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e-Gorgias (Issue 46, August 2011)


Issue 46
August 2011
Reading Time: 14.5 minutes

August is here, and autumn is just around the corner. We at Gorgias Press have been in non-stop "back to school" mode all summer, exhibiting at conferences around the world and bringing you dozens of new, exciting reprints. This past week, we attended the 16th International Conference on Patristics at the University of Oxford. We had a wonderful time exhibiting our newest releases, meeting authors and colleagues, and offering special deals to conference-goers.

We are pleased to announce Gorgias's Back-to-School Overstock Sale, with select titles available at 60% off until the end of September. Please scroll down to the News section of this message for more information and a complete list of marked down books.

Christine Kiraz

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Due to high production volume, we can't list of all the new releases here. Below we include a select list of recent releases. For the complete list, please visit our Just Published page.


Dating Archaic Biblical Hebrew Poetry
By Robyn Vern

ISBN 978-1-61143-921-2
Hardback, $145.3 (BiblioPerks™ $130.77)

The dating of some Archaic Biblical Hebrew poems to the late second millennium – early first millennium BCE on the basis of a handful of linguistic forms in common with second millennium Ugaritic and Amarna-Canaanite texts is brought into question. This critique highlights the problems with the arguments and hypotheses presented in the literature, and concludes that there is no compelling evidence to support the use of linguistic data for dating purposes.

A Bridge Over the Balkans: Demetra Vaka Brown and the Tradition of "Women's Orients"
By Eleftheria Arapoglou

ISBN 978-1-59333-655-4
Hardback, $162.5 (BiblioPerks™ $146.25)

This book is a critical study of Demetra Vaka Brown, one of the most significant Greek American writers of the turn of the last century, framed within the fields of “Orientalism” and cultural studies.

The Women of Israel by Grace Aguilar
By Mayer Gruber

ISBN 978-1-61719-626-3
Hardback, $295.25 (BiblioPerks™ $265.73)

For almost a century after it was first published in 1845 Grace Aguilar's Women of Israel was presented as a high school graduation gift and even as a Christmas present to employees in businesses. More than 150 years before the current proliferation of books on women in biblical narrative and biblical law, Aguilar offered brilliant and innovative interpretations of abiding value. She took for granted that her readers could read Hebrew and that they, like herself, knew the King James Bible from memory. The extensive introduction and notes will make this new edition once again accessible to laypersons, students, and scholars.

Index to Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
By J. Walters

ISBN 978-1-4632-0078-7
Paperback, $30.8 (BiblioPerks™ $27.72)

This publication is an index to Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies, Volumes 1-10. It includes indices organized by volume contents, article titles, authors, books reviewed, and subject keywords.

Sources and Authors: Assumptions in the Study of Hebrew Bible Narrative
By Noel Weeks

ISBN 978-1-4632-0034-3
Hardback, $158.65 (BiblioPerks™ $142.79)

This work disputes the common view that Hebrew Bible narrative has been cobbled together out of diverse and contradictory sources. It studies the assumptions that produced that understanding and the application of different assumptions to a number of narrative books.

Latin Historical Phonetics
By Helen Perdicoyianni

ISBN 978-1-4632-0048-0
Paperback, $36.5 (BiblioPerks™ $32.85)

The book is designed for students who wish to learn the principles of Latin phonetics as well as for more advanced students who wish to review or reevaluate these principles in the light of further philological and linguistic evidence.

Archaeologies of Water in the Roman Near East
By Zena Kamash

ISBN 978-1-61143-421-7
Hardback, $137.5 (BiblioPerks™ $123.75)

This book explores the attitudes of the inhabitants of the Roman Near East towards water and water use. It aims to see how this can inform us about the nature of Roman Imperialism, the Roman economy, change and transformation in late Antiquity and the role of religion in people's lives.

British Consular Reports from the Ottoman Levant in an Age of Upheaval, 1815-1830
By Theophilus C. Prousis

ISBN 978-1-61719-100-8
Hardback, $143.35 (BiblioPerks™ $129.02)

This book is a case study of British diplomatic activities at several of its consulates in the Ottoman Empire, focusing on the reports files from the stations to the Foreign Office.

