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e-Gorgias (Issue 37, December 2009)


Issue 37
December 2009
Reading Time: 12 minutes

Thanksgiving and the annual meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (SBL) are over, and we are officially in the holiday season! This is the time to reflect back on the previous year and give thanks for all our blessings. I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of our projects and publications. All of us here at Gorgias wish all of you Happy Holidays and success in the coming year.

We have received and begun shipping Sokoloff's A Syriac Lexicon. George and I leafed through it and found the references provided for the citations extremely useful- certainly a must-have for any scholar and library! If you have not already done so, be sure to order your copy now!

Our last sale of the year is still on where you can get titles from 40-60% off. Sadly, we have sold out of our overstock copies of Bedjan's Acts of Martyrs and Saints at the special 60% discounted price. You can still purchase a copy at 40% off-the-list price through the Gorgias Author Discount sale online.

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The 60% discount is on select overstocked items. A list of the 60% sale items can be downloaded from our PDF catalogue (click here to download). See pp. iv-ix for a listing of these discounted books. I have also added some additional books to the 60% sale below in the News section. Quantity is limited and we have already sold out on some items. Hurry and get your copies now! These items are available only through email to Make sure to put in the subject line “60% Off Order”; otherwise, the order goes through the normal channels and you only get 40%. You can authorize the Help Desk to charge your credit card on file or fax your payment information to +1 732-885-8908. Our Help Desk will notify you if the books you ordered are no longer available, as quantity is extremely limited. All sale purchases are final.


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Included below is a select list of recent releases. For the complete list, please visit our Just Published page.


Two Sides of a Coin: Juxtaposing Views on Interpreting the Book of the Twelve / the Twelve Prophetic Books
By Ehud Ben Zvi

ISBN 978-1-60724-303-8
Paperback, $29 (BiblioPerks™ $17.40)

A conversation between James D. Nogalski and Ehud Ben Zvi on the question of The Twelve and its implications for the historically oriented study of the prophetic books in the Hebrew Bible and for the reconstruction of the intellectual history of ancient Israel.

A Syriac Lexicon
By Michael Sokoloff

ISBN 978-1-60724-620-6
Hardback, $149.5

The second edition of Carl Brockelmann's Lexicon Syriacum, published in 1928, is the best dictionary of Syriac ever written. However, its Latin language and the ordering of words according to triliteral Semitic roots make its use difficult for most students and scholars. This revised edition by Sokoloff renders meanings in English, arranges words alphabetically, and includes many useful tools on a CD.

In the Wake of Tikva Frymer-Kensky
By Steven Holloway

ISBN 978-1-59333-977-7
Hardback, $111.32 (BiblioPerks™ $66.79)

This volume consists of 14 papers delivered by Assyriologists and biblical specialists at the 2007 Society of Biblical Literature congress in sessions devoted to the scholarly legacy of the late Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Professor of Hebrew Bible at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago.

Enlivening the Past
By J. Jayakiran Sebastian

ISBN 978-1-60724-103-4
Hardback, $102.92 (BiblioPerks™ $61.75)

This collection of essays offers an innovative exploration by an Asian theologian of various issues and themes that engaged the early teachers of faith, with a special focus on their ongoing relevance to Christian theological discourse and praxis today.

The Ottoman Süryânî from 1908 to 1914
By Benjamin Trigona-Harany

ISBN 978-1-60724-069-3
Hardback, $110.12 (BiblioPerks™ $66.07)

Based on the works of Süryânî journalists such as Naûm Fâik, this book argues against the traditional view of the Ottoman Süryânî community: rather than an early generation of Assyrian nationalists, the early-twentieth century intellectuals were supporters of the Ottoman state.

Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures V
By Ehud Ben Zvi

ISBN 978-1-60724-326-7
Hardback, $165.08 (BiblioPerks™ $99.05)

This volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures in 2008. Contributors include D. Stein, R. Kletter, J. Cook, Y. Shemesh, A. Pinker, R. Hendel, S. Olyan, A. Marx, R. Schmitt, D. Wright, S. Apóstolo, H. Basser, T. Römer, J. Jacobs, M. Kline, M. Avioz, E. Assis, F. W. Dobbs-Allsopp, N. Na'aman, Y. Garfinkel, S. Ganor, A. Steinmann, and I. Young. The review section includes more than fifty reviews.

