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Gerasimos P. Pagoulatos

Gerasimos P. Pagoulatos teaches "Introduction to Hellenic Civilization" at the Hellenic Open University, Greece. He holds an M.A. in Late Antique and Byzantine History, Theology, and Art from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Saint Louis University, USA.

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Tracing the Bridegroom in Dura

The Bridal Initiation Service of the Dura-Europos Christian Baptistery as Early Evidence of the Use of Images in Christian and Byzantine Worship
ISBN: 978-1-59333-738-4
This book examines the previously unexplored sources of the eleventh-century Byzantine service of Christ the Bridegroom by locating its origins in the liturgical environment of third-century Christian Syria and Mesopotamia, and especially in the baptistry of the Christian House at Dura-Europos, as well as in the texts of the Acts of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip and the Symposium by Methodius of Olympus. More specifically, Pagoulatos analyzes the bridal initiation service (the earliest known Iconophile service) of the Dura-Europos baptistery, focusing on the role that the images played in it.
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