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Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew

Part I: Homilies 1–25
By John Chrysostom; Translated by George Prevost
ISBN: 978-1-61143-362-3
This book offers the English translations of St. John Chrysostom’s homilies on the Gospel of Matthew.

Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles

Part II: Homilies 29–55
By John Chrysostom; Translated by Charles Marriot
ISBN: 978-1-61143-361-6
These are the English translations of St. John Chrysostom’s homilies on Acts of the Apostles.

Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles

Part I: Homilies 1–28
By John Chrysostom; Translated by Charles Marriot
ISBN: 978-1-61143-360-9
These are the English translations of St. John Chrysostom’s homilies on Acts of the Apostles.

A Letter on Syriac Orthography

by Mar Jacob, Bishop of Edessa and a Discourse by Gregory Bar Hebraeus on Syriac Accents
Edited and Translated by George Phillips
ISBN: 978-1-61143-359-3
George Philipps presents the Syriac text and English translation for three ancient texts pertaining to Syriac grammar, orthography and pronunciation.

The Liturgical Homilies of Narsai

Edited and Translated by R. H. Connolly
ISBN: 978-1-61143-358-6
Dom R.H. Connolly provides an English translation and study of four liturgical homilies by Narsai.

The Diatessaron of Tatian

ISBN: 978-1-61143-357-9
Samuel Hemphill provides an English translation of the reconstructed text of The Diatessaron using the Arabic translation and Ephrem’s commentary.

The Exodus Commentary of St Ephrem

A fourth century Syriac commentary on the book of Exodus
Series: Moran Etho 8
ISBN: 978-1-61719-808-3
This commentary on Exodus by the highly influential fourth century Syriac writer St. Ephrem, is typical of his exegetical approach, particularly the emphasis on women in the narrative and the similarities to contemporary Jewish interpretations.

The Correspondence of Severus and Sergius

Translation and Introduction by Iain Torrance
ISBN: 978-1-59333-971-5
Severus of Antioch was the Patriarch of Antioch and a moderate Miaphysite. Sergius the Grammarian is a lesser-known figure, but the content of his letters demonstrates that he was a more extreme Miaphysite. The early 6th century correspondence between the two consists of a set of three letters apiece and an apology by Sergius. Made available in Syriac along with Torrance’s translation, these letters are an important part of the working out of concerns associated with the Council of Chalecedon.

History of the Martyrs in Palestine

By Eusebius of Caesarea; Edited and Translated by William Cureton
ISBN: 978-1-61143-355-5
This volume contains William Cureton’s English translation of Eusebius of Caesarea’s History of the Martyrs in Palestine.

The Life and Works of Jacob of Serug

ISBN: 978-1-61143-337-1
Philoxenos Dolabani provides a brief biographical introduction to Jacob of Serug, including a survey of his life and works.

The Laughable Stories

Compiled by Gregory Bar Hebraeus; Edited with an Introduction by Julius Yeshu Çiçek
ISBN: 978-1-61143-230-5
This volume presents the Syriac text of Gregory Bar Hebraeus' collection of humorous stories, sayings, and anecdotes known as the Laughable Stories.

The Lamp of the Sanctuary

ISBN: 978-1-61143-237-4
The Lamp of the Sanctuary is a work of systematic theology by Gregory Bar Hebraeus, the thirteenth century polymath, that deals with various topics in Christian thought.


Commentary on Creation
By Jacob of Edessa; Edited with an Introduction by Julius Yeshu Çiçek
ISBN: 978-1-61143-236-7
This volume presents the Syriac text of the commentary on the six days of creation by Jacob of Edessa known as the Hexaemeron.

The Commentary of Saint Ephrem on Genesis with an Arabic Translation

Syriac Text and Arabic Translation by Assad Sauma Assad
ISBN: 978-1-61143-548-1
This book cantains the Syriac text of Saint Ephrem's Commentary on Genesis supplied with an Arabic translation and commentaries. Its text is one of the most beautiful texts in Syriac language. The book is good for the general readers and those who have interest in the Syriac fathers and churches.

Jacob of Sarug’s Homilies on Elisha

Metrical Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug
Translation and Introduction by Stephen A. Kaufman
ISBN: 978-1-60724-302-1
This edition of Mar Jacob of Sarug's (d. 521) homilies on the prophet Elisha deals with some of the more difficult stories in the Old Testament, how to understand the story of the bears who ravage the children who made fun of the prophet and why the sacrifice by the King of Moab of his son to his pagan god was seemingly successful. The volume constitutes a fascicle of The Metrical Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug, which, when complete, will contain the original Syriac text of Jacob's surviving sermons, fully vocalized, alongside an annotated English translation.

The History of the Great Deeds of Bishop Paul of Qentos and Priest John of Edessa

ISBN: 978-1-60724-670-1
Desiring to lead an ascetic life during the 5th century, Paul abandons his bishopric in Italy and travels to Edessa. John realizes that Paul is a wonderworker, and so begs to accompany him on his travels. The two leave Edessa to visit the monks on Sinai, but instead of reaching their destination they are abducted and taken to Yemen by tree-worshipping Arabs. After a battle with a tree-god, they succeed in converting the Arabs to Christianity. During the journey home, they encounter a wandering band of monks among whom is a woman disguised as a man.

Book of the Dove

Ascetic Instructions
ISBN: 978-1-61143-233-6
The present volume presents the text of Gregory Bar Hebraeus' instructions for the ascetic life, commonly known as the Book of the Dove.

A Commentary on the 100 Theses of Evagrius Ponticus

ISBN: 978-1-61143-204-6
The present work presents the text of Dionysius bar Salibi's commentary on the "100 Theses" concerning the ascetic life by Evagrius Ponticus.

Armenische Irenaeusfragmente

Zum Teil erstmalig herausgegeben und untersucht
Edited with an Introduction by Hermann Jordan; Translated by Willy Lüdtke
ISBN: 978-1-61719-516-7
n addition to being an independent witness to his text, there is a treatise in Armenian which has not survived in Greek. With comments on the indirect influence of Irenaeus on the Armenian Church.

Die handschriftliche Überlieferung des Epiphanius

Ancoratus und Panarion
ISBN: 978-1-61719-515-0
Epiphanius of Salamis, the late fourth-century Christian author, had a passionate concern for heresy. This monograph considers the manuscript traditions of his most notable works.

Die Apologie des Aristides

Edited with an Introduction by Edgar Hennecke
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 597
ISBN: 978-1-61719-495-5
This work is a reconstruction of Greek, Armenian, and Syriac versions of an early Christian text that explains to the Emperor why Christianity is the only philosophically adequate religion.

Die Geschichte der dogmatischen Florilegien vom V.-VIII. Jahrhundert

ISBN: 978-1-61719-294-4
The florilegia (lists of quotations from the Fathers on a given topic) from the Council of Chalcedon to the filioque controversy

Kerygma Petri

ISBN: 978-1-61719-290-6
A collection of the fragments of the lost Preaching of Peter, with possible fragments and an appendix on the dates of Jesus.

Drei wenig beachtete Cyprianische Schirften und die "Acta Pauli"

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 555
ISBN: 978-1-61719-283-8
The relations of three pseudepigrapha of Cyprian and the Acts of Paul; an elegant piece of reasoning.

Λογος σωτηριας προς την παρθενον (De Virginitate)

Eine echte Schrift des Athanasius
ISBN: 978-1-61719-279-1
The treatise of Athanasius of Alexandria on virginity, edited with critical notes and an evaluation of its origins are presented in this volume.