History of the Syriac Dioceses
By Aphram I Barsoum

ISBN 978-1-59333-218-1
Hardback, $201.64 (BiblioPerks™ $120.98)

The History of Syriac Dioceses, by the late Patriarch Aphram I of Antioch and all the East, is a synopsis of a much larger study still in manuscript form. This selected portion of this history, published for the first time in English translation along with the original Arabic text, offers the reader an in-depth treatment of the conditions of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Apology of Timothy the Patriarch before the Caliph Mahdi
By Alphonse Mingana

ISBN 978-1-59333-827-5
Hardback, $120.8 (BiblioPerks™ $72.48)

Part of Alphonse Mingana’s “Woodbrooke Studies” (of which the present book is volume 2), The Apology of Timothy the Patriarch before the Caliph Mahdi is accompanied in this volume by The Lament of the Virgin and The Martyrdom of Pilate. The namesake of the volume, Timothy’s apology for Christianity, is an eighth-century manuscript and one of the earliest documents concerning Christianity’s relationship with Islam. The Lament of the Virgin is Mary’s sadness at the empty tomb; in this piece she is conflated with Mary Magdalene. The Martyrdom of Pilate presents Pontius Pilate as a saint and lays out his spiritual accomplishments that are crowned by his martyrdom.

Bardaisan of Edessa: A Reassessment of the Evidence and a New Interpretation
By Ilaria Ramelli

ISBN 978-1-60724-074-7
Hardback, $128.24 (BiblioPerks™ $76.94)

This comprehensive study offers a critical, comparative analysis of the sources available on Bardaisan and a reinterpretation of his thought. In this connection, special attention is paid to many parallels with Origen, to the possible relationship between Origen, Bardaisan, and their schools, and to the implications of the valuable fragments preserved by Porphyry.

Further Biblical Hebrew
By Fiona Blumfield

ISBN 978-1-59333-948-7
Hardback, $123.56 (BiblioPerks™ $74.14)

This is a coursebook for intermediate - advanced students of Biblical Hebrew. Constant reference is made to modern reference grammars and to the grammatical comments of medieval Jewish exegetes. All exercises are based on actual Biblical verses, with translations and explanations throughout.

A Greek and Syriac Index to Sergius of Reshaina's Version of the De Mundo
By Adam McCollum

ISBN 978-1-60724-583-4
Hardback, $125.6 (BiblioPerks™ $75.36)

Sergius of Reshaina (d. 536), translated the (pseudo-)Aristotelian text known as the De Mundo from Greek into Syriac in the early sixth century. This Index presents a thorough listing of the Greek-Syriac and Syriac-Greek correspondences in the text.

Jacob of Sarug's Homilies on the Six Days of Creation: The First Day
By Edward G. Mathews Jr.

ISBN 978-1-60724-323-6
Paperback, $50 (BiblioPerks™ $30.00)

This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homilies on the Six Days of Creation. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.

Jacob of Sarug's Homily on Simon Peter, when our Lord said ‘Get behind me, Satan’
By Adam McCollum

ISBN 978-1-60724-214-7
Paperback, $50 (BiblioPerks™ $30.00)

This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homily on Simon Peter. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.

Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the Partaking of the Holy Mysteries
By Amir Harrak

ISBN 978-1-60724-086-0
Paperback, $47.2 (BiblioPerks™ $28.32)

This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homily on the Reception of the Holy Mysteries. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.

Jacob of Sarug’s Homily on the Tower of Babel
By Aaron Butts

ISBN 978-1-60724-000-6
Paperback, $51 (BiblioPerks™ $30.60)

This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homily on the Tower of Babel. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.

Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the Veil on Moses' Face
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 978-1-59333-644-8
Paperback, $50 (BiblioPerks™ $30.00)

This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homily, The Veil on Moses' Face. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.

Jacob of Sarug's Homilies on Elijah
By Stephen Kaufman

ISBN 978-1-59333-942-5
Paperback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homilies on Elijah. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.

Fatima, Daughter of Muhammad
By Christopher Clohessy

ISBN 978-1-59333-979-1
Hardback, $113.24 (BiblioPerks™ $67.94)

This work, based almost entirely on the primary Arabic texts of Sunnî and Shîca Islam, offers a fresh examination of the life of Fatima, Muhammad’s only surviving child, and reveals for the first time her distinctive and fascinating personality.

Geschichte der spät- und neusyrischen Literatur
By Rudolf Macuch

ISBN 978-1-59333-219-8
Hardback, $145 (BiblioPerks™ $87.00)

More than a literary survey, this introduction to the history of late and Neo-Syriac (Neo-Aramaic) covers the works of the past several centuries. Macuch begins with the post-Mongolian period to the end of the 18th century. For the 19th century, Macuch considers the situation of the Assyrians in this period, including the American, Anglican, and Russian Orthodox missionary enterprises in Urmia, noting the writers of the foreign missions. For the twentieth century he includes literature from the period of the wars up to the 1970s. Various East-Syriac and West-Syriac authors of the Chaldean and Church of the East, and Syrian Orthodox and Maronite traditions, as well as the Syrian literature of Malabar in southern India are also considered.

