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e-Gorgias (Issue 33, May 2009)


Issue 33
May 2009
Reading Time: 18 minutes

It has been a long time since the last issue of eGorgias. Back in November, George and I were blessed with the birth of our little baby boy Lucian Nurono (after Lucian of Antioch and Ignatius “Nurono” of Antioch). As I rediscovered both the joys and the woes of being a mother for the third time, I went on maternity leave until now and as a result eGorgias inadvertently went on maternity leave with me as well. While I was home changing diapers and battling with feeding schedules, the Gorgias production team relentlessly continued to produce new books. Thanks to them and to our new automation workflow—which we christened Flo Chart, we managed to release 102 titles since the last time eGorgias was released six months ago, including the 7-volume Bedjan edition of Acta Martyrum. Kudos to our production team!

While the tragic downturn of the economy has taken its toll on everyone, including Gorgias, we remain committed more than ever to publish the new and rare books that have been appreciated over the years by our loyal readers. If you are working on a book that is specialized and think that it will not make the economic cut, think again and contact us via Our acquisitions team will continue to provide you with the excellent and rare resources you need for your research. Gorgias will always publish for the sake of knowledge. No book is too specialized for us.

The year 2009 brought new partnerships with prestigious publishers from overseas whose books have been unavailable or had limited availability in the US. These include the Istanbul-based Isis Press that specializes in Ottoman and Turkish history and literature, and Dar Mardin of Aleppo whose books in Arabic have been desired by many of our customers. In the next few months we will be announcing a number of additional partnerships with other international publishers. We will be publishing American editions of their most coveted titles.

If anyone has any concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy browsing through eGorgias and may I say it is good to be back.

Christine Altinis Kiraz



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Included below is a select list of books that were released since the last issue of eGorgias. For the complete list pelase visit our Just Published page.


The Christian Heritage of Iraq
By Erica C. D. Hunter

ISBN 978-1-60724-111-9
Hardback, $107 (BiblioPerks™ $85.60)

Iraq has been a centre of Syriac Christianity for almost two thousand years. This volume of collected papers from the Christianity in Iraq I-V Seminar Days (2004-2008) explores the Christian heritage of Iraq, highlighting the churches’ innate ability to transcend barriers of language, culture, ethnicity and religion. Syriac Christianity has maintained a discourse with the Muslim world, whilst the monastic institutions, still present in Iraq today, played a vital role within Iraq and in ‘outreach’ dioceses in Central Asia. In the post-medieval period, Christianity in Iraq revitalised itself in response to new initiatives, a process that continues today.

Information Technology and Egyptology in 2008
By Nigel Strudwick

ISBN 978-1-60724-068-6
Hardback, $106 (BiblioPerks™ $84.80)

Publication of the proceedings of the 2008 meeting of the Computer Working Group of the International Association of Egyptologists (Informatique et Egyptologie), including papers on databases, complex systems, 3D modelling, textual analysis systems, the uses of the internet for sharing photographs, and bibliography.

The Mark of Cain and the Jews
By Lisa Unterseher

ISBN 978-1-59333-896-1
Hardback, $98 (BiblioPerks™ $78.40)

Formulating a typological association between the biblical figure of Cain and the Jews, Augustine of Hippo crafts a highly intricate theology that justifies and even demands the continuing presence of Jews and their religious practices in a Christian society.

Dischronology and Dialogic in the Bible’s Primary Narrative
By David Bergen

ISBN 978-1-60724-105-8
Hardback, $105 (BiblioPerks™ $84.00)

How ought the Bible to be read? A dialogical struggle between Moses and God results in the publication of a lawbook within the storyworld. Observing how characters read this lawbook, the reader uncovers a surprising answer to this hermeneutical question.

Social identity in Nahum
By Jan Bosman

ISBN 978-1-60724-001-3
Hardback, $117 (BiblioPerks™ $93.60)

The Book of Nahum’s moving and disturbing poetry provides a prophetical glimpse on the social identity dynamics of ancient Israel. A multidimensional reading of Nahum leads to a theological-ethical model for interpreting uncomfortable texts like the oracles concerning the nations.

