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e-Gorgias (Issue 64, April 2013)


Issue 64
April 2013
Reading Time: 10 minutes

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It is spring already. While the flowers may not have bloomed yet and the weather is still a bit chilly, Gorgias Press is springing back into action with all kinds of exciting news for the coming season.

New books and summer conferences are just around the corner. Be sure to check out our Acquisitions and Conferences sections for more on our latest releases and where you can catch us exhibiting this summer. Also, take a look at our News section for the exciting results of our recent customer survey on eBooks!

We have received a number of impressive applications for our Gorgias Book Grant program. We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and making final decisions on the winners, which will be announced in May. For now, we wish to thank each of our applicants for applying.

We are also pleased to give a warm welcome to our newest employee at GP, Trevor Crowell, who will be our Marketing and Editorial Assistant. You can read more about Trevor in our Enthusiast section.

If you haven't already, sign up for our amazing, limited-time only 50%-off Antioch Bible deal (orig. $150/volume, now $75/volume with subscription discount). Please note that the 50% off is only for subscribers to the series and not the individual books. Hurry and subscribe now!

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Happy reading,

Christine Kiraz



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Below is a select list of recent releases. For the complete list, please visit our Just Published page.


Queen Esther’s Garden
  By Vera Basch Moreen

ISBN 978-1-4632-0161-6
 Paperback, $108.25 (BiblioPerks™ $97.43)

 This anthology brings to English-language readers the riches of the Judaeo-Persian literary tradition produced by the Jewish community of Iran between the eighth and nineteenth centuries. Most of the translations were prepared specifically for this anthology from unpublished manuscripts. Extensive notes accompany each selection to clarify its meaning in Jewish and Islamic history and legend.


English Grammar Guide for Language Students
  By Peter Burton

ISBN 978-1-61143-864-2
 Paperback, $99.32 (BiblioPerks™ $89.39)

 A detailed exploration of English grammar for students and teachers of Biblical Hebrew and Greek, Latin and related languages. Commonly assumed grammatical concepts are explained step by step. Includes an extensive glossary and an annotated bibliography.


A History of the Syrian Community of Grand Rapids, 1890-1945
  By James F. Goode

ISBN 978-1-61719-028-5
 Hardback, $163.15 (BiblioPerks™ $146.84)

 Provides the first history of the old Syrian community of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1890-1945, focusing on the slow process of ethnic acculturation during which community members developed a hybrid culture, drawing on elements of the old and the new.


Journal of Language Relationship
  February 2013: Edited by Kirill Babaev

ISBN 978-1-4632-0223-1
 Paperback, $60.32 (BiblioPerks™ $54.29)

 The Journal of Language Relationship is an international periodical publication devoted to the issues of comparative linguistics and the history of the human language. The Journal contains articles written in English and Russian, as well as scientific reviews, discussions and reports from international linguistic conferences and seminars.


Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis
  Edited by Pernille Carstens, Trine Bjørnung Hasselbalch & Niels Peter Lemche

ISBN 978-1-61719-165-7
 Hardback, $207.805 (BiblioPerks™ $187.02)

 The present collection of essays is the first product of the research program Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis at the European Association of Biblical Studies.


Early Christian Attitudes to War, Violence and Military Service
  By Despina Iosif

ISBN 978-1-61143-486-6
 Hardback, $208.39 (BiblioPerks™ $187.55)

 The early Christians were not of one mind when it came to war, violence and military service. There was a bewildering variety of opinion as to how they understood their place in the world. It seems however that generally they did not stand apart from society. On the contrary, they were happy to integrate and conform and they often accepted war and service in the army as activities which did not raise specific ethical problems.


Conceptual Metaphors in Poetic Texts
  Edited by Antje Labahn

ISBN 978-1-61719-029-2
 Hardback, $165.1 (BiblioPerks™ $148.59)

 The articles of this book understand conceptual metaphors as interpretation of various aspects of life in general, about God, heaven and earth. They link metaphorical language to an overall understanding of concepts of world view.


Seeing the God
  Edited by Jeffrey B. Pettis

ISBN 978-1-61143-251-0
 Hardback, $176.8 (BiblioPerks™ $159.12)

 Seeing the God: Ways of Envisioning the Divine in Ancient Mediterranean Religion is a collection of essays exploring the concept of how the ancients “envisioned” the deities within various ancient religious traditions, including Judaism, Gnosticism, Syriac Christianity, Byzantium, and Classical Greco-Roman religion and philosophy.


Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies (volume 15)
  Volume 15: General Editor George A. Kiraz

ISBN 978-1-4632-0219-4
 Paperback, $75 (BiblioPerks™ $67.50)

 Widely regarded as a premier journal dedicated to the study of Syriac, Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies was established in 1998 as a venue devoted exclusively to the discipline. An organ of Beth Mardutho, the Syriac Institute, the journal appears semi-annually and will be printed in annual editions. A peer-reviewed journal, Hugoye is a respected academic source for up-to-date information about the state of Syriac studies and for discovering what is going on in the field. Contributors include some of the most respected names in the world of Syriac today.



Here is a select list of forthcoming publications. Click here for a complete list.


Revolt in Palestine in the Eighteenth Century By Ahmad Hasan Joudah
In the turbulent political and economic atmosphere of the eighteenth century Ottoman Empire, local leaders far from Istanbul began to take matters into their own hands. This biography of Shaykh Zahir al-ʻUmar presents crucial perspectives on power politics in the late Ottoman Empire and modern Palestinian history.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0002-2, Hardback, $165.1 (BiblioPerks™ $148.59)

The Filioque Impasse By Michelle Coetzee
A fascinating study of the underlying reasons for the disagreement over the clause “and the Son” in the Western version of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan creed, which contributed to the tragic schism between Eastern and Western Christians in the 11th century.
ISBN 978-1-60724-585-8, Hardback, $185.77 (BiblioPerks™ $167.19)

Pragmatic Studies in Judaism Edited by Andrew Schumann
This book is the first attempt to apply formal pragmatics to Judaic studies as a discipline as well as within the broader discipline of cultural studies.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0222-4, Hardback, $185.77 (BiblioPerks™ $167.19)

Jacob of Sarug’s Homily on the Sinful Woman Fascicle 31: Translation and Introduction by Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
This volume gives a bilingual Syriac-English edition of Saint Jacob of Sarug’s homily on the Sinful Woman. The Syriac text is fully vocalized, and the translation is annotated with a commentary and biblical references. The volume constitutes a fascicle of Gorgias’s Complete Homilies of Saint Jacob of Sarug.
ISBN 978-1-61719-834-2, Paperback, $35.75 (BiblioPerks™ $32.18)

John the Solitary on the Soul Translation and Introduction by Mary T. Hansbury
In this treatise, John the Solitary enters into a dialogue with two disciples who have come past the beginning stage of the spiritual life and have brought him their struggle against the passions in the way of life of the inner person (barnâšâ gawwâyâ). John’s description of the life of the soul is outlined here in a framework of the stages of the spiritual life. Included is his analysis of the passions, showing very little if any Evagrian influence. The Dialogue on the Soul is a difficult text. It is hoped that this Syriac-English presentation will enable others to take the discussion forward. John’s genial thought merits this.
ISBN 978-1-60724-044-0, Hardback, $153.4 (BiblioPerks™ $138.06)



Gorgias is pleased to announce forthcoming publication of the following titles in the fields of Biblical Studies, Eastern Christianity, Middle Eastern Studies and Mesopotamian Late Antiquity.

This month will see the next 3 volumes of the Antioch Bible go to press. These are Jeremiah (translated by Gillian Greenberg and Donald M. Walter), Lamentations-Baruch, comprising Lamentations, The Prayer of Jeremiah, The First Epistle of Baruch, the Second Epistle of Baruch, and the Epistle of Jeremiah (translated by Gillian Greenberg and Donald M. Walter), and Pauline Epistles Galatians-Philemon, comprising Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon (translated by J. Edward Walters). This brings the total number of volumes in the Antioch Bible to 7, and at least two more will go to press later this year.

The next volume in Persian Martyr Acts in Syriac: Text and Translation is also in press: Adam Carter McCollum’s The Story of Mar Pinhas contains the Syriac text of the Life of Mar Pinhas, a purported martyr under the Sassanian Empire, and an English translation, explanatory annotations, as well as an Arabic version of the story.

The second edition of Mostafa Vaziri’s Iran as Imagined Nation is forthcoming: a revised edition with a new epilogue, in an affordable paperback edition. This book is a critical study of how Iranian nationalism, largely influenced by Orientalist scholarship and narratives of Iranian history, has shaped modern conceptions of Iran and Iranian identity.

The next volume of the series Biblical Intersections is forthcoming: Studies on Magic and Divination in the Biblical World (edited by Helen Jacobus, Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme and Philippe Guillaume) contains an excellent selections of articles on Mesopotamian demonology, Akkadian literary influences, exorcism, healing, calendars, astrology, bibliomancy, dreams, ritual magic, priestly divination, prophecy, magic in the Christian Apocrypha and the New Testament, magic in rabbinic literature and Jewish Aramaic magic bowls.