The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Sanandaj
By Geoffrey Khan

ISBN 978-1-60724-134-8
Hardback, $158.12 (BiblioPerks™ $94.87)

This volume presents a description of the Neo-Aramaic dialect that was spoken by the Jews of Sanandaj in western Iran, but which is now virtually extinct. The material for the volume was gathered firsthand in fieldwork conducted with the last remaining speakers in Israel. The volume consists of a detailed grammatical description, a corpus of transcribed texts, including folktales, historical accounts and portrayals of customs, and an extensive glossary.

Speaking on the Brink of Sheol
By Bryan Cribb

ISBN 978-1-60724-671-8
Hardback, $123.44 (BiblioPerks™ $74.06)

A groundbreaking form critical study of a previously unidentified Old Testament genre, the death story. By modifying traditional methodology, the work forges new paths in form criticism, while also providing exegetical insights into these important biblical accounts.

The Seven Messages of Revelation and Vassal Treaties
By David Graves

ISBN 978-1-60724-568-1
Hardback, $137.24 (BiblioPerks™ $82.34)

This book argues that the genre of the seven messages in Revelation 2–3 is hybrid prophetic oracle. This oracle is influenced by the Old Testament covenantal elements functioning as a set of lawsuit exhortations. Graves defends this by demonstrating the influence of the Ancient Near Eastern vassal treaty structure in the seven messages. He illustrates this influence by using the message to Smyrna. Written in a readable format this work is both an excellent introduction to the book of Revelation as well as a fitting work for the apocalyptic specialist.

The Dialogues of Jeremiah
By Mitchel Modine

ISBN 978-1-60724-028-0
Hardback, $118.04 (BiblioPerks™ $70.82)

This volume reads the diverse contents of Jeremiah as a kind of dialogue between competing perceptions of the exile. The author argues that coherence is to be found precisely in the incoherence, as it reflects the communal trauma of exile.

A Palimpsest: Rhetoric, Ideology, Stylistics, and Language Relating to Persian Israel
By Ehud Ben Zvi

ISBN 978-1-60724-584-1
Hardback, $121.16 (BiblioPerks™ $72.70)

A collected-essays volume that explores what we can learn by looking into the matters of language, rhetoric, style, and ideology about the producers and readers of biblical books. Contributors include P. Guillaume, J-D Macchi, R. Rezetko, D. Rom-Shiloni, F. Stavrakopoulou, I. Young and the three editors.

History of the Syrian Church of India
By Ignatius Yacoub III

ISBN 978-1-59333-982-1
Hardback, $120.08 (BiblioPerks™ $72.05)

This book covers the history of the Syrian church of India from its founding by the apostle Thomas in 52 A.D., until the first half of the twentieth century. The relations of the Church of India with the See of Antioch were interrupted by the rise of the Nestorian teaching. The coming of the Portuguese at the end of the fifteenth century, followed by the Dutch and then the British and their efforts to convert the Syrian Indians to their own persuasions, is discussed with fairness and objectivity. The several delegations of the Apostolic See of Antioch to India from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries form an indispensable account of the vicissitudes of a struggling native Indian church trying to preserve its Antiochene identity.

The Collected Historical Essays of Aphram I Barsoum
By Aphram I Barsoum

ISBN 978-1-60724-535-3
Hardback, $250 (BiblioPerks™ $150.00)

Barsoum’s wrote many historical essays which he published in now hard-to-find journals, mainly al-?ikmah and al-Majalla al-Ba?riyarkiyya al-Suryaniyya (Jerusalem). This collection of articles, published in the original Arabic with an English translation by Matti Moosa, forms the core of Barsoum’s historical writings.

The Paradise of Eden
By Abdisho of Nisibis

ISBN 978-1-60724-333-5
Hardback, $110.72 (BiblioPerks™ $66.43)

Abdisho bar Brikha (d. 1318) was a prominent East Syriac writer. While many of his works did not survive, his The Paradise of Eden, a collection of theological poetry, reached us. This edition is based on the rare Urmia (1916) and Mosul (1928) text editions by J. de Kelaita.

Persephone Rising
By Zaharati Morfesis

ISBN 978-1-60724-124-9
Paperback, $16 (BiblioPerks™ $9.60)

Persephone Rising is the story of the Greek goddess Persephone, bringing to life the ancient world of Greek myth to a modern audience. Involved in a passionate love-triangle, the story of Persephone moves through mythic realms and bring light into the darkness of personal and universal journeys.


Close to fifty books are going to press in the next few weeks and they are all listed below.

Click here for a complete list of our soon-to-be-published books.


