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e-Gorgias (Issue 45, July 2011)


Issue 45
July 2011
Reading Time: 15 minutes

Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier to feel the sun’s warmth again (though we don’t recommend prolonged exposure). And it seems that this season is going to be our busiest summer yet. Up ahead, we are looking at three conferences to attend, so the office is a little cluttered with stacks of books we’re preparing to take. We hope everyone was able to take advantage of the Pre-Summer Reading sale last month, but if for some reason you were unable to do so (for example you were trapped on a deserted island, or all your connections to the World Wide Web spontaneously combusted leaving you no internet access), AND you happen to be coming to one of the conferences we are exhibiting, then you’re in luck. We will be offering special deals and discounts for conference attendees. So if you’re planning to attend, be sure to stop by our table and see handpicked selection of books, and special deals you wouldn’t want to miss.

I am delighted to present our Syriac and Eastern Christianity catalog specifically compiled for the North American Syriac Symposium which is currently at the printers. If you have bought books in these subject areas you should be recieving a copy soon. However, if you are impatient and cannot wait, be sure to check out the online copy of the 2011 Syriac Studies and Eastern Christianity catalog. In addition, in honor of the symposium we are extending a special discount of 40% on all books in the catalog (with the exception of Sokoloff) through email or fax orders ONLY. To take advantage of the sale you can either email your order to or fax to +1 732-885-8908. Please note that the sale is not valid for online orders.


Christine Kiraz


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Due to high production volume, we can't list of all the new releases here. Below we include a select list of recent releases. For the complete list, please visit our Just Published page.


The Correspondence of Severus and Sergius
By Iain Torrance

ISBN 978-1-59333-971-5
Paperback, $48 (BiblioPerks™ $43.20)

Severus of Antioch was the Patriarch of Antioch and a moderate Miaphysite. Sergius the Grammarian is a lesser-known figure, but the content of his letters demonstrates that he was a more extreme Miaphysite. The correspondence between the two consists of a set of three letters and an apology by Sergius. Made available in the original Syriac along with Torrance’s translation, these letters are an important part of the working out of concerns associated with the context of the Council of Chalecedon.

Verbs of Leading in the Hebrew Bible
By Daniel Leavins

ISBN 978-1-61143-925-0
Hardback, $148.6 (BiblioPerks™ $133.74)

The book is a study of the group of verbs in the Hebrew Bible that indicate the action of leading. Using strategies of context analysis from linguistics, the verb group is defined and the characteristics of individual verbs in the group are highlighted.

Elements of Cultural Continuity in Modern German Literature
By Ramona Simut

ISBN 978-1-61143-966-3
Hardback, $157.45 (BiblioPerks™ $141.71)

Providing an analysis of the most important works of Goethe, Nietzsche, and Thomas Mann based on the methodology of comparative literature, this book attempts to determine the elements which reflect a common line of thought in their writings, as well as investigating how these cultural themes reflect their perspective on life and the world, the German spirit and nationality, art and music, politics and society.

Lily Montagu's Shekhinah
By Luke Devine

ISBN 978-1-61143-684-6
Hardback, $130 (BiblioPerks™ $117.00)

Lily Montagu's Shekhinah outlines Lily Montagu’s theological writing, particularly her appropriation of the feminine aspect of the divine presence, Shekhinah, and provides a much needed corrective to the androcentric Anglo-Jewish historiography that has ignored, marginalized, and completely erased, the founder of the Liberal Jewish movement in England. Indeed, Luke Devine's book is vital reading for students of Anglo-Jewry, First-Wave feminism, Jewish feminism, Liberal Judaism, and Jewish mysticism.

US Diplomatic Failures and the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1947-1967
By Candace Karp

ISBN 978-1-59333-273-0
Hardback, $164.0625 (BiblioPerks™ $147.66)

This book examines United States strategy towards the Arab-Israeli conflict between 1947 and 1967, focusing on final borders, Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.

Good vs. Evil
By Tabetha Kiraz

ISBN 978-1-61143-968-7
Hardback, $22.5 (BiblioPerks™ $20.25)

Three friends go to the library one day and get a book called Good vs. Evil. They start reading the book, but soon they find themselves in the book. Find out about the adventure they have to go through in order to get out of the book.