The History of the Great Deeds of Bishop Paul of Qentos and Priest John of Edessa
By Hans Arneson

ISBN 978-1-60724-670-1
Paperback, $35 (BiblioPerks™ $31.50)

Set in the fifth-century, the History of Paul and John narrates the wonders experienced and performed by two holy men in their life together in Edessa and on their pilgrimage to Sinai. This is the first published edition and translation of this fascinating Syriac hagiography.

Dutch-Syriac Dictionary
By Aziz Bulut

ISBN 978-1-61143-234-3
Hardback, $216.25 (BiblioPerks™ $194.63)

The present work is a Dutch-Syriac dictionary with separate sections for Syriac to Dutch and Dutch to Syriac.

The Rite of Burial for the Order of Priests
By Abraham Konat

ISBN 978-1-61143-342-5
Hardback, $153.4 (BiblioPerks™ $138.06)

This volume presents the Syriac and Malayalam texts for the rite of the burial of priests in the Malankara Syriac tradition.


Here is a select list of forthcoming publications. Click here for a complete list.


The Liturgical Gospels
A proposed reselection and enrichment of the Gospel Readings of the Anglican Communion; part of the liturgical revision of 1928,
ISBN 978-1-61719-211-1, Paperback, $26.75 (BiblioPerks™ $24.08)


Abgadiyat is an annual trilingual Arabic-English-French journal published by the Calligraphy Center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt. The journal's aim is to research, conserve and interpret the writings, calligraphies, numismatics and inscriptions of the ancient and medieval worlds.

ISBN 978-1-61143-553-5, Hardback, $380 (BiblioPerks™ $342.00)


Mary and Joseph, and Other Dialogue Poems on Mary
In this volume of TeCLA, a set of anonymous dialogue poems are presented in both the original Syriac and in an English translation. Four poems are included in this collection; in the namesake piece of this volume the dialogue is between Mary and Gabriel, the angel of the annunciation. The other dialogues are between Mary and Joseph, Mary and the Magi, and Mary and the Gardener. These poems are here translated and introduced by Sebastian Brock, a leading authority on the Syriac language.
ISBN 978-1-59333-839-8, Paperback, $36.95 (BiblioPerks™ $33.26)

Einige Bermerkungen über êrânische Sprachen ausserhalb Erân’s
With characteristic vigor Lagarde approaches the issue of Iranian languages outside of ancient Iran. Taking his keywords from various biblical citations of Magog and other ancient texts, Lagarde analyzes the non-Iranian peoples, tracing individual words back to Persian and Armenian origins. A veritable romp through a plethora of ancient languages, this brief study addresses Cappadocian month names and the various ethnic groups identified by Herodotus. Delving into Carian and Lydian glosses, he also engages Scythian and Phrygian.
ISBN 978-1-60724-007-5, Paperback, $32.6 (BiblioPerks™ $29.34)

The Two Syriac Versions of the Prayer of Manasseh
The authors present a detailed philological and linguistic comparison of two versions of The Prayer of Manasseh. Combing state-of-the-art computational tools together with traditional philology the texts are compared at all linguistic levels, from their vocabulary up to their discursive structure, with a special emphasis on their morphology and syntax. The results are revealing not only as for the question of the relationship between the two versions, but also illuminate various debates pertaining to Syriac syntax.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0050-3, Hardback, $111 (BiblioPerks™ $99.90)

Pagan and Christian Creeds
The anthropological method of comparative religion, applied to pagan cults and Christianity as a savior hero cult, one of many. A lifetime's collection, by the socialist and sexual reformer, with speculations on the future of religion.
ISBN 978-1-61719-332-3, Paperback, $68 (BiblioPerks™ $61.20)

The Temple of the Kings
First architectural description of the Temple of Seti I, at Abydos, reporting the first full excavation of 1902.
ISBN 978-1-61719-486-3, Paperback, $27.35 (BiblioPerks™ $24.62)

The Palestinian Version of the Holy Scriptures
Five leaves of the old Syriac version of the Bible, in the Palestinian dialect. Images of some of the leaves, Syriac text, English translation, notes, a essay on the underlying Greek text.
ISBN 978-1-61719-186-2, Paperback, $29.6 (BiblioPerks™ $26.64)

Mullas, Sufis, and Heretics
A selection of articles by Martin van Bruinessen on the role of religion, religious organisations and figures in the social and political life of the Kurdish society.
ISBN 978-1-61143-108-7, Hardback, $148.6 (BiblioPerks™ $133.74)