The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Urmi
By Geoffrey Khan

ISBN 978-1-59333-425-3
Hardback, $157 (BiblioPerks™ $125.60)

This volume presents a description of the Neo-Aramaic dialect that was spoken by the Jews of Urmi in north-western Iran but which is now virtually extinct. The material for the volume was gathered firsthand in fieldwork conducted with the last remaining speakers in Israel. The volume consists of a detailed grammatical description, a corpus of transcribed texts, including folktales, historical accounts and portrayals of customs, and an extensive glossary.

Common Heritage, Divided Communion: The Declines and Advances of Inter-Orthodox Relations from Chalcedon to Chambésy
By Kenneth Yossa

ISBN 978-1-60724-067-9
Hardback, $112 (BiblioPerks™ $89.60)

Common Heritage, Divided Communion examines the various religious and secular events related to the Council of Chalcedon (451) and the so-called “Monophysite” schism, as well as a detailed overview and analysis of contemporary Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox ecumenical efforts to re-establish ecclesial communion.

As Below, So Above: Apocalypticism, Gnosticism and the Scribes of Qumran and Nag Hammadi
By Glen Fairen

ISBN 978-1-59333-082-8
Paperback, $64 (BiblioPerks™ $51.20)

After questioning the scholarly assumptions regarding the “heretical” Nag Hammadi Library and the “apocalyptic” Dead Sea Scrolls, Fairen will argue that they were not diametrically opposed, but represent a scribal reconfiguration of an Enochic worldview as a critique of foreign rule.

Mormons and Evangelicals
By David Smith

ISBN 978-1-60724-027-3
Paperback, $57 (BiblioPerks™ $45.60)

Why do religious people believe? In this work, Smith describes and interprets the results of interviews conducted with Mormons and Evangelicals about their reasons for faith, and in the end recommends a particular approach to faith that integrates the sociological, spiritual, and rational elements of religion.

Another Mirror for Princes
By Suraiya Faroqhi

ISBN 978-1-60724-089-1
Hardback, $115 (BiblioPerks™ $92.00)

This book is a collection of essays on Ottoman history, focusing on how sultans of the Ottoman Empire were viewed by the public.

Studies in Ottoman Naval History and Maritime Geography
By Svat Soucek

ISBN 978-1-60724-091-4
Hardback, $109 (BiblioPerks™ $87.20)

This is a collection of essays on historical and maritime geography in the Ottoman period.

Fillets of Fatling and Goblets of Gold
By Dan Belnap

ISBN 978-1-59333-084-2
Hardback, $115 (BiblioPerks™ $92.00)

This volume explores the role of ritual behavior in the meal imagery of the Ugaritic mythological and epic texts, evaluating whether these events succeeded in their purpose or if they failed and explaining the importance in recognizing the outcomes.

Letters from a Distant Shore
By E. Richardson

ISBN 978-1-59333-783-4
Hardback, $64 (BiblioPerks™ $51.20)

The Journal of Sarah Ann Breath is an account of a trip from Boston to Oroomiah (modern Urumia) Persia in June, 1849 by the wife of missionary printer Edward Breath. Sarah describes the journey by sail, steamship, and overland caravan and the couple’s encounter with Assyrian, Kurdish and Nestorian Christian communities.

The History of the Holy Mar Ma‘in
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 978-1-59333-222-8
Paperback, $51.04 (BiblioPerks™ $40.83)

The History of Holy Mar Ma‘in of Sinjar tells the story of a Sasanian general during the time of Shapur II (309-79) who suffered persecution after his conversion to Christianity. Composed probably in the sixth century, this text is of a higher literary quality than most of the other texts describing martyrdoms under Shapur II. In this volume, the first in this new series from Gorgias Press, Sebastian P. Brock provides the first edition ever of the Syriac text of the History of Ma‘in as well as the first full translation of it. This volume also includes a basic guide to the whole corpus of Persian Martyr Acts as well as useful indices to these numerous texts.

