The two Books of Jeu and an unnamed Coptic Gnostic work, with a German translation; diagrams of the original reproduced in Greek.
$256.00 $153.60

Medicinisches aus der ältesten Kirchengeschichte

ISBN: 978-1-61719-361-3
Christian physicians in the early church, from Luke to the martyrs Cosmas and Damian
$118.00 $70.80

Titus von Bostra

Studien zu dessen Lukashomilien
ISBN: 978-1-61719-368-2
The standard edition of the surviving fragments, and one palimpsest, of this polemical bishop's writings on Luke and Daniel.
$96.00 $57.60

Die Kirchengeschichte des Eusebius aus dem Syrischen übersetzt

ISBN: 978-1-61719-369-9
The Syriac text of Eusebius' Historia Ecclestiastica, is here translated into German from 5th and 6th century manuscripts.
$104.00 $62.40

Ein Martyrologium der christliche Geminde zu Rom am Anfang des V. Jahrhunderts

Quellenstudien sur Geschichte der römischen Märtyrer
ISBN: 978-1-61719-370-5
This volume reconstructs the calendar of martyrs venerated in late Theodosian Rome. It is compiled from later Church calendars, acts of the martyrs, records of relocated relics, the votive tablets of Pope Damasus, and other literary evidence.
$151.00 $90.60

Vier pseudojustinische Schiften

als Eigentum Diodors nachgewiesen
By Diodorus of Tarsus; Edited and Translated by Adolf Harnack
ISBN: 978-1-61719-371-2
Four debates between the Christians and the Greeks on philosophy and theology;they come down to us among the works of Justin, but written by Diodorus of Tarsus.
$91.00 $54.60

Der pseudocyprianische Tractat De Aleatoribus

die älteste lateinische-christliche Schrift, ein Werk des römischen Bischofs Victor II (saec[ulum] II
Edited with an Introduction by Adolf Harnack
ISBN: 978-1-61719-268-5
One of the first pieces of Christian Latin, a treatise on the evils of gambling and the role of the bishop in correcting them.
$128.00 $76.80

Die Abfassungszeit der Schriften Tertullians

ISBN: 978-1-61719-269-2
An effort to date the works of Tertullian, on stylistic and biographical grounds
$125.00 $75.00

Das Hebräer-Evangelium

Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte und Kritik des Hebräischen Matthäus
ISBN: 978-1-61719-271-5
The data on the lost Gospel according to the Hebrews is presented in this volume with modern criticism, ancient evidence, surviving fragments, and conclusions.
$122.00 $73.20


Aussercanonische Evangelienfragmente
By Alfred Resch; Contribution by Adolf Harnack
ISBN: 978-1-61719-272-2
The sayings of Jesus not recorded in the Gospels, with an appendix on a new fragment from the Fayyum.
$214.00 $128.40

Die Sacra parallela des Johannes Damascenus

ISBN: 978-1-61719-273-9
Description of the manuscript tradition of this quasi-encyclopedia, its authorship, and its sources.
$183.00 $109.80

Die Überlieferung der Jeremiahomilien des Origens

ISBN: 978-1-61719-275-3
This book discusses the influence of Origen's sermons on Jeremiah, both direct and indirect.
$119.00 $71.40


ISBN: 978-1-61719-276-0
The classic collection of the evidence on Hippolytus of Rome, his works, his actions as a leader of the church, his martyrdom, and his surviving fragments
$143.00 $85.80

Didymus der Blinde von Alexandria

ISBN: 978-1-61719-277-7
What we know about the celebrated Alexandrian theologian, the follower of Origen, who was blind from birth.
$123.00 $73.80

Λογος σωτηριας προς την παρθενον (De Virginitate)

Eine echte Schrift des Athanasius
ISBN: 978-1-61719-279-1
The treatise of Athanasius of Alexandria on virginity, edited with critical notes and an evaluation of its origins are presented in this volume.
$123.00 $73.80

Die Todestage der Apostel Paulus und Petrus und ihre römische Denkmäler

Kritische Untersuchungen
ISBN: 978-1-61719-280-7
This book explores the dating and place of the martyrdom and commemmoration of Peter and Paul; false theories are examined.
$121.00 $72.60

Textkritik der vier Evangelien

ISBN: 978-1-61719-281-4
Critical and textual notes to the Gospels are presented here by one of the most important New Testament scholars.
$146.00 $87.60

Das sogenannte Religionsgespräch am Hof der Sasaniden

Edited by Eduard Bratke
ISBN: 978-1-61719-282-1
At the court of a fictitious King of Persia, first the Christians debate the pagans, with a rabbi as referee, and then the Christians debate the Jews, with a pagan referee. Standard edition, long unavaiable, with commentary and indices.
$160.00 $96.00


Literar- und dogmengeschichtliche Untersuchungen
ISBN: 978-1-61719-284-5
A survey of the Christology of Athanasius, combined with a critical assessment of the works attributed to him; Stülcken finds more passion than clarity in Athanasius' declarations of the divinity of Jesus.
$124.00 $74.40

Brüchstucke des Evangeliums und der Apokalypse des Petrus

ISBN: 978-1-61719-288-3
The surviving text of two books of New Testament apocrypha ascribed to Peter
$116.00 $69.60


ISBN: 978-1-61719-289-0
The Acts of the Apostles in Greek, edited from the oldest manuscripts is presented here in a Gorgias edition; it is one of the three foundations of the standard Nestle-Aland Greek text.
$162.00 $97.20

Kerygma Petri

ISBN: 978-1-61719-290-6
A collection of the fragments of the lost Preaching of Peter, with possible fragments and an appendix on the dates of Jesus.
$127.00 $76.20