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e-Gorgias (Issue 6, April 2006)


Issue 6
April 2006
Reading Time: 11 minutes

In this sixth issue of eGorgias, the free monthly newsletter of Gorgias Press, you'll find the newest releases as well as forthcoming books. Since March was a busy conference month, we include a conference report. The April Gorgias Enthusiast is Corey Brennan, associate proffesor and the department chair of Classics at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, NJ. Scroll below to find out just how enthusiastic he is about Gorgias Press.

What's new on Now registered Gorgias customers can share their views on titles by rating them. Scroll below to learn how. Finally, Moser's Teacher of Holiness just recieved a rave review in the Journal of Early Christian Studies. In honor of our author's achievement, we are offering this title at a 30% discount. As always, all special sales are final and we welcome your comments and suggestions.


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March was a busy time for publications and here we present our newest releases. For a complete list click here.


The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh: A Bilingual Edition
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-335-8, Paperback, $24

Here, in the inaugural volume of the Texts from Christian Late Antiquity (TeCLA) series, Gorgias Press is pleased to present Sebastian Brock’s masterful English translation of St. Issac’s writings accompanied for the first time by the Syriac text.

Impressions of Ancient Mesopotamia
By A Lenzi

ISBN 1-59333-226-2, Hardback, $25

This book introduces children to ancient Mesopotamian culture through cylinder seals: their production, use, and art. Written for sixth grade readers, it introduces Mesopotamian myths and gives insight into cultural characteristics, ideas, and institutions.

Three Mirrors for Two Biblical Ladies. The Queen of Sheba and Susanna in the Eyes of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
By Fabrizio Angelo Pennacchietti

ISBN 1-59333-363-3, Paperback, $38

The Queen of Sheba and the slandered Susanna are biblical figures who have seized the imagination of generations of Jews, Christians and Muslims in every age and every land, taking on the image best fitted to their expectations.

The United Holy Church of America: A Study in Black Holiness-Pentecostalism
By William C Turner, Jr.

ISBN 1-59333-317-X, Hardback, $65

This project is inspired by years of nurture and ministry in the church upon which the study focuses. The approach employs numerous disciplines in the service of a project that exposes data of the religious life, including what subjects have to say of their selves. It then goes on to re-sketch lines of continuity with the larger church.

A Russian Presence: A History of the Russian Church in Australia
By Michael Protopopov

ISBN 1-59333-321-8, Hardback, $85

A history of the establishment and growth of the Russian Orthodox community in Australia and New Zealand. This work chronicles the Russian presence in Australia from the arrival in Australian waters of the first Russian Antarctic explorers in 1807, through the development of the community in the 20th century and the establishment of Russian Orthodox Church to the present day. The final chapter deals with the issues facing the Russian Church in Australia in the new century.

Catalogue of the Syriac and Arabic Manuscripts at the Patriarchal Library of Charfet
By Isaac Armalet

ISBN 1-59333-365-X, Hardback, $120

Isaac Armalet’s catalogue gives the first detailed description of the Syriac, Garshuni and Arabic manuscripts at the Syriac Catholic Patriarchal Library at the Monastery of Charfet in Lebanon. The manuscript collection was established there in the eighteenth century and contains biblical, liturgical, and theological texts of importance to understanding the Christian heritage of the East.

Lesbos: Three Thousand Years On An Aeolian Island
By Konst Fallieros

ISBN 0-9627950-1-1, Paperback, $25.95

From ancient myths (Orpheus), poets (Homer, Sappho) and philosophers, to historical reality (wars, politics, literature and art), the island of Lesbos reflects the struggles and accomplishments of its people, vividly shown in the actual living testimonies offered in new translations.

Methy: Wine Appreciation and Abuse in Ancient Greece
By Konst Fallieros

ISBN 0-9627950-3-8, Paperback, $24.95

Penetrating introduction with new translations of classical texts about wine in ancient Greece: mythical and historical feasts, medicinal uses and drunken orgies in the writings of ancient Greek poets, playwrights, philosophers, physicians, historians, travelers and social or religious authors.


Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug / Homiliae Selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis, Edited by Paul Bedjan-Sebastian Brock By Jacob of Sarug
Jacob of Sarug is one of the most celebrated poets of Eastern Christianity and the Syriac tradition. The Gorgias Press edition, edited by Sebastian P. Brock, contains over 100,000 lines of poetry based on Bedjan’s 1905 edition.
ISBN 1-59333-327-7, Hardback, $1200

Greek Tradition and Latin Influence in the Work of George Scholarios By Christopher Livanos
This book attempts to understand the miscommunications between Greeks and westerners in the fifteenth century by concentrating on the work of George Gennadios Scholarios who under the name of Gennadios II became the first Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church during Ottoman Rule.
ISBN 1-59333-344-7, Hardback, $75

Hearing God's Call and Following Jesus By Paul S Russell
The aim of this book is to show readers how they can approach passages and teachings in Scripture that might seem very foreign to them in a practical way that will bring the passages to life, and help them make their lives today better examples of Christian discipleship.
ISBN 1-59333-318-8, Paperback, $14.9

Transmission and Reception: New Testament Text-Critical and Exegetical Studies By Jeff Childers
Exploring various topics pertaining to the transmission and reception of the New Testament, this volume presents sixteen new studies that bear important implications for textual criticism, New Testament interpretation, and understanding the formative impact of the New Testament text on Early Christianity.
ISBN 1-59333-367-6, Hardback, $75

The Letters of John of Dalyatha By Mary Hansbury
John of Dalyatha outlines the itinerary of those who are baptized: purification, sanctification through silence, tears, wonder, divine light; union through contemplation, praise, assistance of the angels- leading to the vision of God.
ISBN 1-59333-341-2, Paperback, $38

Bible, Map and Spade By Rachel Hallote
This volume resurrects the forgotten history of early American involvement in biblical archaeology. Frederick Jones Bliss, an American from a prominent missionary family, is central to the story, as Bliss was the first of any nationality to scientifically excavate the tells of Palestine.
ISBN 1-59333-347-1, Hardback, $75

Introduction to the Grammar of Hebrew Poetry in Byzantine Palestine By Michael Rand
This book investigates the interaction between grammatical norms and poetic technique on the basis of a corpus selected from the oeuvre of the payyetan Eleazar be-rabbi Qillir. As a basis for this investigation, a descriptive/comparative analysis of the Qillirian dialect is offered.
ISBN 1-59333-348-X, Hardback, $75

`Enbe men Karmo Suryoyo (Bunches of Grapes from the Syriac Vineyard) - A Syriac Chrestomathy By Martin Zammit
This Chrestomathy includes selections from the best known Syriac authors as well as less familiar ones. Apart from short biographical introductions, the book includes grammatical annotations, and Syriac-English, English-Syriac glossaries. This publication is most welcome since the chrestomathies of the twentieth century have long been out of print.
ISBN 1-59333-346-3, Hardback, $65

Authority Within the Christian Church By Peter Lee
At this time, when authority for the church's beliefs and actions is the subject of much discussion, this book attempts to look to the authority of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and how these are transmitted, including the roles of reason and the church.
ISBN 1-59333-342-0, Hardback, $75

American Orthodoxy and Parish Congregationalism By Nicholas Ferencz
The Orthodox Church has doctrinally and historically required all church authority to be exercised primarily by the hierarchy. In America, however, the laity alone usually exercise authority over parish property. This book explores this anomaly and how it happened.
ISBN 1-59333-195-9, Hardback, $75

Man and the Theogony in the Lurianic Cabala By Daphne Freedman
Lurianic mythology represents an intensely personal view, in which earlier cabalistic symbolism is used to express new and original ideas. The lurianic corpus can be seen as a metaphor for a relation between man and the deity which is not yet fulfilled.
ISBN 1-59333-200-9, Hardback, $75



To celebrate the splendid review of Moser's Teacher of Holiness by Thomas P. Scheck of the University of Notre Dame, published in the Journal of Early Christian Studies (2006, v. 14, pp. 122-124), we are happy to offer this title on sale for 30% off. Here are some excerpts from the review.