The Acts of Saint George and the Story of his Father
One of the most enduring of the saints, Saint George has seldom failed to capture the imagination of Christian readers, both ancient and modern. The Acts of Saint George, originally written in Greek, quickly spread to many linguistic traditions in the church of late antiquity. Presented here in vocalized Syriac and Arabic, the original text of the Acts is made easily accessible to readers of these languages. A detailed introduction in English summarizes the hagiography for those unacquainted with the Semitic languages. The account follows the hagiographic practice of describing the trials, steadfast faith, and martyrdom of the saint. Also included is the story of the father of Saint George, recorded in Syriac.
ISBN 978-1-59333-784-1, Paperback, $38 (BiblioPerks™ $22.80)

Manuel de la Cosmographie du Moyen Age
A fine example of Arabic science, Shams ed-Din abu-Abdullah Muhammad al-Dimashqi’s Cosmography, has almost been forgotten by the western world. Translated into French by A. F. Mehren, this important historical text will now be widely available.
ISBN 978-1-59333-588-5, Hardback, $134 (BiblioPerks™ $80.40)

The Shabushti's Book of Monasteries
The venerable work of Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Shabushti (d. c. 1000), “The Book of Monasteries,” has come to hold an acclaimed status among scholars of early Arabic Christianity. Thoroughly annotated and cross-referenced, this Arabic edition by George Awwad is more than simply a catalogue of monasteries, it is a view into the culture of early Christianity as it developed in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia.
ISBN 978-1-59333-535-9, Hardback, $141 (BiblioPerks™ $84.60)

An Englishwoman in a Turkish Harem
Grace Ellison (d. 1935) actively encouraged dialogues between Turkish and British women at the outset of the twentieth century. Despite an impressive legacy, Ellison and her work have almost disappeared from the historical record; the republication of this 1915 work aims to address this neglect.
ISBN 978-1-59333-309-6, Paperback, $50.44 (BiblioPerks™ $30.26)

Victorian Images of Islam
Victorian perceptions of Islam were not monochrome. Some saw beyond stereotypical images, others reproduced them. In this study, the latter were technically better equipped, suggesting that presuppositions, not encounter per se, determine how we see cultural and religious others.
ISBN 978-1-60724-673-2, Hardback, $105.68 (BiblioPerks™ $63.41)

The Re-Interpretation of Jesus in the New Testament
Believing that a firm basis for understanding Jesus could be found in the sources of the Bible, Purinton undertook to justify such sources as Paul’s letters and the gospels as authentic source material for the life of Jesus. He examined all the books of the New Testament, but with the realization that not all of the Epistles add to our knowledge of who Jesus was. Purinton wished to make Jesus accessible by means of a scholarly study of his life, in this venture his book has few equals even today.
ISBN 978-1-59333-953-1, Hardback, $107.36 (BiblioPerks™ $64.42)

A Translation of the Four Gospels from the Syriac of the Sinaitic Palimpsest
Agnes Lewis was the discoverer of the Sinaitic Palimpsest, the oldest Syriac manuscript of the New Testament. Here she publishes her English translation of that text to make it available to Bible students who do not read Syriac. Included are the four canonical Gospels and a list of omitted words and phrases as well as interpolations into the Textus Receptus.
ISBN 978-1-59333-531-1, Hardback, $115 (BiblioPerks™ $69.00)

Light on the Four Gospels from the Sinai Palimpsest
Commenting on an invaluable document that she personally found, Agnes Smith Lewis expresses her professional insights on this earliest extant version of the Syriac Gospels. This fourth century document, erased and written over, was discovered in the library of St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai in 1892. In addition to discussing New Testament variants Lewis also addresses the issue of how science and biblical teaching might coexist.
ISBN 978-1-59333-530-4, Hardback, $110 (BiblioPerks™ $66.00)

The Gospel History and its Transmission
The essays in this informative book were originally delivered as the Jowett Lectures for 1906. They address many critical issues regarding the historical veracity of the Gospels and represent the emerging interest in the historical Jesus that was the spirit of the times. Besides addressing the canonical Gospels, this volume also discusses Marcion and non-canonical gospels.
ISBN 978-1-59333-529-8, Hardback, $128 (BiblioPerks™ $76.80)

Christmas Stories from French and Spanish Writers
This collection of fifteen Christmas tales from French and Spanish sources represents a variety of genres. In the style of the late nineteenth century holiday story, this work of fables and stories will set an appropriate mood for the holidays.
ISBN 978-1-59333-564-9, Hardback, $111.32 (BiblioPerks™ $66.79)

Rhythms of Saint Ephrem the Syrian
As a member of the Oxford Movement, Morris had a natural fascination with Eastern Christianity. Using his linguistic skills to translate select works of St. Ephrem into English, he chose those that would create an impact on his fellow Englishmen in the nineteenth century. These works are still treasured by western proponents of Eastern Christianity today.
ISBN 978-1-59333-561-8, Hardback, $137 (BiblioPerks™ $82.20)

Studies in the Lives of Roman Empresses
In this piece Mary Gilmore Williams uses literary and epigraphic evidence to reconstruct a portrait of two key women of the second century AD, Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus and mother of Cara-calla, and her niece Julia Mamaea.
ISBN 978-1-60724-503-2, Paperback, $21.64 (BiblioPerks™ $12.98)

