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Émile Clément Amélineau

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The Sahidic Translation of the Book of Job

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 178
ISBN: 978-1-60724-271-0
Generally considered the leading pre-Islamic dialect of Coptic, Sahidic is an important language for Orientalists. Perhaps because of its body of original, non-translated material, Sahidic is the Coptic dialect most commonly studied outside of ecclesiastical settings. Sahidic, however, is also used as a language of translation, as in this booklet containing the biblical book of Job in that dialect. Unparalleled as a source for beginners in Coptic, this small portion of the Bible presents a familiar starting point. Coptic scholars will also find this resource worth their time as an historical example of the language and its study. Known also as Thebaic, this form of Coptic was used for translating major portions of the Bible. Since it was used by the church as well, this tract will be of interest to biblical scholars as well.
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