Maureen Beyer Moser deserves to be recognized as a leading expert on Origen's Commentary on Romans, which is generally regarded as his most neglected writing... The topic is limited, the method clearly defined, and contemporary relevance is articulated.
... Moser provides her own translations of lengthy passages from Origen's Commentary. These are so elegant that I suspect that if the great Hammond Bammel had lived to complete her own proposed English translation, the whole thing would have read like these polished selections by Moser.

To recieve your discount type in coupon code AS-0410MSR-78 during check out. Offer expires May 10, 2006 and this offer cannot be combined with others.


Teacher of Holiness: The Holy Spirit in Origen's Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans
By Maureen Beyer Moser

ISBN 1-59333-149-5, Hardback, $75

This book explores the pneumatology of Origen's Commentary on Romans. Origen's pedagogical understanding of the Spirit, who serves as both God's exitus and humanity's reditus, is pivotal to Origen's theology.


Now all registered customers of Gorgias Press can rate each book

Simply log into your account and go to the page of the book you would like to rate. At the bottom, you will see a rating form. Click on the "Rate it" button and give the book 1-5 stars (5 being the highest score). Your ratings can help other online customers evaluate the Gorgias book and make informed purchasing decisions based on your recommendations. In addition, you can also add your own (hopefully positive) comments in the window and point out the strengths and weaknesses of the work.



Gorgiasians have chosen Prof. T. Corey Brennan as the Gorgias Enthusiast for the month of April

Corey and Gorgias President George Kiraz first met at a small conference held at Rutgers Universtiy in 2002. From then on, Corey continued to support our publications with his enthusiasm and advice and continues to spread the word about Gorgias Press. Brennan received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1990, and subsequently taught at Bryn Mawr College (1990-2000), and currently holds the position of Chair of Classics at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. He has been a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome (1987/1988), and a Member in the Institute for Advanced Study (spring 1998). He is spending 2005/6 as a visiting fellow in the Princeton Univ. Dept. of Classics, where he is working on a prosopography of elite Roman women of the Republic. He has authored The Praetorship in the Roman Republic (2 vols., Oxford Univ. Press 2000) and serves as the editor of the American Journal of Ancient History.

When asked to comment on the Gorgias publications, Corey with his usual enthusiam said:

"I bet all Gorgiasians have had this experience: you check into the Press’s website after a few weeks’ absence and you find that George Kiraz and Christine Altinis-Kiraz have since expanded their already massive but engagingly cohesive booklist by 15 percent. I don’t know of any humanistic enterprise that generates the same sense of downright exuberance as Gorgias. Of course always popping up are the striking reprints of inaccessible rarities—for instance, five separate sumptuous nineteenth century titles by Layard of Nineveh—as well as vital current scholarship by world-class authorities such as Sebastian Brock (Syriac) and Patricia Crone (Islamic studies). But on top of that there is Gorgias’s steady stream of adventure picks—a well-chosen line of Syriac books for children (one by George Kiraz himself), an impressively expanding list in Greek and Latin classics and travel literature, always some intriguing Mesopotamian artifact in faithful reproduction—which is making the Press stand out from its peers in ancient studies. With its enlightened disregard of conventional temporal and geographical divisions of Mediterranean and Near Eastern “antiquity”, and its distinctive and dazzling array of products, I dare say that Gorgias Press has evolved into something akin to a lifestyle brand!"


The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage
By Sebastian Brock (et al.)

ISBN 1-931956-99-5, Hardback, $280

An unprecedented book and album set on the Aramaic heritage, including three one hour documentary video tapes. Vol. I covers the ancient Aramaic heritage, vol. II is on the heirs of the heritage, & vol. III covers one of the witness communities today.

Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam
By Patricia Crone

ISBN 1-59333-102-9, Hardback, $68

Patricia Crone reassesses one of the most widely accepted dogmas in contemporary accounts of the beginnings of Islam: the supposition that Mecca was a trading center. In addition, she seeks to elucidate sources on which we should reconstruct our picture of the birth of the new religion in Arabia.

