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e-Gorgias (Issue 7, May 2006)


Issue 7
May 2006
Reading Time: 10 minutes

In this seventh issue of eGorgias, you'll find an extensive list of our newest releases as well as forthcoming books that have just been added to our catalog. The Gorgias Enthusiast for the month May is the well-known Assyriologist Stephanie Dalley, of the Oriental Institute, Oxford. We are having a special sale on Layard's The Monuments of Nineveh at a 30% discount. When you take advantage of this offer, you will also recieve a complimentary copy of the DVD The Last Assyrians; a riveting documentary about the Aramaic-speaking Christians from the Middle East.

What's new on Soon you will be able to view inside each book in our online catalog. Gorgias Press had a strong presence at the St Ephrem conference held on May 13th, where Gorgias VP Christine Altinis-Kiraz and various Gorgias authors and other noted experts presented papers on Ephrem and his works. Scroll below to read a brief conference report and find out what the best sellers were from this conference. In addition, you will see a list of other conferences where Gorgias Press will have a book exhibit, offering special discounts to conference attendees.


  • Recent Releases
  • Forthcoming Books
  • Special Sale: The Monuments of Nineveh by Layard
  • New on FolioView
  • May Enthusiast of the Month: Stephanie Dalley
  • Conferences



For a complete list of our recent releases click here.


Transmission and Reception: New Testament Text-Critical and Exegetical Studies
By Jeff Childers

ISBN 1-59333-367-6, Hardback, $75

Exploring various topics pertaining to the transmission and reception of the New Testament, this volume presents sixteen new studies that bear important implications for textual criticism, New Testament interpretation, and understanding the formative impact of the New Testament text on Early Christianity.

Man and the Theogony in the Lurianic Cabala
By Daphne Freedman

ISBN 1-59333-200-9, Hardback, $75

Lurianic mythology represents an intensely personal view, in which earlier cabalistic symbolism is used to express new and original ideas. The lurianic corpus can be seen as a metaphor for a relation between man and the deity which is not yet fulfilled.

Bible, Map and Spade
By Rachel Hallote

ISBN 1-59333-347-1, Hardback, $75

This volume resurrects the forgotten history of early American involvement in biblical archaeology. Frederick Jones Bliss, an American from a prominent missionary family, is central to the story, as Bliss was the first of any nationality to scientifically excavate the tells of Palestine.

Greek Tradition and Latin Influence in the Work of George Scholarios
By Christopher Livanos

ISBN 1-59333-344-7, Hardback, $75

This book attempts to understand the miscommunications between Greeks and westerners in the fifteenth century by concentrating on the work of George Gennadios Scholarios who under the name of Gennadios II became the first Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church during Ottoman Rule.

American Orthodoxy and Parish Congregationalism
By Nicholas Ferencz

ISBN 1-59333-195-9, Hardback, $75

The Orthodox Church has doctrinally and historically required all church authority to be exercised primarily by the hierarchy. In America, however, the laity alone usually exercise authority over parish property. This book explores this anomaly and how it happened.

Authority Within the Christian Church
By Peter Lee

ISBN 1-59333-342-0, Hardback, $75

At this time, when authority for the church's beliefs and actions is the subject of much discussion, this book attempts to look to the authority of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and how these are transmitted, including the roles of reason and the church.

Hearing God's Call and Following Jesus
By Paul S Russell

ISBN 1-59333-318-8, Paperback, $14.9

The aim of this book is to show readers how they can approach passages and teachings in Scripture that might seem very foreign to them in a practical way that will bring the passages to life, and help them make their lives today better examples of Christian discipleship.


Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug / Homiliae Selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis, Edited by Paul Bedjan-Sebastian Brock By Jacob of Sarug
Jacob of Sarug is one of the most celebrated poets of Eastern Christianity and the Syriac tradition. The Gorgias Press edition, edited by Sebastian P. Brock, contains over 100,000 lines of poetry based on Bedjan’s 1905 edition.
ISBN 1-59333-327-7, Hardback, $1200

The Ascetical Homilies of Isaac of Nineveh By Paul Bedjan
A new Gorgias Press edition of the rare text of the homilies of Isaac of Nineveh, edited by Paul Bedjan.
ISBN 1-59333-389-7, Hardback, $140