The Commentary of Saint Ephrem on Genesis with an Arabic Translation
By Assad Assad

ISBN 978-1-61143-548-1
Hardback, $158.8 (BiblioPerks™ $142.92)

This book cantains the Syriac text of Saint Ephrem's Commentary on Genesis supplied with an Arabic translation and commentaries. Its text is one of the most beautiful texts in Syriac language. The book is good for the general readers and those who have interest in the Syriac fathers and churches.

The Exodus Commentary of St Ephrem
By Alison Salvesen

ISBN 978-1-61719-808-3
Paperback, $28.85 (BiblioPerks™ $25.97)

This commentary on Exodus by the highly influential fourth century Syriac writer St. Ephrem, is typical of his exegetical approach, particularly the emphasis on women in the narrative and the similarities to contemporary Jewish interpretations.

Christian and Muslim Dialogues
By David Bertaina

ISBN 978-1-61143-920-5
Hardback, $142.5 (BiblioPerks™ $128.25)

This historical survey examines Christian-Muslim dialogues from the rise of Islam until the eve of the Crusades. The narrative argues that Christians and Muslims appropriated the literary form of dialogue in a number of ways to commend their historical and religious worldviews.

Shed Blood
By A. Naman Karabash

ISBN 978-1-61143-243-5
Hardback, $121.9 (BiblioPerks™ $109.71)

The first hand account of the atrocities suffered by the Christians of Tur Abdin from 1914-1918 by A. Naman Karabash and translated into German by George Toro and Amill Gorgis.

Fundamentals 1: Syriac Pronunciation
By Philoxenos Yuhanon Dolabani

ISBN 978-1-61143-196-4
Hardback, $117.4 (BiblioPerks™ $105.66)

In volume 1 of his Syriac Grammar, Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon Dolbani presents an introduction to the rules of Syriac grammar and pronunciation. The book is organized into brief chapters that introduce new concepts, and each chapter includes questions and exercises.

Fundamentals 2: Grammatical Meditations
By Philoxenos Yuhanon Dolabani

ISBN 978-1-61143-197-1
Hardback, $118.3 (BiblioPerks™ $106.47)

In volume 2 of his Syriac Grammar, Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon Dolbani introduces grammatical concepts for more advanced students. The book is organized into brief chapters that introduce new concepts, and each chapter includes questions and exercises.

The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch
By Ignatius Yacoub III

ISBN 1-59333-447-8
Paperback, $37 (BiblioPerks™ $33.30)

In 1974, the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Jacob III was invited to give a lecture on the history of his church at the University of Göttingen, Germany. This book gives the text of this lecture in five languages: English, German, Dutch, Turkish and Arabic. Jacob III covers the origins of the Syriac Orthodox church and its liturgy, the history of the patriarchal see and the missionary activities of the church, the contribution of the church to ascetic life, and the doctrine of the church. The book also covers topics such as the biblical heritage of the church, its scholarship, and present status.


Here is a select list of forthcoming publications. Click here for a complete list.


al-Machriq was an Arabic-French periodical focused on Eastern Christian and Islamic topics in the Arab world. This Gorgias reprint will make widely available a rare resource for scholars of Eastern Christianity, Islam, and modern Arabic thought.
ISBN 978-1-61719-943-1, Hardback, $10326.7 (BiblioPerks™ $9,294.03)

Idiophones of the Ancient Near East
A comprehensive catalogue of the idiophones of the ancient Near East acquired by the Department of the Near East of the British Museum since the mid-nineteenth century. The book is fully illustrated with updated descriptions and bibliography.
ISBN 978-1-61143-956-4, Hardback, $118.75 (BiblioPerks™ $106.88)

Manifestations of Sainthood in Islam
This collection of papers by various scholars discusses a wide range of practices and beliefs relating to saints in Islam. The studies also demonstrate the influence of sainthood on political structures in many societies.
ISBN 978-1-61143-819-2, Hardback, $142.45 (BiblioPerks™ $128.21)

La mission des augustins de l'assomption à Eski-Chéhir, 1891-1924
This book studies a mission by Augustinians of the Assumption in Eskisehir from 1891 to 1924. It also offers an overview of the characteristics of the Christian missions in the Ottoman Empire.
ISBN 978-1-61143-813-0, Hardback, $118.15 (BiblioPerks™ $106.34)

