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e-Gorgias (Issue 23, October 2007)


Issue 23
October 2007
Reading Time: 20 minutes
Dr. April DeConick

We've moved! We've moved! We've moved!

After months of delays, we have moved into our long-awaited, much-anticipated larger office space. To use a good word from the Century Dictionary, we are postively ECSTACIZED at this development. Sure, it means that now that our desks are farther apart we have to throw harder to ensure that our spitwads reach their intended target, but it's all in the name of progress.

(ecstacize [ek' sta-siz] v.t. To fill with ecstasy or excessive joy.)


Our move brings crucial changes in our contact information. The best way to contact us from 8-12 October would be to email us through Customer Inquiries,

Beginning October 15, please contact us at:

  • New Gorgias Press phone number: 732-885-8900
  • New Gorgias Press fax number: 732-885-8908
  • New Gorgias Press mailing address: Suite A, 180 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA

Our email and web information remain the same:

Our current phone number, 732-699-0343, is good until October 15. We thank you for your patience as we continue to settle in. We look very much forward to serving you from our new office suite!

Gorgias Press 2008 Catalog Now Available

Watch your mailbox, because the Gorgias Press 2008 Catalog is being mailed out this week! We know you'll be impressed when you see all that we have to offer; our number of publications has grown significantly over the past year. For those of you who are too impatient to wait for the postal service, you can view the catalog online. Happy browsing!

Here's a look at this month's eGorgias:


  • Recently Released: Our latest titles
  • Coming Soon: Forthcoming titles from Gorgias Press
  • From the Acquisitions Desk: By Acquisitions Editor Steve Wiggins
  • News: Announcing the 2008 Gorgias Press Book Grant
  • October Enthusiast of the Month: Dr. April DeConick
  • Reviews: Cultures in Dialogue books and Sebastian Brock books reviewed
  • Conferences: Gorgias Press present at upcoming Pappas Patristics Institute Conference, CAAS Centennial Meeting, Byzantine Studies Conference and AAR/SBL



You can find a full description of any of our books on our website,


A Reassessment of Asherah
By Steve A. Wiggins

ISBN 978-1-59333-717-9, Hardback, $90

Asherah is one of the most popular goddesses known from the ancient world. In this second edition of the author’s 1993 monograph on the goddess, further articles and bibliography have been added to bring this ever-expanding field of study more up-to-date.

Exegesis in the Targum of Psalms: The Old, the New, and the Rewritten
By Timothy Edwards

ISBN 978-1-59333-432-1, Hardback, $102

The Old, the New and the Rewritten illustrates how Targum Psalms creatively interprets selected psalms and how those interpretations relate to other Jewish and Christian traditions, including early translations of the psalms, rabbinic Midrashim, the New Testament and early Church Fathers. The study of these Psalms suggests viewing Targum Psalms as a creative partner in the world of biblical interpretation, as opposed to a compilation of already existing midrashic material. Edwards portrays the Targum as a link between the written and oral Torah that leads its readers on a path to tradition.

St. Cyril of Alexandria, A New Testament Exegete
By Lois M. Farag

ISBN 978-1-59333-581-6, Hardback, $115

This study portrays Cyril of Alexandria as exegete and theologian through an examination of his Commentary on the Gospel John. It begins with an attempt to place Cyril and his commentary within their context. This work argues that Cyril wrote his Commentary on the Gospel of John early in his writing career, almost a decade before becoming bishop. Cyril’s commentary on the Johannine Gospel reveals his exegetical method and his strong Trinitarian theology. The commentary also focuses the nature and work of the Holy Spirit: the indwelling of the Spirit is the beginning of the newness of life.

Midrash and Context
By Teugels, Lieve M. & Ulmer, Rivka (eds)

ISBN 978-1-59333-582-3, Hardback, $98

A collection of seven groundbreaking essays on Rabbinic midrash and related texts by a new generation of erudite scholars combining the themes of the 2004 and 2005 SBL midrash sessions: “Jewish and Christian Hermeneutics” and “Midrash and Cultural Studies,” this book is a must have for clergy, students, scholars, and laypersons interested in deepening their understanding of Rabbinic and Patristic biblical interpretation.

Studies in Arabic and Hebrew Letters in Honor of Raymond P. Scheindlin
By Michael Rand and Jonathan P. Decter, eds.