Early Adventures in Persia, Susiana, and Babylonia
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-59333-001-4, Hardback, $125

Layard of Nineveh tells his adventures in Persia and Mesopotamia before the discovery of Nineveh; includes fascinating tales.

Nineveh and Its Remains
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-59333-128-2, Hardback, $125

This book describes the discovery of Assyrian sites in Nineveh by interspersing journeys and descriptions of people and places with accounts of archaeological discoveries. Layard's romantic view of the countryside and people blends with his rediscovery of Assyria.

Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; With Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan, and the Desert
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-931956-50-2, Hardback, $68

In this sequel to the author's Ninevah and Its Remains, with over 200 illustrations, Layard describes the second expedition he undertook to Nineveh. His words raise questions of cultural imperialism and epistemology central to modern critical debates.

The Monuments of Nineveh
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-59333-068-5, Cloth Limited Edition, $780

This is the companion to Ninevah and Its Remains. This large, handsome volume, carefully reproduced from the original edition of 1849-53 and bound in deluxe cloth, contains 170 drawings made by Layard of sculptures, bas-reliefs, and other objects discovered by him among the ruins of Nineveh.


Gorgias at Local Conferences

Gorgias Press was present at the first Common Ground Conference held at St. Peter's College in Jersey City, NJ. The conference organizer Dr. Susan Graham of the Theology department at St. Peter's brought together five panelists who through their research and discussions explored traditions shared among the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam basing their papers on two common focal points: pilgramage and Jerusalem. "This is an important time for a conference that addresses these three monotheistic traditions," Dr. Graham said. "Their holy places and the desire of the faithful to visit them, just at a point when the Holy Land and the Holy Cities of Jerusalem and Mecca are subject to so many political claims and tensions." Gorgias Press will be publishing the proceedings of this unique conference.

The American Oriental Society Conference
Gorgias Press was represented at the annual meeting of the American Oriental Society in Seattle, Washington, by Production Editor Peter T. Daniels. Peter presented a paper on the history of linguistics, in the opening session, devoted to Semitic linguistics, comparing the two versions of Noam Chomsky's Master's thesis, "The Morphophonemics of Modern Hebrew," from 1951 and 1979.

As is usually the case when Gorgias has a display at a scholarly meeting, all books were sold at a 30% discount. The best seller turned out to be the 2005 [1974] reprint of Monroes's Hispano-Arabic Poetry. Of the five Sections of the Society, that devoted to the Islamic Near East was the best represented. We also greeted Gorgias author Jorunn J. Buckley, professor at Bowdoin College, whose Great Stem of Souls, the long-awaited and fascinating study of the colophons of Mandaean manuscripts, has just been published.

There are even plans under discussion to begin yet another Gorgias series, representing another of the AOS's areas of interest -- but it's too soon to divulge more than this hint!

There wasn't much time at the meeting for sightseeing, but the Seattle Public Library's new home, a spectacular glass polyhedron designed by architectural theorist Rem Koolhaas, deserves a visit. The famous monorail that leads to the Space Needle is still out of commission, but the food court at its downtown terminus provides a world-ranging array of inexpensive lunchtime treats, with hardly a national chain outlet in sight. The Society's reception was held at the Seattle East Asian Museum, an hilltop Art Deco palace with a spectacular view of the Space Needle and the mountains in the distance, and the Sunday night presidential address by Patrick Olivelle, representing the South and Southeast Asia Section, was remarkable for both its content and for being, at just 18 minutes, the shortest one on record!

Hispano-Arabic Poetry: A Student Anthology
By J T Monroe

ISBN 1-59333-115-0, Paperback, $48

An anthology of texts of Hispano-Arabic poems of exceptionally high literary quality and cultural significance. The texts are accompanied by literal translations and explanatory notes for the use of students of Arabic and Romance literatures.

The Great Stem of Souls
By Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley

ISBN 1-59333-338-2, Hardback, $75

Mandaean priests, representatives of a religious heritage that can be traced back to Late Antique Mesopotamia, still copy their ancient literature by hand. The Great Stem of Souls is a study of the colophons–postscripts at the end of each text– that are appended to most Mandaean documents. A study of the contents of the colophons provides a framework for reconstructing Mandaean history.


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