Treatise on the Principals of Translation Techniques from Arabic into Syriac
Author Ephraam Barsom deliberates on the logistics of translation versus transliteration of Syriac into Arabic. This is a great read for anyone interested in translation of Syriac into Arabic.
ISBN 978-1-61719-458-0, Hardback, $114.55 (BiblioPerks™ $103.10)

Commentary on the Psalms
Daniel of Salah's Commentary on the Psalms was one of the foundational exegetical and theological works of the developing Syriac miaphysite tradition. The present volume presents the Syriac text of Daniel's commentary in vocalized Serto script.
ISBN 978-1-61143-245-9, Hardback, $180.1 (BiblioPerks™ $162.09)

Nineteenth Century Ottoman Diplomacy and Reforms
A collection of essays by Roderic H. Davison about the political and diplomatic history of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century .
ISBN 978-1-61143-106-3, Hardback, $170.5 (BiblioPerks™ $153.45)

The Life of Mary Baker Eddy
The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science outlines the life of one of America's most successful preachers. The book, written during her lifetime, presents her legal and political positions and includes the final chapter on her death, burial, and immortality.
ISBN 978-1-61719-323-1, Hardback, $169.6 (BiblioPerks™ $152.64)

Kurdish Ethno-Nationalism versus Nation-Building States
A collection of articles by Martin van Bruinessen on Kurds, Kurdish history and identity from the perspective of nationalism and nation-building in the Middle East.
ISBN 978-1-61143-105-6, Hardback, $145.45 (BiblioPerks™ $130.91)



Fresh upon return from the International SBL Conference in London and vacation in Sweden I can report that a number of exciting new titles are coming soon. Watch our website and Facebook page for these and more.

Gorgias recently attended the International SBL Conference at Kings College in London. While there were some hiccups in the postage system and our books unfortunately failed to arrive in time for the exhibit it was nevertheless a productive and enjoyable meeting. The meeting gave rise to many fruitful discussions with new authors and a range of interesting and exciting book proposals.

Happy reading Gorgiasians!

Katie Stott

Acquisitions Editor


The Reception and Remembrance of Abraham By Pernille Carstens
This book explores the role of the Biblical patriarch Abraham in the formation and use of authoritative texts in the Persian and Hellenistic periods. It reflects a conference session in 2009 focusing on Abraham as a figure of cultural memory in the literature of these periods.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0054-1, Hardback, $100 (BiblioPerks™ $90.00)

Neo-Assyrian Prophecy and the Hebrew Bible: Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah By Russell Mack
This comparative literary study of Neo-Assyrian prophecy and the Old Testament books Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah highlights similarities and differences in the material. The differences have implications for who produced the material and when.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0077-0, Hardback, $160.3 (BiblioPerks™ $144.27)

Second-Wave Jewish Feminism, 1971-1991: Foundational Theology and Sacral Discourse By Luke Devine
This book is the definitive critical analysis of the Jewish feminist theological project in the United States, its principal theologians and its foundational, embryonic, and more elaborated sacral discursive. The monograph critically examines each of the diverse theologians, their varied perspectives, and individual contributions, and asks will a prescriptive Jewish feminist theology ever be a reality?
ISBN 978-1-4632-0084-8, Hardback, $146.5 (BiblioPerks™ $131.85)

The Two Syriac Versions of the Prayer of Manasseh By Ariel Gutman
The authors present a detailed philological and linguistic comparison of two versions of The Prayer of Manasseh. Combing state-of-the-art computational tools together with traditional philology the texts are compared at all linguistic levels, from their vocabulary up to their discursive structure, with a special emphasis on their morphology and syntax. The results are revealing not only as for the question of the relationship between the two versions, but also illuminate various debates pertaining to Syriac syntax.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0050-3, Hardback, $111 (BiblioPerks™ $99.90)



Gorgias Press's Back-To-School Overstock Sale - 60% Off Selected Titles!

We are pleased to announce Gorgias's Back-To-School Overstock Sale, with the following titles available at 60% off. In order to receive the discount, orders must be submitted by email to by midnight EST on Friday September 30, 2011.