ISBN 978-1-59333-701-8, Hardback, $112

This volume contains contributions, in English and Hebrew, on the following topics: Biblical criticism, Medieval Biblical lexicography, Classical and Post-Classical piyyut, Medieval Hebrew poetry and science, Judeo-Arabic poetry and epistolography, Classical Arabic poetry and prose, and the history of Jewish Studies in America.

The Platonic Theology of Ioane Petritsi
By Levan Gigineishvili

ISBN 978-1-59333-395-9, Hardback, $99

Gigineishvili’s study is a comprehensive exposition of the philosophical system of twelfth-century Georgian Christian Neoplatonist philosopher Ioane Petritsi. Petritsi translated and commented Proclus’ "Elements of Theology" – the first complete translation of this treatise ever made. The translation needed the creation of a philosophic language—a medium for transmitting the extravagant philosophic ideas into Georgian—which Petritsi had effectively achieved. Petritsi both explains intricacies of Proclus’ thought and tries to prove the basic affinity between the Platonic and the Biblical traditions. Gigineishvili exposes the entire system of Petritsi’s thought on a background of ideas of Proclus, other Neoplatonists, and of the Church Fathers.

Lawrence and the Arabian Adventure
By Robert Graves

ISBN 978-1-59333-562-5, Hardback, $128

A sanctioned biography of T. E. Lawrence, known popularly as “Lawrence of Arabia,” this work by the eminent Robert Graves attempts to provide a fair and balanced treatment of the man. Based on interviews with Lawrence and his close associates, this account clearly displays its authenticity.

Syriac Thesaurus
By Robert Payne Smith

ISBN 978-1-59333-553-3, Hardback, $553

This massive work of scholarly erudition is an authoritative Syriac lexicon that is essential for all students of the language. Now available with an English introduction, this monumental lexicographical work is of exceptional utility.

The Book of Days
By Robert Chambers

ISBN 978-1-59333-793-3, Hardback, $419

Popularly known as “Chambers’ Book of Days,” this premier reference work is an essential research tool for anyone interested in the development of special days as observed throughout European culture. This handsomely illustrated set boasts the over 500 intricately etched illustrations that graced the original publication. Arranged chronologically, Chambers gives a full account of the events and traditions, including the holidays and saints’ commemorations, associated with each day of the year, insofar as they were known in his own day. Hard-bound for continuous usage, this full-sized reproduction reduces the need for squinting at pages that have been reduced to fit into a smaller format.

Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Syria, and Across the Desert into Egypt
By William Wittman

ISBN 978-1-59333-724-7, Hardback, $149

A historic travelogue with an eye toward the medical conditions encountered along the way, this rare book sheds light on western Asia from a unique vantage-point. Wittman describes his journey through Turkey, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt, noting along the way the diseases suffered by the residents, and brings the world of ancient western Asia to life through his vivid writing.


We have a broad mix of titles coming your way!

Click here for a complete list of our soon-to-be-published books.


Word of Tree and Whisper of Stone, and other papers on Ugaritian thought By Nicolas Wyatt
This volume is a collection of selected essays on specific themes in Ugaritic literature. Included are eight unique contributions to understanding the religious life and thought of Ugarit, including detailed studies and essays covering broader issues for grasping the worldview of ancient Syria.
ISBN 978-1-59333-716-2, Hardback, $90

Negotiating Island Identities By Ina Berg
Negotiating Island Identities explores the history of interaction between Crete and the Cycladic islands from the late Middle to Late Bronze II periods when Minoan influence was at its peak. Based on a thorough investigation of pottery assemblages from key sites, the book advocates a rethink of established acculturation scenarios (such as “Minoanisation”) in relation to the Cycladic islands. Openness or closure towards outside influences was not predetermined by cultural, geographical or ecological variables but was socially constructed. Island communities could consciously fashion their worlds and make choices about the nature and degree of interaction with their neighbours.
ISBN 978-1-59333-725-4, Hardback, $102

Terms for Eternity: Aiônios and Aïdios in Classical and Christian Texts By David Konstan Ilaria Ramelli
This book explores two ancient Greek terms for eternity, aiônios and aïdios, from their earliest occurrence in Pre-Socratic philosophy and Plato down through the patristic fathers, where they play a crucial role in debates over eternal punishment vs. universal salvation.
ISBN 978-1-59333-694-3 , Hardback, $103