History of the Za'faraan Monastery
By Aphram I Barsoum

ISBN 978-1-59333-639-4
Hardback, $89 (BiblioPerks™ $71.20)

The History of the Za’faran Monastery is for the first time offered in English translation to the readers. It was written in 1917 by Patriarch Ignatius Aphram Barsoum (d. 1957) when still a monk at the monastery. It is a detailed account of the history of the monastery from its inception until modern times. It deals with the construction of the monastery, its several churches, its library and its significance as a center of Syriac learning and learned men. The author is keen on presenting short biographies of monks, bishops and patriarchs who studied in this religious institution and their contribution to the promotion of the Church. Without this small book, the first of its kind, a great and significant page of the history of the Syrian Church of Antioch would have been lamentably lost.

Commentary on the Liturgy of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch
By Ishaq Saka

ISBN 978-1-60724-002-0
Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $70.40)

The exposition of the Liturgy of St. James, which is basically the Celebration of the Holy Eucahrist, is most significant for the understanding of the mystery of the God in offering His only Son a vicarious sacrifice for the redemption of man. The purpose of the liturgy is to show the believer the right path and leads him by faith to salvation and eternal life through the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ represented in the form of Bread and Wine. To make it understandable, Rev. Saka explains not only the meaning of terms connected with the liturgy but of all the components of the vessels, the vesting, the censoring, the candles and the propitiatory prayers associated with them. This exposition should benefit both church and liturgical scholars and lay people interested in the profound spiritual meaning of their faith.

Konsekration und Konsekrationsgeschehen in der Syrischen eucharistischen Anaphora und in der Liturgie der anderen Mysterien
By Aho Shemunkasho

ISBN 978-1-59333-849-7
Hardback, $98 (BiblioPerks™ $78.40)

Am Beispiel der Initiationssakramente (Taufe, Firmung, Eucharistiefeier) und der Priesterweihe wird einerseits die Konsekration der Materie (Wasser, Myronöl, Brot und Wein) und des Empfängers dargestellt, anderseits das Konsekrationsgeschehen der einzelnen liturgischen Vollzüge nach der syrisch antiochenischen Liturgie miteinander verglichen, analysiert und kommentiert.

Studies in the Peshitta of Kings
By Donald Walter

ISBN 978-1-59333-853-4
Hardback, $103 (BiblioPerks™ $82.40)

The first part of this monograph examines the manuscript variants of the Peshitta (the standard Syriac translation) of Kings, with special attention to the manuscript 9a1. The study of the unique readings of 9a1 provides massive evidence that in Kings it commonly preserves the original Peshitta. Not only is the importance of 9a1 for the textual history of Kings established, but overwhelming evidence is found that the non-9a1 mss attest to an extensive intentional revision. The second part of the monograph reworks material from Walter’s dissertation on 2 Kings. The question of the Hebrew text used and the rendering of names are treated. Relations with the LXX and Targum are treated.

United States and Two Gulf Wars
By Lester Brune

ISBN 978-1-59333-591-5
Hardback, $127 (BiblioPerks™ $101.60)

This incisive study by historian Lester Brune examines the background and implications of these events. Considering the late twentieth-century involvement of the United States in Iraq, Brune discusses the policy of containment and the decision to go to war a second time in the region in the twenty-first century. He traces the situation up to the creation of an Iraqi government and Saddam Hussein’s capture and trial. The continuing implications of the wars are also analyzed.

The Greek-Turkish War 1919-23
By Stavros Stavridis

ISBN 978-1-59333-967-8
Hardback, $105 (BiblioPerks™ $84.00)

The book provides a historical development of the Australian press from Colonial Times till 1923. Since Australia was part of the British Empire, foreign policy decisions made in London impacted on this far-flung dominion located in the South –West Pacific. Australia’s national identity was forged on the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula fighting against the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

Forty Gospel Homilies
By Gregory the Great

ISBN 978-1-60724-147-8
Hardback, $126 (BiblioPerks™ $100.80)

At the dividing line between Antiquity and the Middle Ages, scholar-diplomat-pastor-writer-pope Gregory the Great drew on his profound knowledge of Scripture and his personal experience to preach the Gospel. These forty homilies show the practical concerns Gregory faced as well as the theological expectations he had of his flock.