On the Origin of "Had Rather Go" and Analogous or Apparently Analogous Locutions
Fitzedward Hall, an editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, examines the construction “had rather” in English as it is used with verbs (Had rather go, etc.), which many grammarians found to be a puzzling grammatical anomaly.
ISBN 978-1-60724-539-1, Paperback, $72.28 (BiblioPerks™ $43.37)

The Origin of the Recessive Accent in Greek
Maurice Bloomfield, a great authority on Sanskrit literature and comparative linguistics, applies the principles of linguistics to explain the recessive accent of Greek verbs in terms of Indo-European.
ISBN 978-1-60724-559-9, Paperback, $72.28 (BiblioPerks™ $43.37)

The Origin and Meaning of the Ancient Characters of Style
Prof. Hendrickson traces the legacy of Greek rhetorical theory in the writings of Cicero.
ISBN 978-1-60724-632-9, Paperback, $21.16 (BiblioPerks™ $12.70)

Arabic-English Dictionary
Wortabet’s dictionary has a staying power not often found among historical dictionaries. In various forms it is still in wide use today. Going back to the historic original form, Gorgias Press is now offering this volume as part of its Historical Dictionary series.
ISBN 978-1-59333-575-5, Hardback, $258 (BiblioPerks™ $154.80)

Treasure of the Syriac Language: A Dictionary of Classical Syriac
Audo’s Syriac dictionary is a reference tool coveted by all students of the Syriac language. As a language tool it represents the Syriac known and used in the nineteenth century in the Middle East. Now available with an English introduction, Gorgias Press is making this historic contribution to the understanding of the Syriac language.
ISBN 978-1-59333-572-4, Hardback, $293 (BiblioPerks™ $175.80)

A historical dictionary between two Semitic languages, Cardahi’s Syriac-Arabic dictionary was among the first attempts to bring together the classical languages of Eastern Christianity and Islam. Consistently referred to by subsequent Arabists, this lexicon has become a well-known reference book.
ISBN 978-1-59333-549-6, Hardback, $315 (BiblioPerks™ $189.00)

Arabic-Latin Lexicon
A standard-setting lexicon of classical languages, Freytag’s Arabic-Latin dictionary remains a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of language study or anyone seeking insight into Arabic literature. This four-volume set contains a treasure trove of information.
ISBN 978-1-59333-507-6, Hardback, $582 (BiblioPerks™ $349.20)

New Dictionary of the Armenian Language
Considered to be the most complete dictionary of Old Armenian (also known as Classical Armenian or Grabar, this historic dictionary is essential to the study of this language. Written by three members of the Mekhitarist Order, this project represented the first major attempt to document Old Armenian in any comprehensive way. This two-volume reference work is presented in the Classical Armenian alphabet with definitions given in Latin. The language of this dictionary represents the earliest known form of Armenian, making its value for the history of the language evident.
ISBN 978-1-59333-905-0, Hardback, $515 (BiblioPerks™ $309.00)

Coptic-Latin Lexicon
Peyron’s lexicon is the classic Coptic-Latin dictionary of the early twentieth century. It is of special historical importance because of the association of Peyron with Champollion, Napoleon’s epigrapher on his Egyptian voyage. Placed so early in the dawn of Egyptian studies, Peyron sheds light from an eye undimmed by the subsequent decades of scholarship.
ISBN 978-1-59333-571-7, Hardback, $218 (BiblioPerks™ $130.80)

History of Arabic Literature in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
In this edition of Cheikho’s literary survey of Arabic literature of the nineteenth century, the reader will find the Arabic original of Cheikho’s fine text. Difficult to locate outside the Middle East, Gorgias Press is now bringing this uncommon find to Arabists in the western world.
ISBN 978-1-59333-539-7, Hardback, $146.48 (BiblioPerks™ $87.89)

Arabic Christian Poets Before and After Islam
The accepted standard of Christian poetry in an Islamic context, this two-volume collection contains vocalized Arabic poems, biographical introductions, and commentary. Volume one includes poets from before the Islamic period while volume two covers those during the Islamic period.
ISBN 978-1-59333-536-6, Hardback, $416.76 (BiblioPerks™ $250.06)

Palestine Past and Present
A nineteenth-century travelogue in a class by itself, Osborn’s account of his travels through the Holy Land is sprinkled with literary, biblical, and scientific observations. This work on the physical geography of the Holy Land remains undiminished despite the years since its publication.
ISBN 978-1-59333-570-0, Hardback, $154 (BiblioPerks™ $92.40)