Romanie byzantine et pays de Rûm turc
This book presents a history of Greco-Turkish relations which emphasizes the exchange between the two cultures starting from Byzantine times. It contests the common military approach to the history of these cultures and their relationship.
ISBN 978-1-61143-804-8, Hardback, $139.9 (BiblioPerks™ $125.91)

Ottoman Diplomacy
History of the later Ottoman Empire in the time of Abdülhamid II during the later 19th century when the empire was in decline with international consequences.
ISBN 978-1-61143-124-7, Hardback, $143.95 (BiblioPerks™ $129.56)

The Concept of Intention in the Old Testament, Philo of Alexandria and the Early Rabbinic Literature
The book answers a number of questions about human intentionality, raised by the Old Testament, Philo of Alexandria and by the early rabbies. It does so exploring this concept in the areas of criminal and cultic law, and in the spheres of piety and ethics.
ISBN 978-1-59333-653-0, Hardback, $175 (BiblioPerks™ $157.50)

Family Life in the Turkish Republic of the 1930s
A report written for the U.S. State Department by an American diplomat in Istanbul in 1933. Through forty-four examples this influential document presents a unique and systematic study of family life in the early Republic.
ISBN 978-1-61143-825-3, Hardback, $117.4 (BiblioPerks™ $105.66)

The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch
In the present volume, Hanna Aydin offers a history of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch from its beginning to the late twentieth century.
ISBN 978-1-61143-229-9, Hardback, $128.95 (BiblioPerks™ $116.06)

The Famous School of Nisibis (Ecole de Nisibe): A Brief History on its Origins, Principals, and its Most Prominent Teachers
This is a brief history of the life of the School of Nisibis, its teachings, traditions, and influence.
ISBN 978-1-61719-465-8, Paperback, $29.6 (BiblioPerks™ $26.64)

Patriarchs of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the Nineteenth Century
A history of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchs of the nineteenth century as they struggle against political, internal, and external opposition.
ISBN 978-1-61719-456-6, Hardback, $111.85 (BiblioPerks™ $100.67)

Pagan and Christian Creeds
The anthropological method of comparative religion, applied to pagan cults and Christianity as a savior hero cult, one of many. A lifetime's collection, by the socialist and sexual reformer, with speculations on the future of religion.
ISBN 978-1-61719-332-3, Paperback, $68 (BiblioPerks™ $61.20)

The Doctrine of Divine Love
A court chaplain of the Lutheran Church in Prussia explains divine love while campaigning against our modern Pelagianism.
ISBN 978-1-61719-326-2, Hardback, $81.5 (BiblioPerks™ $73.35)

General Catalogue of the Divinity School of Harvard University
A collection of biographical information on the graduates and students of the Divinity School, from Edward Everett 1812, to the class just graduated. First edition
ISBN 978-1-61719-348-4, Paperback, $43.25 (BiblioPerks™ $38.93)



Over the first half of this year we have been busily expanding the academic journals on offer at Gorgias. During this time we have formed partnerships with a number of open-access, online, peer-reviewed journals in an array of fields related to our areas of publication. Our purpose is to work as co-publisher with these journals in order to make printed versions available. In addition to our long-standing partnerships with journals such as Hugoye and Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, we are now also pleased to announce partnerships with the following journals:

Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception—an independent, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of innovative research in reception history, broadly conceived, within and across religious traditions.

Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies—an interdisciplinary peer-review journal concerned with Jewish law, history, literature, religion, culture and thought in the ancient, medieval and modern eras. It encourages work from younger scholars at the start of their academic careers as well as contributions from established scholars. It was launched in 2004 under the auspices of the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester as the New Series of the journal of the same name founded by Edward Robertson and Meir Wallenstein and published (in Hebrew) by Manchester University Press from 1944 to 1955.

Antrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology—a review concerning Anthropology, open both to cultural and to physical anthropology, and to the correlated disciplines. The review was first issued in March 2005 and is edited by Antrocom Onlus Association. Its name recalls the association itself, but it emphasizes what its pages are aimed to be: Antrocom is a word composed of anthropology and community, but also of anthropology and communication.