The Praktikos & Chapters on Prayer
By Evagrius Ponticus

ISBN 978-1-60724-148-5
Hardback, $91 (BiblioPerks™ $72.80)

The living link through whom the ascetic principles of hellenistic philosophers passed into monasticism, Evagrius molded Christian asceticism through his own works and through his influcence on John Cassian, Climacus, Pseudo–Denis, and Saint Benedict.

The Life of Isaac of Alexandria & The Martyrdom of Saint Macrobius
By Mena of Nikiou

ISBN 978-1-60724-146-1
Hardback, $97 (BiblioPerks™ $77.60)

Separated by schism from greek and latin Christians and surviving under arab-islamic suzerainty, the Church of Egypt produced insightful saints and heroic martyrs in a chapter in church history now opened to readers of English for the first time.

The Lives of the Desert Fathers
By Sister Benedicta Ward SLG

ISBN 978-1-60724-145-4
Hardback, $101 (BiblioPerks™ $80.80)

Eyewitness accounts of the lives and teachings of the fourth-century Desert Fathers from the Historia monachorum in Aegypto.

Russian Mystics
By Sergius Bolshakoff

ISBN 978-1-60724-144-7
Hardback, $116 (BiblioPerks™ $92.80)

A panorama of Russian Christian spirituality, richly illustrated with passages from formative works.

Ascetic Discourses
By Abba Isaiah of Scetis

ISBN 978-1-60724-143-0
Hardback, $113 (BiblioPerks™ $90.40)

Written in the fifth century, during one of the most formative periods of Christian monasticism in Egypt and Palestine, The Ascetic Discourses show a strong influence of the Scripture, both Old and New, and of Early monastic writers. Abba Isaiah has set forth a practical guide for monks, ever aware of the challanges that interpersonal relationships present within monastic communities.

Histories of the Monks of Upper Egypt and The Life of Onnophrius
By Paphnutius

ISBN 978-1-60724-142-3
Hardback, $104 (BiblioPerks™ $83.20)

Far from the Christian metropolis of Alexandria, removed from the well-known and much–visited monastic settlements of the Thebaid, and infintely remote from Rome, lay the garrison towns of Aswan and Philae. There Christians and pagans coexisted. Integral to the christian community on this desert frontier of Empire were the local monks–ascetics, intercessors, comtemplatives, and miracle workers.

The Land of the Hittites
By John Garstang

ISBN 978-1-59333-617-2
Hardback, $120 (BiblioPerks™ $96.00)

This important summary of Garstang’s travels and studies in Anatolia (present-day Turkey) is fully illustrated with nearly 100 photographs as well as maps and plans. This account details the marvels revealed by archaeology in ancient western Asia. The study begins with documentation of the geography of the region, giving the reader a sense of the world as seen by the Hittites of antiquity. Garstang outlines the history of the Hittite period before detailing the monumental architecture of this people. Garstang’s treatment concludes with a substantial history of the Hittites, people referred to in the Bible and in the historical records of other ancient Near Eastern civilizations.

Tell Halaf
By Baron Max von Oppenheim

ISBN 978-1-59333-633-2
Hardback, $116 (BiblioPerks™ $92.80)

The site of Tell Halaf was located by Baron von Oppenheim while on a mission to survey the land for the Baghdad Railway. The Baron returned some years later to excavate the mound, and this monograph is his considered statement of the site’s importance. Setting the stage with a narrative of the discovery of the tell, von Oppenheim proceeds to describe the structures, monumental statuary and smaller objects recovered from the dig. Lavishly illustrated with over 85 illustrations and maps, this volume contains a storehouse of knowledge on ancient Syria, at that time part of the cultural continuum of Mesopotamia.