Les Dialectes Néo-Araméens de Salamas
This specialized study by renowned linguist Rubens Duval brings together several grammatical studies between its covers. For the most part this intriguing volume is an exploration of the dialects of Neo-Aramaic of Salmas in the area of Azerbaijan and northwest Iran. Duval transcribed in handwritten, Roman characters, the aural information he received in the region from Syrian Christians and Jews. These are translated into French, making access to the linguistic information available to non-Semitic specialists. Duval concludes the book with an article on Syriac inscriptions of Salmas. This book is very rare in the used book market.
ISBN 978-1-59333-787-2, Hardback, $128 (BiblioPerks™ $76.80)

Études sur les Tchinghianés ou Bohémiens de l’Empire Ottoman
A rare exploration of the language of the Romani people (popularly called “gypsies”), this study has been the standard reference for those who wish to explore the still poorly understand languages of the Bohemians of the Ottoman Empire. Part language study, part translation exercise, Paspates’ treatment is one of the few available on this topic. Starting out with an introduction and brief grammar, the major portion of the book is a lexicon of Romani. A brief concluding chapter contains stories both in the original language and in French translation. A must-have title for students of Romani, this book is a useful addition to the Gorgias Historical Grammar series
ISBN 978-1-60724-321-2, Hardback, $159.2 (BiblioPerks™ $95.52)

Catalogue of the Mingana Collection of Manuscripts
This multi-volume set is the catalogue for the famed Mingana Collection of Syriac and Arabic manuscripts. A principal resource for scholars of early Middle Eastern documents, this set describes and summarizes the documents that make up this collection.
ISBN 978-1-59333-541-0, Hardback, $375 (BiblioPerks™ $225.00)

Arabic Sources for Syriac Studies
This comprehensive reference work provides bibliographical and manuscript data to Arabic works in the field of Syriac studies, both published and unpublished. The book contains over 2,000 subject and title entries.
ISBN 978-1-60724-337-3, Hardback, $148.4 (BiblioPerks™ $89.04)

A Catalogue of Articles on Syriac Subjects in the Arabic Periodicals
This a comprehensive catalogue of articles relating to Syriac studies published in Arabic-language periodicals down to the 1970’s. Volume 1 covers articles published in the journal Al-Mashriq, while volume 2 covers articles published in all other journals.
ISBN 978-1-60724-338-0, Hardback, $220 (BiblioPerks™ $132.00)

The Missing Oblation'
This concise study considers the Anaphoras of the Apostles and the Liturgy of John Chrysostom. Also included is the relationship between these pieces and the Anaphora of the Apostolic Constitutions book viii.
ISBN 978-1-60724-366-3, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

Foundations of Christian Music
Taking a wider historical scope, this booklet examines the auditory environment and the temple of Herod as well as first century synagogues. Music in borrowed spaces and house churches of early Christianity conclude the study.
ISBN 978-1-60724-375-5, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

Revising the Eucharist
Studies in Preparation for the 1995 Dublin Consultation.
ISBN 978-1-60724-379-3, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

The Comparative Liturgy of Anton Baumstark
An homage to Anton Baumstack and his comparative liturgy. This brief study includes an intellectual biography and his method and comparative practice in regards to liturgy.
ISBN 978-1-60724-382-3, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

Welcoming the Baptized
Issues associated with ecumenism and the reception of other Christians in Anglicanism and other associated concerns form the topic of this brief examination.
ISBN 978-1-60724-385-4, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

The Eucharistic Doctrine of The Later Nonjurors
The division between the 'Usagers' and the 'Non-Usagers' is fairly well known, but is here clarified and charted in detail but within a view of the overall non-juring situation.
ISBN 978-1-60724-396-0, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

The Syriac Version of the Liturgy of St James
This is a Study which will open windows galore for Westerners, for not only is the history as recorded likely to cover ground untrodden by most English-speaking liturgists, but equally the surrounding field of study and its other scholarly occupants (who are laid heavily under contribution) will also be largely unknown.
ISBN 978-1-60724-398-4, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

Offerings from Kenya to Anglicanism
The 1989 Kenyan eucharistic text has had much publicity, including its use at the opening service of the 1998 Lambeth Conference, but has had little in the way of introduction or commentary. These two authors, with much Kenyan experience and with encouragement from the key persons in Kenya, here provide the text with a valuable contextual exposition.
ISBN 978-1-60724-399-1, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)

Sequential or Direct Ordination?
In the Anglican Communion, the medieval practice, which certainly had some earlier roots, continued—that ordination came to any one individual in this 'sequence': deacon, presbyter, bishop. The Anglican ordinal was so committed to this pattern at the Reformation that Cranmer's text prayed that deacons 'may so well use themselves in this inferior office, that they may be found worthy to be called unto higher ministries in thy Church,' and the rubric said they were to be told they must behave themselves as deacons for a year before proceeding. Latterly, however, Anglicans have not only sought to develop the calling of a deacon in his or her own right, but have in some places and cases promoted the idea that the true calling of a deacon and of a presbyter would be best clarified by a separate 'direct' ordination to the particular order instead of the present 'sequential' pattern, which makes those who believe themselves called to the presbyterate first of all state that they believe themselves called to be deacons. John Gibaut, a liturgical theologian of the Anglican Church of Canada, presents the case for 'direct' ordination—rooting it in the patristic era, and spelling out its implications in the present day.
ISBN 978-1-60724-404-2, Hardback, $88 (BiblioPerks™ $52.80)