The Journal of Language Relationship—an international periodical publication devoted to the issues of comparative linguistics and the history of the human language. The Journal contains articles written in English and Russian, as well as scientific reviews, discussions and reports from international linguistic conferences and seminars.

Of course, along with these journals, we also continue to add new monographs to our catalogue. Some notable new acquisitions which will be available soon include Sources and Authors: Assumptions in the Study of Hebrew Bible Narrative by Noel Weeks, Neo-Assyrian Prophecy and the Hebrew Bible: Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah by Russell Mack, Second-Wave Jewish Feminism, 1971-1991: Foundational Theology and Sacral Discourse by Luke Devine, by Notables, Merchants, and Shaykhs of Southern Iran's Towns and Ports on the Persian Gulf: Politics and Trade in a Nortwestern Indian Ocean Region, AD 1729-1789 by Thomas Ricks and many more.

Happy reading Gorgiasians!

Katie Stott

Acquisitions Editor


Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (2010) By Daniel Langton
Melilah is an interdisciplinary peer-review journal concerned with Jewish law, history, literature, religion, culture and thought in the ancient, medieval and modern eras. Contributors (2010) include Simon Mayers, Z. Yaakov Wise, Ed Kessler, Hyam Maccoby, and Glenda Abramson.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0055-8, Paperback, $36.05 (BiblioPerks™ $32.45)

Antrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology (Volume 6) By Marco Menicocci
AOJA is an multilingual European project that collect studies in the fields of physical and cultural anthropology, and of the disciplines related to. It offers original researches by scholars of merit and young researchers, with particular attention to proposals by Asian and developing countries authors.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0051-0, Paperback, $56.45 (BiblioPerks™ $50.81)

Sources and Authors: Assumptions in the Study of Hebrew Bible Narrative By Noel Weeks
This work disputes the common view that Hebrew Bible narrative has been cobbled together out of diverse and contradictory sources. It studies the assumptions that produced that understanding and the application of different assumptions to a number of narrative books.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0034-3, Hardback, $158.65 (BiblioPerks™ $142.79)

Neo-Assyrian Prophecy and the Hebrew Bible: Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah By Russell Mack
This comparative literary study of Neo-Assyrian prophecy and the Old Testament books Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah highlights similarities and differences in the material. The differences have implications for who produced the material and when.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0077-0, Hardback, $160.3 (BiblioPerks™ $144.27)

Notables, Merchants, and Shaykhs of Southern Iran's Towns and Ports on the Persian Gulf By Thomas Ricks
Unlike the traditional 18th and early 19th century historical narratives, the present work focuses on the trade and politics of local merchants and port rulers as a way of understanding the continued stability of Persian, Arab, Armenian, Jewish and Indian communities during a period frequently described as one of "anarchy" and "piracy."
ISBN 978-1-59333-957-9, Hardback, $131.25 (BiblioPerks™ $118.13)




Enthusiasts of the Month: Alex Neroth van Vogelpoel and Jennifer Singletary, Book Grant Winners of 2011

You may recognize the names of our enthusiasts this month as the book grant winners announced in our last issue of e-Gorgias. So we would like to take the time and tell you a little bit more about them and their bright futures.

Alex Neroth van Vogelpoel

Alex Neroth van Vogelpoel is reading for the M.St. in Syriac Studies at the University of Oxford in England, where he is focusing on Syriac liturgy, hagiography, and early poetry. He has previously earned degrees in Religious Studies and in International Relations from Stanford University and in Eastern Christian Theology from Saint Paul University in Canada. His primary academic interests are Eastern Christian liturgy and social ethics, and his two long-term academic goals are deepening the body of knowledge regarding the East Syriac liturgical tradition and expanding the field of scholarship concerning the connection between liturgy and social justice.

"I'm honored to receive the Gorgias Press Book Grant, and I'm looking forward to being able to acquire some of the great titles that Gorgias Press has published. I hope to be able to use the grant to deepen my knowledge of Syriac topics, and of Middle Eastern Christianity in general."