The Ceramic Oil Lamp as an Indicator of Cultural Change within Nabataean Society in Petra and its Environs circa CE 106 By Deirdre Grace Barrett
Can an altered perception in the Nabataean worldview be detected at the time of the Roman annexation of Petra, Jordan, in CE106? The analysis of ancient ceramic oil lamps from three sacred/ceremonial sites in the area provides evidence for this cultural change.
ISBN 978-1-59333-628-8, Hardback, $102

Syriac and Antiochian Exegesis and Biblical Theology for the 3rd Millennium By Robert D. Miller (ed.)
This volume of collected essays explores the exegesis of the patristic School of Antioch, the Syriac Church Fathers, and the churches of the Antiochian-Syriac traditions. This exegetical tradition can be of use in today's historical-critical biblical scholarship with relation to theology.
ISBN 978-1-59333-487-1, Hardback, $98

The Coming of the Impassible God: Tracing a Dilemma in Christian Theology By Joseph M. Hallman
This book describes the development of the Christian understanding of God from the second to the eighth century as witnessed by major theologians who gradually realized that the Incarnate Word made flesh was not the God of the philosophers. They helped construct the great dogmas of the Christological councils. Beginning with the Apologists and ending with Maximus Confessor, the theological tradition overcame the notion of impassible deity in favor of the humble God of Christian faith, the Word made flesh.
ISBN 978-1-59333-792-6, Hardback, $109



October is an excellent time for making preparations. In the academic world, preparations for the end of one semester and the beginning of the next one are already beginning. In many parts of the world, the thoughts of many people turn toward the preparations for the coming winter. Checking the furnace, making sure the car is ready for the change in the weather, revisiting any unfinished outdoor chores – these tasks come to mind as autumn starts to come into full swing.

October is also an excellent time to make publication plans. If there is a manuscript either nearing completion, or in the planning stages, it is worth beginning to get the publication process rolling. At Gorgias Press, we are ready for new submissions at either the conceptual stage or the near-completion stage. We work with authors helping them through the necessary preparations to get their manuscripts ready for the printer. Why not send along any project ideas to Gorgias Press?

Our list of new titles continues to grow as we branch out into new areas and continue to build upon our historic strengths. If you haven’t looked at the complete Gorgias catalogue recently, you may be surprised at how much you find! We are always glad to hear ideas from potential authors and to see how we might accommodate quality works into the Gorgias publication portfolio.

Happy Writing!

Steve Wiggins, Acquisitions Editor



Announcing the 2008 Gorgias Press Book Grant

Gorgias Press is now accepting applications for the 2008 Gorgias Book Grant. Outstanding graduate students are invited to apply. Two awards are given annually, consisting of Gorgias Press books in the amount of $500.00 per grant. The application deadline is January 31, 2008. Grants will be awarded in March 2008. Check our Book Grants Page for more information on eligibility and the application process. Previous grant winners are ineligible.


Gorgiasians are delighted to have Dr. April D. DeConick as our October enthusiast. She is the Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies at Rice University. Dr. DeConick is a historian of early Jewish and Christian thought. What fascinates her is mapping the many ways that the Jesus tradition emerges across the literature, traditions that have left behind echoes of bitter controversies and competing memories. She has a deep love for exploring the various expressions of ante-Nicene mysticism, including the spirituality of classic Gnostic thinkers. Her work has been called "revisionist," challenging us to seek answers beyond the conventional.

Dr. DeConick writes The Forbidden Gospels Blog, on which she has recently reviewed two Gorgias books, The Great Stem of Souls by Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley, and The Bible in the Syriac Tradition by Sebastian Brock.

She is the author of Seek to See Him: Ascent and Vision Mysticism in the Gospel of Thomas (Brill, 1996); Voices of the Mystics: Early Christian Discourse in the Gospels of John, Thomas and Other Ancient Christian Literature (T&T Clark, 2001); Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas: A History of the Gospel and Its Growth (T&T Clark, 2005); The Original Gospel of Thomas in Translation: With a Commentary and New English Translation of the Complete Gospel (T&T Clark, 2006). She has recently edited a volume of papers, Paradise Now: Essays on Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism (Society of Biblical Literature, 2006) and co-edited Thomasine Traditions in Antiquity: The Social and Cultural World of the Gospel of Thomas (Brill, 2005).