It is my pleasure to announce the arrival of the youngest Gorgiasian, James Fredrik Stott Hellqvist, born on November 8th 2009, to our acquisitions and production editor Katie Stott and her husband Fredrick Hellqvist. Last we heard, both mom and the baby are doing well.

As Katie is off on maternity leave, this column will be on leave with her until her return next year. If you have any questions, you can email



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The Monks of the West
By Charles Forbes comte de Montalembert

ISBN 978-1-59333-593-9, Hardback, $975 (Sale Price $390.00)

An indispensable reference for the history of monasticism in the western work, Montalembert’s seven-volume masterpiece on the subject still reads with depth and conviction. Covering the monastic movement from its precursors to the period of the Venerable Bede, this set contains substantial information on a number of western saints.

The Independent Arab
By Hubert Young

ISBN 978-1-59333-672-1, Hardback, $111 (Sale Price $44.40)

Part travelogue and part memoir, this account of Major Sir Hubert Young’s time spent in the Middle East in diplomatic and military roles provides a rare insider’s look at political developments in that part of the world. Sympathetic with the rich Arabic heritage of Mesopotamia, Arabia, and what is now Jordan and Syria, Young writes a lucid narrative spanning the time from his first involvement up to the Iraqi Mandate.

Pero Tafur: Travels and Adventures 1435-1439
By Malcolm Letts

ISBN 978-1-59333-578-6, Hardback, $111 (Sale Price $44.40)

The remarkable narrative of the Medieval traveler Pero Tafur comes from a single manuscript written before the printing press was invented. Letts presents the journeys of Tafur through Europe and the Holy Land during the years 1435-1439 when the voyager was in his mid-twenties. A wealth of information about pre-modern Europe and Palestine await the reader of this account.

Persian Days
By Copley Amory

ISBN 978-1-59333-608-0, Hardback, $102 (Sale Price $40.80)

A fascinating travelogue through southern and central Iran, this early nineteenth-century account is written with wit and insight; the polymathic Copley Amory Jr. proves an able tour guide. The reader is taken from Tehran to Kerman and back, along a trail that highlights ancient sites of historical importance. Along the way, the culture of “tribes and tents” is described, as well as a plucky misadventure involving encounters with camel caravans and excessive automobile troubles. Written in a witty and engaging style, this account of a classic journey contains an education in the history and customs of a vanishing way of life.

Adventures in Arabia
By William Seabrook

ISBN 978-1-59333-597-7, Hardback, $121 (Sale Price $48.40)

In this personal travelogue, William Seabrook chronicles his adventures in the Middle East in the early part of the twentieth century. Specifically he focuses on his time among four Arabic groups: the Bedouins, Druses, Dervishes, and Yezidees.

Jesus: A New Biography
By Shirley Case

ISBN 1-59333-475-3, Hardback, $76 (Sale Price $30.40)

In the present climate of interest concerning the real Jesus, Case's 1927 study represents a vital contribution in the first quest for the historical Jesus. Often overlooked, this important volume is at last available to researchers in the current quest for Jesus, as well as those interested in the role of the Chicago School in that quest. Case avoids supernatural explanations as he deftly sketches the social contexts of what can be known of the historical Jesus.

The Ceramic Oil Lamp as an Indicator of Cultural Change within Nabataean Society in Petra and its Environs circa CE 106
By Deirdre Barrett

ISBN 978-1-59333-628-8, Hardback, $102 (Sale Price $40.80)

Can an altered perception in the Nabataean worldview be detected at the time of the Roman annexation of Petra, Jordan, in CE106? The analysis of ancient ceramic oil lamps from three sacred/ceremonial sites in the area provides evidence for this cultural change.

The Apology of Aristides on behalf of the Christians
By J. Harris

ISBN 1-59333-278-5, Hardback, $76 (Sale Price $30.40)

This is the first Syriac work of the Cambridge scholar, J. R. Harris. The author gives the Syriac text with an English translation, accompanied by an introduction and notes.

Exegesis in the Targum of Psalms: The Old, the New, and the Rewritten
By Timothy Edwards

ISBN 978-1-59333-432-1, Hardback, $102 (Sale Price $40.80)

The Old, the New and the Rewritten illustrates how Targum Psalms creatively interprets selected psalms and how those interpretations relate to other Jewish and Christian traditions, including early translations of the psalms, rabbinic Midrashim, the New Testament and early Church Fathers. The study of these Psalms suggests viewing Targum Psalms as a creative partner in the world of biblical interpretation, as opposed to a compilation of already existing midrashic material. Edwards portrays the Targum as a link between the written and oral Torah that leads its readers on a path to tradition.