Jennifer Singletary

Jennifer Singletary is a Ph.D. candidate in the Program in Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean at Brown University. She also holds an MA in English from the Pennsylvania State University. Her dissertation, entitled, “Expanding the Pantheons of Ancient West Asia and Egypt: Compound Deities and Deified Objects, Qualities and Attributes from the Bronze Age to the Persian Period,” examines and compares the evidence for compound deities and deified objects, qualities and attributes cross-culturally, by analyzing offering lists, lists of deities’ names, ritual and cultic texts, onomastica and archaeological evidence from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Syria, Palestine and Elephantine. She is grateful to receive this book grant from Gorgias Press, and will use it to purchase titles on religion and Semitic languages.

"I would like to thank Gorgias Press for their generous book grant, which will enable me to purchase several books that will facilitate both my current and future research."




Review of Nicolas Wyatt’s Word of Tree and Whisper of Stone: And Other Papers on Ugaritian Thought in Review of Biblical Literature, March, 2011

Review of Biblical Literature (March 2011) published a review of Nicolas Wyatt’s Word of Tree and Whisper of Stone: And Other Papers on Ugaritian Thought (Gorgias Ugaritic Studies 1), by John Engle of Columbus, Ohio. Engle writes:

This book is very informative, and Wyatt displays a great deal of erudition and thoughtful presentation throughout. It will be of value not just to biblicists but to anyone interested in the humanities.

Review of Geoffrey Khan’s The Jewish Neo-Aramaic of Urmi in Journal of Semitic Studies, Spring, 2011

Journal of Semitic Studies (Vol. 56, no 1, Spring 2011) published a review of Geoffrey Khan’s The Jewish Neo-Aramaic of Urmi (Gorgias Neo-Aramaic Studies 2), by Aaron D. Rubin of Pennsylvania State University. Rubin writes:

Khan’s [book is] valuable not only for [its] linguistic data, however. The [text] alone [is] of tremendous importance, as [it records] many details about the culture and customs of a world that no longer exists… Speakers of JU will cease to exist in the next generation, if not sooner… [This volume is record] not only of fascinating languages, but also of the lives and stories of [its] speakers. We look forward to the next grammar by Khan, and we are grateful for the abundance of material he has already given us to work with.

Review of Introduction to Semitic Comparative Linguistics edited by Louis Gray in an issue of Educational Book Review

Educational Book Review (October, 2007 pp. 32) published a review of Introduction to Semitic Comparative Linguistics edited by Louis Gray.

Basing his comparison on Arabic, the most extensively known Semitic Language and the one which best preserves many proto-Semitic elements, he brings a fresh approach to an old field. Many comparative Semitic studies base much of their material on Akkadian, a language difficult for beginning students to master. Gray has judiciously selected language based on their ease of use rather than their technical formality. In what may be termed first American “descriptivist” treatment of a Semitic language, Gray has provided a service to beginning students everywhere.
Word of Tree and Whisper of Stone, and other papers on Ugaritian thought
By Nicolas Wyatt

ISBN 978-1-59333-716-2
Hardback, $112.5 (BiblioPerks™ $101.25)

This volume is a collection of selected essays on specific themes in Ugaritic literature. Included are eight unique contributions to understanding the religious life and thought of Ugarit, including detailed studies and essays covering broader issues for grasping the worldview of ancient Syria.

The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Urmi
By Geoffrey Khan

ISBN 978-1-59333-425-3
Hardback, $196.25 (BiblioPerks™ $176.63)

This volume presents a description of the Neo-Aramaic dialect that was spoken by the Jews of Urmi in north-western Iran but which is now virtually extinct. The material for the volume was gathered firsthand in fieldwork conducted with the last remaining speakers in Israel. The volume consists of a detailed grammatical description, a corpus of transcribed texts, including folktales, historical accounts and portrayals of customs, and an extensive glossary.

Introduction to Semitic Comparative Linguistics
By Louis Gray

ISBN 978-1-59333-196-2
Hardback, $78.75 (BiblioPerks™ $70.88)

Although it is a discipline with a venerable heritage, comparative Semitic linguistics has long suffered from the difficulty of finding an introduction that does not already require a specialists’ knowledge of the field. The primary languages Gray selected were Hebrew, the language most Semitic readers begin with, and Arabic, the most widely known Semitic language. The result is this user-friendly introduction.


Gorgias Press will be exhibiting at the conferences and meetings listed below, offering a special discount to conference attendees for not just the books in display but for all items in our current catalog. In addition, our editors will also be present at these meetings should you have a manuscript proposal which you would like to discuss with us.



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