Dr. DeConick just completed a book on the Gospel of Judas, the first to seriously challenge the interpretation and translation published by National Geographic (2006). Her book is entitled The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says (London: Continuum, 2007).

Dr. DeConick shared these remarks about Gorgias Press:

"I first found Gorgias a year ago November in Washington, D.C. The press had a fabulous booth at SBL. Immediately I was attracted to an array of publications on Mandaeanism that were on display. Since one of my big scholarly interests is Gnostic studies, I was pleased to see these materials available. It is difficult to find publications on Mandaeanism, so I quickly bought everything they had on the subject, including reprints of books that haven't been available for years (thanks!). One of my other interests is eastern Syrian Christianity since I study the Gospel of Thomas and associated traditions. I have found it very difficult to find available for purchase publications on Syrian Christianity, and Syrian culture, language and traditions. So being in the Gorgias SBL booth was like being in heaven. I went away from Gorgias having purchased more books than I did from any other publisher. Honestly, I think that Gorgias is going to make a difference for the field of early Christian studies because the people at Gorgias are making available to us information about an area of the world that is quite unfamiliar to most western scholars. But, in terms of religious studies, it is an area of the ancient world that was vibrant and eclectic and central. It is where we find altogether Jewish baptizing groups, early Christian mystics, Mandaeans, and Manichaeans, not to mention patristic poets like Ephrem and liturgical books like Odes of Solomon. My hope is that Gorgias will continue to publish excellent studies on religion in Syria and the east, and that the revitalization of the study of eastern Christianity will continue."


Dr. DeConick recommends the following books from Gorgias Press:


The Great Stem of Souls
By Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley

ISBN 1-59333-338-2, Hardback, $99

Mandaean priests, representatives of a religious heritage that can be traced back to Late Antique Mesopotamia, still copy their ancient literature by hand. The Great Stem of Souls is a study of the colophons –postscripts at the end of each text – that are appended to most Mandaean documents. A study of the contents of the colophons provides a framework for reconstructing Mandaean history.

The Mandaeans of Iraq and Iran: Their Cults, Customs, Magic Legends, and Folklore
By E Drower

ISBN 1-931956-49-9, Paperback, $85

No anthropologist has conducted fieldwork among the Mandaeans, not even in recent decades and therefore Drower remains a singular figure. Scholars, students, and aficionados regard her book as the work that brings the people alive.

Mandaic Incantation Texts
By Edwin M Yamauchi

ISBN 1-59333-192-4, Hardback, $99

This is a revision of E.M. Yamauchi's dissertation. It includes a collection of the earliest Mandaic texts, which are magic scrolls and inscribed bowls, dating from about 600 CE, together with transcriptions and translations, a grammar, and a lexicon.

Gnostic Ethics and Mandaean Origins
By Edwin M Yamauchi

ISBN 1-931956-85-5, Hardback, $85

In opposition to other leading scholars of the Mandaeans, Yamauchi concludes that the Mandaeans could not have originated before the second century CE. He notes their distinguishing characterisitcs from other Gnostic groups.


"Armchair Harems": CID books reviewed on H-net

A thoughtful and thought-provoking review of seven titles from the Cultures in Dialogue series has appeared in the H-Gender-MidEast discussion group of H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online). The reviewer, Dr. Marilyn Booth of the University of Illinois, explores the seven titles listed below. In addition to review and discussion of the individual books, Dr. Booth gives an overview of the series as a whole:

"Part of the joy of reading these books collectively is the sense one gets of an intrepid, varied and extremely motivated set of women, of different backgrounds, trooping around Constantinople/Istanbul and writing about it. Elite, imperialist, deluded, startlingly entrepreneurial--yes, in various measures, but still, they are worth reading and the very variety this series presents is telling in itself."


Dr. Booth ends by saying, "This series is a timely and worthwhile addition to our library of sources on and by women in the final days of the Ottoman Empire."

We encourage you to read the full review on the H-Net site.