Jesus: A New Biography
By Shirley Case

ISBN 1-59333-475-3, Hardback, $95 (Sale Price $38.00)

In the present climate of interest concerning the real Jesus, Case's 1927 study represents a vital contribution in the first quest for the historical Jesus. Often overlooked, this important volume is at last available to researchers in the current quest for Jesus, as well as those interested in the role of the Chicago School in that quest. Case avoids supernatural explanations as he deftly sketches the social contexts of what can be known of the historical Jesus.

Persian Days
By Copley Amory

ISBN 978-1-59333-608-0, Hardback, $102 (Sale Price $40.80)

A fascinating travelogue through southern and central Iran, this early nineteenth-century account is written with wit and insight; the polymathic Copley Amory Jr. proves an able tour guide. The reader is taken from Tehran to Kerman and back, along a trail that highlights ancient sites of historical importance. Along the way, the culture of “tribes and tents” is described, as well as a plucky misadventure involving encounters with camel caravans and excessive automobile troubles. Written in a witty and engaging style, this account of a classic journey contains an education in the history and customs of a vanishing way of life.

Thirty Years in the Harem
By Melek Hanım

ISBN 1-59333-208-4, Hardback, $106.25 (Sale Price $42.50)

Melek Hanım, an Ottoman woman of Greek, Armenian, and French heritage, accompanied her husband to various postings in Palestine and Serbia, and shared with him the frustrations of the arbitrary periodic dismissals that characterized late Ottoman politics. Her account of life in Turkey contains details of political intrigue, corruption and demonstrates the influence and mobility available to women in the official households of the Ottoman elite. Filled with maneuvers, murder, divorce, political machinations, and vengeance, Hanım's life was an attempt to gain access to property she viewed as legitimately her own. This book was written during her later exile in Paris.

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar and Davidson's Hebrew Syntax
By E. Kautzsch

ISBN 978-1-59333-727-8, Hardback, $133.12 (Sale Price $53.25)

A winning combination of two historical grammars, this volume includes both Kautzsch’s edition of Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar and Davidson’s Hebrew Syntax. Together these classic Hebrew resources will be of interest to serious students of Hebrew grammar and those interested in the history of grammatical studies of the language.

Studies in Emotions and Power in the Late Roman World: papers in honour of Ron Newbold
By Barbara Sidwell

ISBN 978-1-61719-914-1, Hardback, $132.85 (Sale Price $53.14)

This book is a collection of papers which deal with different approaches to the research of issues of power and emotions in the Roman Imperial and Late Antique world; from Marcus Aurelius to Queen Brunhild of Austrasia.

A Comparison of the Egyptian Execration Ritual to Exodus 32:19 and Jeremiah 19
By Michael Donahou

ISBN 978-1-61143-546-7, Hardback, $137.5 (Sale Price $55.00)

Ancient Egyptians preserved stability by using military might and the execration ritual to control perceived threats. Ritual actions by Moses and Jeremiah in breaking items representing idolatrous people mimic those used by the ancient Egyptians to magically restore societal order.

Demosthenes and the Last Days of Greek Freedom 384-322 BC
By A. Pickard-Cambridge

ISBN 1-59333-030-8, Paperback, $78.75 (Sale Price $31.50)

This is a reprint of the classical study by Pickard-Cambridge about Greece's most famous political orator, Demosthenes. It deals with his role in the last struggle of the Greeks for freedom against the Macedonian Empire.

The Apology of Aristides on behalf of the Christians
By J. Harris

ISBN 1-59333-278-5, Hardback, $95 (Sale Price $38.00)

This is the first Syriac work of the Cambridge scholar, J. R. Harris. The author gives the Syriac text with an English translation, accompanied by an introduction and notes.

Justinian and Theodora
By Robert Browning

ISBN 1-59333-053-7, Paperback, $59.06 (Sale Price $23.62)

Browning’s acclaimed biography of this extraordinary and enigmatic couple includes every aspect of imperial administration and policy. It is the story of a peasant's son, who becomes emperor and enthrones a dissolute actress beside him.

The Gospel in the Stars
By Joseph Seiss

ISBN 978-1-59333-569-4, Hardback, $132.19 (Sale Price $52.88)

The charm of Seiss’s thesis saw this intriguing book through five editions in the author’s lifetime. Exploring potential Christian imagery in the constellations, Seiss finds the message of redemption writ large in the nighttime sky. A truly original work, this book has held the interest of many readers over the decades.