The Archaeology of Palestine and the Bible
By William Albright

ISBN 978-1-59333-665-3
Hardback, $99 (BiblioPerks™ $79.20)

One of the perennial touchstones in the field of archaeology in the ancient Near East, Albright’s work has been endlessly utilized. With a freshness apposite to its position among the pioneering works of a new discipline, this contribution laid the groundwork for countless future studies. Albright deftly describes how ancient Palestine was discovered, his famous excavation of Tell Beit Mirsim, and the relevance of archaeology for understanding the Bible. In setting the stage for what follows in the archaeological drama in Israel and throughout the Middle East, this work justly deserves a place in the Gorgias Classic Archaeological Reprints.

"I Sat Alone"
By Michael Avioz

ISBN 978-1-59333-854-1
Paperback, $54 (BiblioPerks™ $43.20)

The prophet Jeremiah is among the most complex and intriguing characters in the Bible. This study of the prophet focuses on the major biographical episodes in the prophet’s book and their interpretation. An overview of prophecy and the prophets of the Hebrew Bible sets the backdrop for this fascinating character. Setting the historical background of the prophet, Avioz then explores Jeremiah’s prophetic call. The temple sermon is then parsed to provide insight into how it fits the outlook of the prophet. The resultant trial is considered along with an exploration of the aim of the narrative. Jeremiah’s famous complaints receive individual attention. Those with whom Jeremiah interacts, the kings of Judah and the false prophets, are assessed in contrast with the prophet. The fall of the kingdom of Judah and the tragic Gedaliah episode round out the historical material. Avioz concludes his study with a consideration of Jeremiah’s legacy down to the present day.

Jewish Contributions to Civilization: An Estimate
By Joseph Jacobs

ISBN 978-1-59333-954-8
Hardback, $119 (BiblioPerks™ $95.20)

Concerned with the continuing, and growing, anti-Semitism of his day, Jacobs laid presented a statement of the Jewish contribution to civilization. Beginning with the convention of Jewish self-recognition as the people of the book, he sketches the relationship between the church and the Jews. He notes that Jews in the Middle Ages were intellectual intermediaries and their works had a profound impact on Medieval thought. Their roles in commerce and capitalism are explored. Noting the contribution throughout history of Jews to the cause of liberality, Jacob makes a profound case for seeing the deep impact Judaism has made on the modern world.

The Foreign Vocabulary of the Quran
By Arthur Jeffery

ISBN 978-1-59333-751-3
Hardback, $98 (BiblioPerks™ $78.40)

This handbook of foreign loan words in the Arabic of the Quran is set up in dictionary format. Each word is given in Arabic and in transliteration, followed by an extensive definition. As useful today as when it was first published, this volume will be welcomed by students of Arabic and especially those who are concerned with its relationship to foreign languages.

Les Dialectes Néo-Araméens de Salamas
By M. Duval

ISBN 978-1-59333-787-2
Hardback, $128 (BiblioPerks™ $102.40)

This specialized study by renowned linguist Rubens Duval brings together several grammatical studies between its covers. For the most part this intriguing volume is an exploration of the dialects of Neo-Aramaic of Salmas in the area of Azerbaijan and northwest Iran. Duval transcribed in handwritten, Roman characters, the aural information he received in the region from Syrian Christians and Jews. These are translated into French, making access to the linguistic information available to non-Semitic specialists. Duval concludes the book with an article on Syriac inscriptions of Salmas. This book is very rare in the used book market.

Einleitung in das Studium der Arabischen Sprache
By Georg Freytag

ISBN 978-1-59333-933-3
Hardback, $142 (BiblioPerks™ $113.60)

The introduction to the Arabic language by the renowned linguist Georg Freytag is fast becoming difficult to find. Written in German, this precise presentation is intended for a general readership which has no background in previous Semitic language study. The Arabic period covered for this historic grammar is that of Mohammed and later. In some ways an unconventional approach Freytag introduces topics such as Arabic names and the history of the Arabs, even prior to Mohammed’s time. An outline of the Arabic language and its dialects is presented. A period piece that retains its functionality, this introduction to Arabic is more than a grammar, it is a view into the life of the Arabian world.