"An innovation in Syriac publishing": Brock books reviewed in Hugoye


Writing from Knox-Metropolitan Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, Robert A. Kitchen recommends two recent books by Sebastian Brock, An Introduction to Syriac Studies and The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh: A Bilingual Edition.

Of An Introduction to Syriac Studies Kitchen notes, "This may be called an introduction, but it is worth the time reading through for any student or experienced scholar. . . . Brock’s enthusiasm and delight in the subject quickly infect even the oldest hand." After detailing the book chapter by chapter, Kitchen ends by stating, "There are certainly other scholars who could compile a similarly excellent introduction to the study of Syriac; here we may listen to the voice of the scholar who has had a significant role in putting it all together." The full review is in Hugoye 10:2.

Kitchen hails The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh as being "an innovation in Syriac publishing", including as it does a "longer introduction, an updated bibliography, and in particular a facing-page Syriac text. Another dimension is added with Brock’s introduction being translated into Syriac by Raban Awgen Aydin—recently consecrated as Mar Polycarpus Eugene Aydin, Bishop of the Netherlands, Diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church." Kitchen relates, "One is able to observe how Brock translates with his deep understanding of how this language functions. The English translation is always contemporary in tone, occasionally edging toward the colloquial, so consequently needing little explanation for one desiring to meditate upon the sentences." Read the full review, with excerpts of selected sentence translations in Hugoye 10:2.

Sunshine and Storm in the East, or Cruises to Cyprus and Constantinople
By Lady Annie Brassey

ISBN 1-59333-202-5, Hardback, $85

Lady Annie Brassey (1839-1887) possess a keen eye for human interest and narrative detail that propelled her to international fame as a travel writer. This book presents a daily diary of two voyages to Constantinople aboard her family yacht in the mid 1870s. Here, the modern reader may glimpse the natural wonders, cultural distinctions, and political circumstances of such countries as Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, and Turkey during that time period. Lady Brassey is always a cheerful, informed, and compelling guide. One also finds in this book an excellent example of the nineteenth-century European fascination with the "Orient" as a place of exotic customs, redolent sensuality, and commonplace cruelty.

Haremlik: Some Pages from the Life of Turkish Women
By Demetra Vaka Brown

ISBN 1-59333-203-3, Hardback, $85

Born as a Greek Ottoman in Istanbul, Demetra Vaka Brown (1877-1946) moved to America where she became a journalist and novelist, revisiting Turkey to write several books about the twilight of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of the Turkish Republic. She based this, her first book, on experiences from 1901, when modernization had made inroads into Ottoman domestic life and the harem was becoming a thing of the past. Her reflections on life in the harem suggest the conflicted nature of her allegiances: Vaka is nostalgic for the Ottoman life that was rapidly disappearing, but she also enjoys the freedoms of a professional American woman.

The Unveiled Ladies of Istanbul (Stamboul)
By Demetra Vaka Brown

ISBN 1-59333-216-5, Hardback, $85

The Unveiled Ladies of Istanbul (Stamboul) is a picturesque description of women's life in post-World War I Turkey during a period of social and political turmoil. Here Demetra Vaka (1877-1946), an expatriate of Ottoman Turkey, established American journalist and acquaintance of Prince Sabaheddin, returns to her native Istanbul after a 20-year absence. Describing women's lives in post-World War I Turkey, she reports on the successful project of female emancipation pursued by Mustafa Kemal as part of the nationalist agenda. Noting how much this project had benefited upper- and middle-class Turkish women, Vaka nonetheless regrets that the gradual emergence of the monocultural, modern Republic was bringing an end to the multiethnic character of the Ottoman State.

In the Palaces of the Sultan
By Anna Bowman Dodd

ISBN 1-59333-204-1, Hardback, $85

As Anna Bowman Dodd (1855-1929), a New York travel writer and journalist, journeyed to Istanbul with the American Ambassador to France she embarked on a detailed account of the city and its people. Interested in documenting the changes in Turkey brought about by the "embrace" of modernity and progress, she considers Turkish women's rights, harems and marriage, the management of the household, education, slavery, the Sultan's reign, and nationalist movements in the last days of the Ottoman Empire. She caters to the American market for Orientalism but is also reflexive about its employment, both invoking and undercutting stereotypes as she addresses the "Eastern Question."