The Religion of Russia
By George Bishop

ISBN 978-1-59333-566-3, Hardback, $76 (Sale Price $30.40)

G. B. H. Bishop was an Anglican priest who was killed in action in the First World War. His legacy to the ecumenical movement was this study of the Russian Orthodox Church, an early attempt to make this body accessible to the western world. He includes a history, summary of faith, practice, and hierarchy of the Church as well as his own observations.

Jews in Psychology and the Psychology of Judaism
By Melanie Rich

ISBN 978-1-59333-969-2, Paperback, $65 (Sale Price $26.00)

As four of the seven major theoretical innovators in modern psychology, the contributions of Sigmund Freud, Max Wertheimer, Abraham Maslow and Noam Chomsky are explored against the backdrop of their Jewish heritage. The psychological wisdom in Jewish religious practices and culture is highlighted as well, from a psychodynamic perspective.

The Gorgias of Plato
By W. Thompson

ISBN 1-59333-024-3, Paperback, $63.75 (Sale Price $25.50)

This pedagogical reader of the Greek text of Plato's Gorgias, originally published for students in Victorian England, is an immensely helpful textbook for the student of the Greek language and literature. Edited by the prominent W. H. Thompson.

Seeing Egypt and the Holy Land
By E. Newman

ISBN 978-1-59333-911-1, Hardback, $113.43 (Sale Price $45.37)

With the characteristic compelling photographs that accompany his work, E. M. Newman here presents his unique outlook on Egypt and the Holy Land. Written with the competence of a professional travel writer, Newman takes the reader through his arrival in Egypt by ship and on a virtual tour of the noted wonders of that land. His impressions of Egypt, Palestine, the Arabian Desert and Sinai are all dutifully recorded. Finishing up with the accounts of his main New Testament sites, Nazareth, the Jordan River, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem, this travelogue contains a wealth of impressions and memories. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, this volume gives a visually descriptive tour of these ancient lands.

Adventures in Arabia
By William Seabrook

ISBN 978-1-59333-597-7, Hardback, $113.43 (Sale Price $45.37)

In this personal travelogue, William Seabrook chronicles his adventures in the Middle East in the early part of the twentieth century. Specifically he focuses on his time among four Arabic groups: the Bedouins, Druses, Dervishes, and Yezidees.

Palestine Under the Moslems
By Guy Le Strange

ISBN 978-1-59333-606-6, Hardback, $143.43 (Sale Price $57.37)

This detailed study of the physical layout and traditions of the Holy Land and Syria contains an enormous amount of detailed information. For readers who wish to correct their vision of the actual physical geography of Syro-Palestine, this work remains a recommended source.

A Grammar of the Malayalam Language
By Joseph Peet

ISBN 978-1-59333-997-5, Hardback, $112 (Sale Price $44.80)

Based on years of personal experience in India, Joseph Peet’s grammar of Malayalam was the first attempt by a western scholar to document the language. Set out like a classical grammar of the period, Peet begins with an introduction to the language and the orthography. The parts of speech are each treated, followed by an account of the syntax. One of the official languages of India, Malayalam is spoken by about 37 million individuals, mostly in the state of Kerala in the southern part of the nation. For the historian interested in the history of the study of Malayalam, this grammar is a special find.

Anthropos and Son of Man
By Carl Kraeling

ISBN 978-1-59333-631-8, Hardback, $117.5 (Sale Price $47.00)

Kraeling’s treatment of the ancient figure known as “the Anthropos” remains a challenging read even after several decades. Surveying Hellenistic, Gnostic, Manichean, Mandean, and Jewish sources, the author suggests a ubiquitous character known as “the Anthropos” was used in the New Testament to characterize aspects of Christ.

The Land of the Hittites
By John Garstang

ISBN 978-1-59333-617-2, Hardback, $112.5 (Sale Price $45.00)

This important summary of Garstang’s travels and studies in Anatolia (present-day Turkey) is fully illustrated with nearly 100 photographs as well as maps and plans. This account details the marvels revealed by archaeology in ancient western Asia. The study begins with documentation of the geography of the region, giving the reader a sense of the world as seen by the Hittites of antiquity. Garstang outlines the history of the Hittite period before detailing the monumental architecture of this people. Garstang’s treatment concludes with a substantial history of the Hittites, people referred to in the Bible and in the historical records of other ancient Near Eastern civilizations.