Century Dictionary By William Dwight Whitney (ed)
The Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedia, edited by William Dwight Whitney and Benjamin E. Smith, comprises thirteen volumes, including over 500,000 defined terms, two volumes of concise encyclopedic entries, and a world atlas. The Century Dictionary contains full, accurate, and clear definitions, and its many supporting quotations are chosen to illustrate, where helpful, the typical uses of a word or sense. Whitney, who is still regarded as the greatest American linguist of his time, gathered together a remarkable staff of general and specialist editors, which included many luminaries of American scholarship to compile this beautiful dictionary.
ISBN 1-59333-375-7, Hardback, $1000

The Letters of John of Dalyatha By Mary Hansbury
John of Dalyatha outlines the itinerary of those who are baptized: purification, sanctification through silence, tears, wonder, divine light; union through contemplation, praise, assistance of the angels- leading to the vision of God.
ISBN 1-59333-341-2, Paperback, $38

Introduction to the Grammar of Hebrew Poetry in Byzantine Palestine By Michael Rand
This book investigates the interaction between grammatical norms and poetic technique on the basis of a corpus selected from the oeuvre of the payyetan Eleazar be-rabbi Qillir. As a basis for this investigation, a descriptive/comparative analysis of the Qillirian dialect is offered.
ISBN 1-59333-348-X, Hardback, $75

`Enbe men Karmo Suryoyo (Bunches of Grapes from the Syriac Vineyard) - A Syriac Chrestomathy By Martin Zammit
This Chrestomathy includes selections from the best known Syriac authors as well as less familiar ones. Apart from short biographical introductions, the book includes grammatical annotations, and Syriac-English, English-Syriac glossaries. This publication is most welcome since the chrestomathies of the twentieth century have long been out of print.
ISBN 1-59333-346-3, Hardback, $65

The Rite of Eastern Christendom By Archdale King
A detailed study of the liturgical rites of the Eastern Christian churches, covering the Byzantine and Oriental rites.
ISBN 1-59333-390-0, Hardback, $160



To celebrate spring, we are offering the deluxe hand-bound limited edition of Layard's The Monuments of Nineveh at a 30% off the retail price and a complimentary copy of the acclaimed documentary The Last Assyrians ($29 value) with your purchase. The acclaimed documentary DVD The Last Assyrians delves into the survival of the Aramaic-speaking Christians (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs) of the Middle East and vividly portrays their struggles with maintainig their identity as minority communities in the Middle East and the diaspora.

This offer expires on June 20th. As usual all sales are final, no returns will be accepted and this offer cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons.


The Last Assyrians FREE with a Purchase of The Monuments of Nineveh
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 0-00000-029-X, Cloth, $546

This is the sequel to Ninevah and Its Remains. This large, handsome volume, carefully reproduced from the original edition of 1849-53 and bound in deluxe cloth, contains 170 drawings made by Layard of sculptures, bas-reliefs, and other objects discovered by him among the ruins of Nineveh.


Soon you will be able to view contents of a book via Folio View

Winthin the next couple of months you will be able to browse inside each book on our online catalog. Our aim is to enable our customers to have a virtual bookstore shopping experience. Through this feature, you will be able to browse the contents of the book much the same way you would in a bookstore. While, Folio View is still in its infancy, our resourceful technical team is hard at work to bring this feauture to you. Look for updates on Folio View in future issues of eGorgias.



Gorgiasians have chosen Dr. Stephanie Dalley of Oxford University as the Gorgias Enthusiast for the month of May

Stephanie Dalley, from the birth of Gorgias Press has supported its various reprint projects and was one of the first authors to publish a reprint of her own book Mari and Karana. Through her support and counsel, Gorgias was able to build a valuable collection of works in Ancient Near East, particularly the reprint of Layard’s The Monuments of Nineveh: A very rare work, where only 37 libraries in the US are known to posses the first edition. In fact she was delighted at the prospect of publication of this book, which contains several plates drawn in Layard’s own hand, and said, ‘Particularly valuable for Assyriologists is the reprint of Layard's Monuments of Nineveh, which has long been unobtainable.’