Behind Turkish Lattices: The Story of a Turkish Woman's Life
By Hester Donaldson Jenkins

ISBN 1-59333-105-3, Hardback, $85

Hester Donaldson Jenkins (1869-1941), a professor at the American College for Girls in Constantinople from 1900-1909, wrote enthusiastically about the Young Turks who seemed to promise new freedoms for Ottoman women. Jenkins uses her own observations of Constantinople, her students, and their families to construct an account of a "typical" Turkish Muslim woman's life cycle at this turning point in Ottoman history. She directs her comments toward childhood, education, marriage, polygamy, and divorce, in order to correct Western misapprehensions. In its confidence in the bright prospects of American influence and Ottoman reform, this book captures an optimistic moment in which social progress seemed to be thriving.

Thirty Years in the Harem
By Melek Hanim

ISBN 1-59333-208-4, Hardback, $85

Melek Hanim, an Ottoman woman of Greek, Armenian, and French heritage, accompanied her husband to various postings in Palestine and Serbia, and shared with him the frustrations of the arbitrary periodic dismissals that characterized late Ottoman politics. Her sensationalist account of life in Turkey contains details of political intrigue and corruption and demonstrates the influence and mobility available to women in the official households of the Ottoman elite. Filled with maneuvers including murder, divorce, political machinations, and vengeance, Melek Hanim’s life was an attempt to gain access to property she viewed as legitimately her own. This book was written during her later exile in Paris.

A Turkish Woman's European Impressions
By Zeyneb Hanoum

ISBN 1-59333-207-6, Hardback, $85

Born into the Ottoman Muslim elite, Zeyneb Hanoum and her sister Melek Hanoum were given a Western-style education by their progressive father, who expected them subsequently to live the segregated lives of Ottoman ladies. Rebelling, the sisters collaborated with the French author Pierre Loti, hoping that harnessing European intellectual support would speed up Ottoman social reform. Fleeing Istanbul in 1906 for fear of imperial reprisals, the sisters traveled in disguise to Europe, hoping to find "freedom" in the West. With Zeyneb Hanum's letters punctuated by Grace Ellison's introduction, commentary, and footnotes, this book challenges Orientalist stereotypes and documents the vibrant engagement between Eastern and Western women at the fin de siècle.

The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh: A Bilingual Edition
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-335-8, Paperback, $32

Here, in the inaugural volume of the Texts from Christian Late Antiquity (TeCLA) series, Gorgias Press is pleased to present Sebastian Brock’s masterful English translation of St. Isaac’s writings accompanied for the first time by the Syriac text.

An Introduction to Syriac Studies
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-349-8, Paperback, $38

This Introduction aims to provide basic guidance to important areas of Syriac studies. The relevance of Syriac studies to a variety of other fields is explored. A brief orientation to the history of Syriac literature is offered, and Syriac is set within the context of the other Aramaic dialects. A thorough discussion on important tools (Instrumenta Studiorum) is presented; topics include grammars, dictionaries, the Bible in Syriac, histories of Syriac literature, bibliographical aids and relevant series, periodicals, and encyclopedias. This Introduction should prove useful both for the student beginning Syriac studies and for scholars working in adjacent fields.


Gorgias Press will be exhibiting at the conferences and meetings listed below, offering a special discount to conference attendees for not just the books in display but for all items in our current catalog. In addition, our editors will also be present at these meetings should you have a manuscript proposal which you would like to discuss with us.

Gorgias Press will be present at the following conferences:

  • Pappas Patristics Institute Fourth Annual Conference, Brookline, Massachusetts, October 4-6, 2007. The theme is "Sickness and Healing in the Patristic Period".
  • CAAS Centennial Meeting (Classical Association of the Atlantic States), Washington, DC October 4-7, 2007.
  • Byzantine Studies Conference, Toronto, Ontario, October 11-14, 2007.
  • American Academy of Religion / Society of Biblical Literature, San Diego, CA, November 17-20, 2007. Come meet GP President George Kiraz and Acquisitions Editors Katie Stott and Steve Wiggins. We are nicely located at booth #732: when you enter on the right side of the attendee entrance, just put your blinders on and head straight on until you see our display on the left. We're near the concessions area, so get your java (and one for us!) and come chat with us for a while. We are happy to hear of your works in progress.



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