Mormons and Evangelicals
By David Smith

ISBN 978-1-60724-027-3, Paperback, $66.8 (Sale Price $26.72)

Why do religious people believe? In this work, Smith describes and interprets the results of interviews conducted with Mormons and Evangelicals about their reasons for faith. In the end, he recommends a particular approach to faith that integrates the sociological, spiritual, and rational elements of religion.


Enthusiast of the Month: Aaron Michael Butts

Aaron Michael Butts

Aaron Michael Butts (Gorgias Book Grant recipient in 2006) is currently Lector of Semitics in the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations at Yale University. He teaches courses on Semitic languages and linguistics, including a two-year sequence dedicated to the Syriac language. His research focuses on the dialectology and reconstruction of the Semitic language family, with Syriac (and its broader Aramaic context) comprising his primary interest. Within the field of Syriac Studies, he has edited a poem by David the Phoenician, translated a homily by Jacob of Sarug, and contributed studies on Syriac grammar and literature. In addition, he is one of the co-editors, with S. P. Brock, G. A. Kiraz, and L. Van Rompay, of the soon-to-appear Gorgias Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Syriac Heritage.

“It is extremely difficult to identify my favorite aspect of Gorgias Press, not because of a lack of options but because of an overabundance of them. The support of academic conferences, the book grant program for graduate students, the extensive selection of books (both reprints and new works), the hosting of scholarly gatherings, and of course the people – from the staff to the Kiraz family – all make Gorgias Press a vital part of our scholarly community. One feature of Gorgias press that sometimes slips under the radar but that is essential to the field of Syriac studies is the large number of primary texts that it makes available. These include both reprints of classic titles, such as Mingana’s edition of memre by Narsai, Overbeck’s wonderful collection of texts, and Bedjan’s Homiliae selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis and Acta Martyrum et Sanctorum, as well as new publications, such as the entertaining story of Paul and John of Edessa and the monumental publication of the Edessa-Aleppo codex of the Chronicle of Michael Rabo. In addition, Gorgias plays an important role in making the field of Syriac studies more accessible to allied disciplines by initiating several projects dedicated to producing English translations of Syriac texts, including the Persian Martyr Acts (under the editorship of A. Becker), the memre of Jacob of Sarug (under the editorship of S. P. Brock), and Syriac chronicles (under the editorship of A. Harrak).”


Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug / Homiliae Selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis
By Jacob of Sarug

ISBN 1-59333-327-7
Hardback, $1950 (BiblioPerks™ $1,755.00)

Jacob of Sarug is one of the most celebrated poets of Eastern Christianity and the Syriac tradition. The Gorgias Press edition, edited by Sebastian P. Brock, contains over 100,000 lines of poetry based on Bedjan’s 1905 edition.

Acts of Martyrs and Saints
By Paul Bedjan

ISBN 978-1-59333-682-0
Hardback, $1422.47 (BiblioPerks™ $1,280.22)

One of the classic works of hagiography, Paul Bedjan’s seven volume work on collected acts of martyrs and saints is an invaluable Syraic resource. Containing many foundational stories of early Christianity, this work is approved by the Roman Catholic Church and is highly valued in the Syrian Orthodox tradition.

Selected Works of Narsai
By Alphonse Mingana

ISBN 978-1-59333-532-8
Hardback, $487.5 (BiblioPerks™ $438.75)

This is the most complete collection of the extant writings of Narsai to have been published. Many of the works of Narsai (d. 502) have not survived. This two-volume collection represents the standard Syriac edition of his compositions.

S. Ephraemi Syri, Rabulae Episcopi Edesseni, Balaei, Aliorumque Opera Selecta
By J. Overbeck

ISBN 978-1-59333-517-5
Hardback, $128 (BiblioPerks™ $115.20)

A useful source for Syrian documents generally hard to find, this compendium of the writings of St. Ephraem the Syrian, Rabbula, Bishop of Edessa, and Balai, the hymnographer, is a necessary addition to any Syriac scholar’s library. Presented in Syriac, they are available now as a handy resource.