When asked to comment on the progress of Gorgias Press over the last few years, she said:

Gorgias Press is doing a great job in making available through reprints rare books on the Ancient Near East and the early Christian Church, as well as publishing new works. George Kiraz and his team are supporting minority subjects, helping to lift them from the category of endangered species to rare breeds. Long may they continue to profit from our support!


Dr. Dalley is a well-known Assyriologist holding the position of Shillito Fellow in Assyriology at the Oriental Institute, Oxford. She has taken part in various excavations in the Middle East and has published cuneiform tablets found there by the British Archaeological Expedition to Iraq, as well as a book aimed at the general reader about these discoveries, Mari and Karana (Gorgias Press, 2002). In addition she has also translated Myths from Mesopotamia (Oxford University Press, 2000), and transcribed Old Babylonian Texts in the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford University Press, 2004).


Mari and Karana, Two Old Babylonian Cities
By Stephanie Dalley

ISBN 1-931956-02-2, Paperback, $35

A study on all the social and historical aspects of Mari and Karana, this book provides an account of life in the nineteenth century BC. Illustrations with photographs and drawings of objects uncovered during excavations, provide a lively counterpart to the texts themselves, many of which are quoted in translation.

The Monuments of Nineveh
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-59333-068-5, Cloth Limited Edition, $780

This is the companion to Ninevah and Its Remains. This large, handsome volume, carefully reproduced from the original edition of 1849-53 and bound in deluxe cloth, contains 170 drawings made by Layard of sculptures, bas-reliefs, and other objects discovered by him among the ruins of Nineveh.


Gorgias Press at Conferences

Gorgias Press will be exhibiting at the following conferences. Visit our book exhibit to recieve conference discount on all our books.

North American Patristics Society (NAPS) Annual Meeting
May 25-27, 2006 at Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

American Theological Library Association's (ATLA) 60th Annual Meeting
June 22-23, 2006 at Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

St. Ephrem the Syrian: Theology in Poetry, Music, Word and Color

Gorgias Press had a strong presence at the St Ephrem conference organized by St. Nersess Armenian Seminary and hosted by the Syriac Archdiocese of the Eastern United States on May 13th in Teaneck, NJ. Gorgias author and archbishop of the Syriac diocese Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim welcomed the speakers and participants. In addition to exhibiting books, Gorgias vice president Christine Altinis Kiraz gave the first paper, introducing St Ephrem. In her presentation, she demonstrated the universality of St Ephrem and talked about the common misconceptions about him. Gorgias author and editor Thomas Buchan presented a paper on Christ's descent into Hell in the writings of St Ephrem, while another Gorgias author, Fr. Awgin Aydin, demonstrated the role of women in the early Syriac liturgies through the instruction and training of St Ephrem. For a full description of the event and to hear the audio recordings of all the presented papers, click here.

Not surprisingly, the best sellers from the book exhibit were the CD recorded by the St Ephrem choir commemorating the 1700th anniversary of this beloved universal saint, as well as the inaugural volume to the TeCLA (Texts from Christian Late Antiquity) series, Brock's Wisdom of St. Isaac of Nineveh.

The 1700th anniversary of St. Ephraim the Lyre of the Holy Spirit
By Issa Habil

ISBN 0-00000-026-X, CD, $25

Syriac Music celebrates the 1700th Anniversary of Mor Efraim The Syriac (The Lyre of the Holy Spirit)

The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh: A Bilingual Edition
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-335-8, Paperback, $24

Here, in the inaugural volume of the Texts from Christian Late Antiquity (TeCLA) series, Gorgias Press is pleased to present Sebastian Brock’s masterful English translation of St. Issac’s writings accompanied for the first time by the Syriac text.

By Gabriel Aydin

ISBN 0-00000-003-X, CD, $25

Nusrotho consists of selection of unique pieces from the Syriac liturgical tradition. Gabriel Aydin selected hymns that have distinct musical features and characteristics in terms of their melody, tune, rhythm, and scale.

Holy Liturgy according to the rites of the Syriac Orthodox Church
By A H Hadodo

ISBN 0-00000-004-X, CD, $25

The Anaphora of St. Jacob Bar Salibi is performed in Modern and Classic Aramaic. This Liturgy is the same Liturgy celebrated in the lands of Tur'Abdin, Turkey, as well as all over the world.


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