Reliquary of Ancient Ecclesiastical Laws
By Paul de Lagarde

ISBN 978-1-59333-988-3
Hardback, $116 (BiblioPerks™ $92.80)

A notable resource for both church historians and linguists, this work of Lagarde contains both Syriac and Greek materials concerning ancient ecclesiastical laws. A number of ancient documents are cited in this unusual collection. Half of this collection is presented in the original Syriac and half in the original Greek. All introductions and notes are written in Latin. Intended for the serious linguist and church historian, this work requires language skills to unravel. As a collection of materials that had been inaccessible up to Lagarde’s time, this volume also serves as a period piece containing a fresh view of writings that helped inform the growth of canon law.

My Winter on the Nile
By Charles Warner

ISBN 978-1-59333-723-0
Hardback, $127 (BiblioPerks™ $101.60)

From the eyes of a novelist, Warner illustrates the drama and romance of a voyage through Egypt. Particularly attracted to the Muslim life and practice in Egypt, and the monuments of the ancient empires, Warner takes the reader through the length of the country into Ethiopia and tropical Africa. A travelogue that captures the nineteenth century fascination with the East, this volume will delight anyone interested in days of the blossoming interest in Egypt.

The Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
By Henry Liddon

ISBN 978-1-59333-718-6
Hardback, $124 (BiblioPerks™ $99.20)

Liddon’s lectures on the divinity of Christ stand as one of the hallmarks of nineteenth century English churchmanship. Following the trajectory of the Bible itself, Liddon considers the testimony of the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Ecumenical Councils, in his lectures on the nature of Christ’s divinity.

Akbar and the Jesuits
By Pierre du Jarric

ISBN 978-1-59333-630-1
Hardback, $120 (BiblioPerks™ $96.00)

The narrative of the Jesuit missions to Akbar, ruler of the Mughal Empire in India, is a noted period piece in travel writing. Although the author never traveled abroad, he compiled a substantial history of Jesuit missionary activity. This book narrates the missions to India in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis
By Michael Casiri

ISBN 978-1-59333-908-1
Hardback, $269 (BiblioPerks™ $215.20)

Spain and Arabic culture share a long history. One of the early scholars eager to preserve that heritage was Miguel Casiri. The task for which Casiri is mostly remembered is his cataloguing of the Arabic manuscripts in the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo El Real, known generally by the title El Escorial. This monastery held a collection of over 1800 Arabic manuscripts, upon which Casiri set out to catalogue. The resulting work was a monument of scholarship in the eighteenth century. Containing a number of quotes from Arabic sources on history, his catalogue is divided into subjects and is indexed for ease of use. The second volume of his massive undertaking comprises many geographical and historical manuscripts. The original two volumes are bound together in this Gorgias Historical Catalogues edition. Containing the full text of both volumes, this catalogue may serve as a history and a linguistic study as well as a reference work.

The Conquest of Syria
By W. Lees

ISBN 978-1-59333-913-5
Hardback, $148 (BiblioPerks™ $118.40)

A representative of the Arabic genre known as “futuh reports,” the Conquest of Syria remains an important historical source although it is now recognized not to be a genuine work of Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Omar Ibn Waqid al-Aslami (generally called al-Waqidi). This Arabic document, part history, part romantic reconstruction of the past, is one of the main sources narrating the Muslim conquest of Syria. A window into the world of early Muslim self-perception, these documents are a valuable historical source in the sense of being period pieces. Here the Arabic text is presented along with the partial notes and comments of W. Nassau Lees, a noted writer on Eastern culture. An English introduction is presented followed by the text of the Arabic account.

An Old Zand-Pahlavi Glossary
By Martin Haug

ISBN 978-1-59333-996-8
Hardback, $103 (BiblioPerks™ $82.40)

This historical dictionary contains an English translation of the Frahang-I Oim-evak, an antique Avestan and Middle Persian dictionary. A collaboration between Martin Haug and Destur Hoshengji Jamaspji, this rare glossary provides the Pahlavi translations for almost 900 Avestan words. Avestan is an Eastern Old Iranian language used by the Zoroastrian Avesta. It represents one of the earliest known Iranian languages. This dictionary was one of the earliest attempts to present the material to a western readership. Still considered a historic entry-point into the language, Haug’s glossary has become a rare find. Gorgias Press is pleased to bring it back into circulation as a part of our Historical Dictionary series.