Texts and Translations of the Chronicle of Michael the Great
By George Kiraz

ISBN 978-1-59333-114-6
Hardback, $1937.5 (BiblioPerks™ $1,743.75)

This invaluable nine-volume set on the Chronicle of Michael the Great makes the scholarly resources on this unique manuscript available together for the first time. Now inaccessible, the Chronicle is the largest medieval chronicle known, and is available here for the first time in history as a facsimile copy of the original manuscript, as well as in a copy of the original Syriac, the French translation, an abbreviated Armenian recension, and Arabic versions. The Chronicle is one of the most important primary sources on the history of the Middle East, especially the period between the rise of Islam and the Crusades.

The History of the Great Deeds of Bishop Paul of Qentos and Priest John of Edessa
By Hans Arneson

ISBN 978-1-60724-670-1
Paperback, $35 (BiblioPerks™ $31.50)

Set in the fifth-century, the History of Paul and John narrates the wonders experienced and performed by two holy men in their life together in Edessa and on their pilgrimage to Sinai. This is the first published edition and translation of this fascinating Syriac hagiography.

Geschichte der spät- und neusyrischen Literatur
By Rudolf Macuch

ISBN 978-1-59333-219-8
Hardback, $181.25 (BiblioPerks™ $163.13)

More than a literary survey, this introduction to the history of late and Neo-Syriac (Neo-Aramaic) covers the works of the past several centuries. Macuch begins with the post-Mongolian period to the end of the 18th century. For the 19th century, Macuch considers the situation of the Assyrians in this period, including the American, Anglican, and Russian Orthodox missionary enterprises in Urmia, noting the writers of the foreign missions. For the twentieth century he includes literature from the period of the wars up to the 1970s. Various East-Syriac and West-Syriac authors of the Chaldean and Church of the East, and Syrian Orthodox and Maronite traditions, as well as the Syrian literature of Malabar in southern India are also considered.


Review of Peter Lee’s Authority Within the Christian Church in The Church of England Newspaper, July 15, 2011

The Church of England Newspaper (July 2011) published a review of Peter Lee’s Authority Within the Christian Church by The Rt. Rev. Paul Richardshon. Richardson writes:

[This] is a wide-ranging examination of an important topic by an Anglican theologian ... This is a clear and well-argued exposition.

Review of Matthew Mitchell’s Abortion and the Apostolate in Review of Biblical Literature (July 2011)

Review of Biblical Literature (July 2011) published a review of Matthew Mitchell’s Abortion and the Apostolate (Gorgias Dissertations in Biblical Studies 42), by William S. Campbell of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Campbell writes:

Mitchell has produced an interesting study that reminds us of how much is still fluid in our perceptions of Christian origins and that we should not too easily boast of our progress in understanding Paul.

Review of Paul Bedjan’s The History of Mar Jab-Alaha and Rabban Sauma in Central Eurasian Reader 2 (2010)

Central Eurasian Reader (Vol. 2, 2010, pp. 102-103) published a review of Paul Bedjan’s The History of Mar Jab-Alaha and Rabban Sauma (Gorgias Historical Texts 14), by Denise Aigle of the Practical School for Advanced Studies, Paris. Aigle writes:

Its narrative is of primary significance not only for the history of Eastern Churches, but also for its contribution to our knowledge of historical events in the Ilkhanid Empire ... It is fortunate that the Gorgias Press have taken the initiative of this reprint, which makes accessible a particularly significant primary source.
Authority Within the Christian Church
By Peter Lee

ISBN 1-59333-342-0
Hardback, $123.75 (BiblioPerks™ $111.38)

At the present time, when authority for the church's beliefs and actions is the subject of much discussion, this book attempts to look to the authority of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and how these are transmitted, including the roles of reason and the church.

Abortion and the Apostolate
By Matthew Mitchell

ISBN 978-1-60724-057-0
Hardback, $139.45 (BiblioPerks™ $125.51)

This book examines Paul’s descriptions of his conversion experience in Galatians and 1 Corinthians, and argues that the mission to the Gentiles is best viewed as Paul’s response to the rejection of his claim to be an apostle.

The History of Mar Jab-Alaha and Rabban Sauma
By Paul Bedjan

ISBN 978-1-59333-418-5
Hardback, $156 (BiblioPerks™ $140.40)

This books gives the Syriac text of the account of Yaballaha III, Church of the East Patriarch, and his vicar Bar Sauma, the Mongol Ambassador to the Frankish courts at the end of the thirteenth century.


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