Melonie Schmierer-Lee

Acquisitions Editor


Jeremiah According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation English Translation by Gillian Greenberg & Donald M. Walter; Text Prepared by George Anton Kiraz
This volume is part of a series of English translations of the Syriac Peshitta carried out by an international team of scholars. The fully vocalized and pointed Syriac text, and the English translation, are presented on facing pages so that both can be studied together. Much supplementary information is given in annotations, Addenda, and Appendices.
ISBN 978-1-61143-892-5, Hardback, $150 ($75/volume with subscription)

Lamentations and the Epistles of Baruch According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation English Translation by Gillian Greenberg & Donald M. Walter; Advisory Board George A. Kiraz
text text
ISBN 978-1-4632-0230-9, Hardback, $150 ($75/volume with subscription)

Galatians to Philemon According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation English Translation by J. Edward Walters; Text Prepared by George Anton Kiraz
This volume is part of a series of English translations of the Syriac Peshitta along with the Syriac text carried out by an international team of scholars.
ISBN 978-1-61143-893-2, Hardback, $150 ($75/volume with subscription)

The Story of Mar Pinḥas Edited and Translated by Adam Carter McCollum
This volume contains the Syriac Life of Mar Pinhas, a purported martyr under the Sasanian Empire. This edition contains the Syriac text (first published in 1894 by Paul Bedjan), an English translation, explanatory annotations, and Addai Scher's Arabic version of the story.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0217-0, Paperback, $63.8 (BiblioPerks™ $57.42)

Iran as Imagined Nation Second Edition: By Mostafa Vaziri
A critical study of how Iranian nationalism, itself largely influenced by Orientalist scholarship, has shaped modern conceptions of Iran and Iranian identity, as well as narratives of Iranian history.
ISBN 978-1-4632-0227-9, Paperback, $39.5 (BiblioPerks™ $35.55)

Studies on Magic and Divination in the Biblical World Edited by Helen Jacobus, Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme & Philippe Guillaume
This volume presents a selection of essays on magic and divination in relation to the biblical world.
ISBN 978-1-61143-869-7, Hardback, $191.62 (BiblioPerks™ $172.46)



Results of GP eBooks Survey

In February, we asked you for your opinion on eBooks, and if you think Gorgias Press should integrate them into our book production process. The volume of response was overwhelming, and we truly appreciate your feedback! Below are some of the results of our survey:

  • 73% of GP customers read eBooks
  • On average, GP customers read 16 eBooks annually versus 54 regular print books annually
  • 75% of GP customers would prefer to read Gorgias books in traditional printed form, while 25% would prefer to read them as eBooks
  • Customers would pay an average of $72.31 for a GP eBook

    Here's what some of you had to say about eBooks:

    "Although I will probably always prefer print, if eBooks can make more material available for longer periods in areas like Syriac studies due to lower cost and less need for a wide audience, then I can adapt!"
    "My two biggest concerns regarding e-books are making notes (my Kindle is terrible with this) and long-term access."
    "E-books are a boon in scholarship: one can search them, have them available while traveling, and often, parts can be copied and pasted. It's the future."
    "I use Gorgias Press books for scholarship. I have not found using eBooks to work for scholarly research nearly as well as printed books, because of the need to be switching constantly between the main text, the footnotes, and bibliography - all significantly easier with a printed volume than with an eBook. Further, when doing textual work that involves working on a Syriac text, or with a bilingual edition (Syriac and Greek), I again find it significantly easier to work with printed books."



Gorgias Enthusiast of the Month: Trevor Crowell

Trevor Crowell is very excited about starting work at Gorgias Press having used many of their books in papers and research throughout his graduate career and always wondering where Piscataway, NJ was. He received his B.A. from Middlebury College in Biochemistry and Religion and then his M.A. from the University of Chicago Divinity School. He is now completing his Ph.D. at The Catholic University of America where he is writing a dissertation on the Greek works attributed to St. Ephraem. Trevor's academic interests include Biblical translations and ancient grammar, philology, and producing critical editions of long-neglected texts. In keeping with his interest in old books, Trevor loves Gorgias Press' Syriac Studies Library series for bringing back into wider circulation the works of the giants of the field in Syriac studies. An avid fan of hockey and musical theater, Trevor lives in Montclair, NJ.




Gorgias Press will be exhibiting at the conferences and meetings listed below, offering a special discount to conference attendees for not just the books in display, but for all items in our current catalog. In addition, our editors will also be present at these meetings should you have a manuscript proposal which you would like to discuss with us.





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