Catalogue of the Turkish Manuscripts in the British Museum
By Charles Rieu

ISBN 978-1-59333-932-6
Hardback, $139 (BiblioPerks™ $111.20)

This volume records and describes the 483 Turkish manuscripts in the British Museum at the time of the author. Most of the manuscripts are in Western Turkish, and a few in Eastern. The material is helpfully categorized according to the area of particular concern to the manuscript. Various aspects of Islamic religious practice are covered by several manuscripts. Other general areas represented are history, sciences and arts, philology, and poetry. The Eastern Turkish materials are given their own section. Each manuscript is meticulously described, and the volume contains useful indices of titles, personal names, and subjects. A must have for any Turkologist, this historic catalogue is now once again available.

Saint Anselm
By Joseph Clayton

ISBN 978-1-59333-722-3
Hardback, $90 (BiblioPerks™ $72.00)

The first English biography of Saint Anselm, an eleventh century doctor of the church, this work has set the standard for works on the saint. Anselm became the Archbishop of Canterbury and led the English Catholic church through difficult political times.


We are excited to announce that the following titles will soon be in print:

Click here for a complete list of our soon-to-be-published books.


The Spell of the Logos
Origen’s construal of the Bible as a textual incarnation of the Word encourages an assimilationist interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures as a proto-Christian gospel. Although in partial agreement with this thesis, this study suggests a non-assimilationist reading of Origen’s biblical exegesis.
ISBN 978-1-59333-698-1, Hardback, $99 (BiblioPerks™ $79.20)

John of Tella's Profession of Faith
John of Tella was in the 520s and 530s one of the most dangerous ecclesiastical opponents of the emperor Justinian I. The present letter by John lays out his faith, and gives an inside view of how a Syrian Orthodox bishop locates himself within the Christian tradition.
ISBN 978-1-59333-843-5, Paperback, $53 (BiblioPerks™ $42.40)

Foundations for Syriac Lexicography III
This volume is part of a series that addresses issues of Classical Syriac lexicography, and the lexicography of other ancient languages. The international team of authors invited to participate represents a wide range of disciplines and opens new horizons in lexical thinking.
ISBN 978-1-60724-072-3, Hardback, $119.96 (BiblioPerks™ $95.97)

Standing At Lyon
Blandina of Lyon, a lowly slave, battles the powers of the Roman Empire. Using Bowen Theory and the writings of Foucault the book explains how the anxiety of authority figures results in their failure to quell the rise of Christianity.
ISBN 978-1-59333-895-4, Hardback, $95 (BiblioPerks™ $76.00)

Qumran through (Real) Time: A Virtual Reconstruction of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls
This book proposes a new occupation model for the remains of Khirbet Qumran, the site associated with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Using the latest in virtual reality technology, the author reconstructs the site of Qumran and demonstrates that the site was initially built as a Hasmonean fortress, and was later expanded into a residence for a self-sufficient community responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls.
ISBN 978-1-60724-058-7, Hardback, $118 (BiblioPerks™ $94.40)

Pro Oriente: the Vienna Dialogue
This book is a translation into Arabic of The Vienna dialogue: Five Pro Oriente consulations with oriental Orthodoxy: communiqés and common declarations, edited by Rudolf Kirchschla¨ger and Alfred Stirnemann (Horn, Austria, 1991); it contains a number of documents written by both Roman Catholic and Oriental Orthodox churchmen connected to the question of the relationship between these churches.
ISBN 978-1-60724-265-9, Hardback, $104 (BiblioPerks™ $83.20)



Gorgias would like to announce the official launch of it's new series BIT (Bible in Technology) which explores the intersection between biblical studies and computer technology. It also includes studies that address the application of computer technology to cognate fields of ancient history. The series provides a forum for presenting and discussing advancements in this area, such as new software or techniques for analyzing biblical materials, online projects, and teaching resources. The series also seeks to reflect on the contribution and impact of computer technology on biblical research and teaching methods.