The Gospel in the Stars
By Joseph Seiss

ISBN 978-1-59333-569-4, Hardback, $141 (Sale Price $56.40)

The charm of Seiss’s thesis saw this intriguing book through five editions in the author’s lifetime. Exploring potential Christian imagery in the constellations, Seiss finds the message of redemption writ large in the nighttime sky. A truly original work, this book has held the interest of many readers over the decades.




This year's SBL at the fabulous New Orleans dazzled us publishers as much as (dare I say?) Mardi Gras. We are grateful to all from the Syriac Studies community who landed a hand to help George Kiraz following an almost crippling back injury during the conference. George was very touched by the support and eagerness of the young scholars who helped set up, pack and even sell books for Gorgias: Adam McCollum (2009 Gorgias Book Grant recipient), Steven Shaw, Shane Cass, and Marketta Liljeström. Special thanks to Terry Falla for helping George as well. We are happy to report that George is recovering nicely and finally has stopped using a cane.

The highlight of the conference was the Computer Assisted Research session that reviewed Robert Cargill’s book Qumran through (Real) Time: A Virtual Reconstruction of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Gorgias 2009). Panelists discussed Cargill’s conclusion that Qumran was originally established as a Hasmonean fortress that was reoccupied by a sectarian Jewish group, as well as his methodology of using virtual reality and other technologies to aid archaeology. His panelists included Jodi Magness (UNC Chapel Hill), Larry Schiffman (NYU), and Eric Cline (George Washington). The session was moderated by Robert Mullins (Azusa Pacific).

In addition, the Syriac Lexicography group met this year at SBL. George presented a paper on the history of how the vocalization system developed in Syriac. Gorgias will continue to publish the proceedings from these sessions in our Perspectives on Syriac Linguistics series.

Best sellers at SBL

Without a doubt, the conference's bestseller was Sokoloff's A Syriac Lexicon, followed by Cargill's Qumran Through (Real) Time. Some oldies but goodies that made a strong showing were Brock's Intro to Syriac Studies and Murray's Symbols of Church and Kingdom. If you missed the conference, you can still get the conference price on most books through our online sale going on now (see the News section of eGorgias for further details).

A Syriac Lexicon
By Michael Sokoloff

ISBN 978-1-60724-620-6
Hardback, $149.5

The second edition of Carl Brockelmann's Lexicon Syriacum, published in 1928, is the best dictionary of Syriac ever written. However, its Latin language and the ordering of words according to triliteral Semitic roots make its use difficult for most students and scholars. This revised edition by Sokoloff renders meanings in English, arranges words alphabetically, and includes many useful tools on a CD.

Qumran through (Real) Time
By Robert Cargill

ISBN 978-1-60724-058-7
Hardback, $118 (BiblioPerks™ $70.80)

This book proposes a new occupation model for the remains of Khirbet Qumran, the site associated with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Using the latest in virtual reality technology, the author reconstructs the site of Qumran and demonstrates that the site was initially built as a Hasmonean fortress, and was later expanded into a residence for a self-sufficient community responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Symbols of Church and Kingdom
By Robert Murray

ISBN 1-59333-150-9
Paperback, $84 (BiblioPerks™ $50.40)

In this revised and updated edition of his classic work, Robert Murray offers the fullest and most vivid picture yet available of the development and character of the culture. It will be of interest to a wide range of readers.

Bardaisan of Edessa: A Reassessment of the Evidence and a New Interpretation
By Ilaria Ramelli

ISBN 978-1-60724-074-7
Hardback, $128.24 (BiblioPerks™ $76.94)

This comprehensive study offers a critical, comparative analysis of the sources available on Bardaisan and a reinterpretation of his thought. In this connection, special attention is paid to many parallels with Origen, to the possible relationship between Origen, Bardaisan, and their schools, and to the implications of the valuable fragments preserved by Porphyry.

An Introduction to Syriac Studies
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-349-8
Paperback, $38 (BiblioPerks™ $22.80)

This Introduction aims to provide basic guidance to important areas of Syriac studies. The relevance of Syriac studies to a variety of other fields is explored. A brief orientation to the history of Syriac literature is offered, and Syriac is set within the context of the other Aramaic dialects. A thorough discussion on important tools (Instrumenta Studiorum) is presented; topics include grammars, dictionaries, the Bible in Syriac, histories of Syriac literature, bibliographical aids and relevant series, periodicals, and encyclopedias. This Introduction should prove useful both for the student beginning Syriac studies and for scholars working in adjacent fields.


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