We are also pleased to announce that Keith Reeves, the current chair of the Computer Assisted Learning group at SBL, is editing the series.

The first book in this series is the recently released proceedings of the 2008 meeting of The Computer Working Group of the International Association of Egyptologists, usually called by the name Informatique et Egyptologie. This group has been in existence since 1983, and was originally driven primarily driven by the need to devise ways of encoding, representing, and printing hieroglyphs on computers. However, for the past 20 years the group has been focusing the attempts of Egyptologists to find creative and above all useful ways of using information technology to aid in the research and teaching of Ancient Egypt, and for providing a forum for discussion of these methods. Other than its work with hieroglyphs, the group was responsible for bringing the Internet to the attention of Egyptologists in the mid 1990s.

Previous publications of the group, in addition to conference proceedings, include the Manuel de Codage (the guide to the encoding of hieroglyphs), Hieroglyphica (an extended library of hieroglyphic signs), and the Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus (a standardised set of terms for categorising objects, available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese).

The 2008 meeting took place in July at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, where 16 papers were presented on topics including databases, complex systems, 3D modelling, textual analysis systems, the uses of the internet for sharing photographs, and bibliography. This publication provides an essential snapsot of the present uses to which IT is placed in the study of Ancient Egypt.

The book has been edited by Nigel Strudwick, a curator at the British Museum, who has excavated in Egypt for many years. His main interests are in the Old Kingdom, and in the archaeology of Thebes. He has been an active member of Informatique et Egyptologie since 1986, and has chaired the group since 2000. His IT work has ranged widely; he is most proud of almost single-handedly introducing Egyptology to the Internet in 1994–5.


Information Technology and Egyptology in 2008 By Nigel Strudwick
Publication of the proceedings of the 2008 meeting of the Computer Working Group of the International Association of Egyptologists (Informatique et Egyptologie), including papers on databases, complex systems, 3D modelling, textual analysis systems, the uses of the internet for sharing photographs, and bibliography.
ISBN 978-1-60724-068-6, Hardback, $106 (BiblioPerks™ $84.80)

Qumran through (Real) Time: A Virtual Reconstruction of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls By Robert R. Cargill
This book proposes a new occupation model for the remains of Khirbet Qumran, the site associated with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Using the latest in virtual reality technology, the author reconstructs the site of Qumran and demonstrates that the site was initially built as a Hasmonean fortress, and was later expanded into a residence for a self-sufficient community responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls.
ISBN 978-1-60724-058-7, Hardback, $118 (BiblioPerks™ $94.40)




Stefan C. Reif reviews Aaron Rubin's Samuel David Luzzatto: Prolegomena to a Grammar of the Hebrew Language

Stefan Reif, a fellow of St John's College and professor of Medieval Hebrew writes of Samuel David Luzatto and Rubin's translation " is only now, with the first full and annotated translation of all parts of this work into English, that many contemporary students of Hebrew will gain insights into his deep learning and intriguing linguistic analysis.

...A considerable debt of gratitude is owed by linguists to Aaron Rubin for his stalwart effort in producing the translation, prefacing it with a helpful introduction to the author and his work, and appending to it numerous updates, identifications and explanations, as well as some corrections. A doctoral graduate of Harvard who now teaches Hebrew and Jewish Studies at Penn State University, Rubin has, additionally, made Luzzatto’s work that much more useful and accessible by appending almost sixty pages of biographical data relating to some 275 scholars who are mentioned in the original treatise."

Samuel David Luzzatto: Prolegomena to a Grammar of the Hebrew Language
By Aaron Rubin

ISBN 1-59333-334-X
Hardback, $77 (BiblioPerks™ $61.60)

Translated for the first time, with annotations and useful additions, this long under-appreciated work of S. D. Luzzatto is now available to modern scholars. A history of both Hebrew and Hebrew scholarship, it is replete with valuable information and insight.


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