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Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity

The Gorgias Classical & Late Antiquity series publishes monographs, edited volumes and translations on the Greco-Roman world and its transition into Late Antiquity, encompassing political and social structures, knowledge and educational ideals, art, architecture and literature. For more information about the series or to submit a proposal, please contact

Series Editorial Board

Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis (Chair) Freie Universität Berlin

Ulrike-Rebekka Nieten, Freie Universität Berlin

Adrian Pirtea, University of Vienna

Irene Schneider, University of Göttingen

Manolis Ulbricht, University of Göttingen

Series Advisory Board

Nicola Denzey Lewis, Claremount Graduate University

Stefan Esders, Freie Universität Berlin

Thomas Figueira, Rutgers University

Christian Freigang, Freie Universität Berlin

David Hernandez de la Fuente, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Markham J. Geller, University College London

Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Brown University

AnneMarie Luijendijk, Princeton University

Roberta Mazza, University of Manchester

Arietta Papaconstantinou, University of Reading

Meron-Martin Piotrkowski, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Shabo Talay, Freie Universität Berlin

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Picture of He Did Not Fear

He Did Not Fear

Xusro Parviz, King of Kings of the Sasanian Empire
ISBN: 978-1-4632-3927-5
He Did Not Fear: Xusro Parviz, King of Kings of the Sasanian Empire spotlights Xusro II, the man who almost conquered the Roman Empire in the Roman-Sasanian War of the Seventh Century CE, and examines his historical prominence.
$114.95 $68.97
Picture of Historiography and Hierotopy

Historiography and Hierotopy

Palestinian Hagiography in the Sixth Century A.D.
ISBN: 978-1-4632-3981-7
Judean hagiographies are unusual. Some are unexpectedly structured: a saint’s life in the form of a history text. Others offer surprising content. Expected hagiographic stylizations, for example, often depict moments in which the saint is offered money for a miracle. In such cases the saint invariably refuses. Judean saints, however, accept gratitude willingly – often with cash amounts recorded. The peculiarities of these works have regularly been examined on literary and theological grounds. The monasteries that produced these texts were utterly dominated by the environment of Christian Jerusalem. Although often commented upon, the unmined implications of this reality hold the key to understanding these hagiographies. It is only by examining these monasteries’ ties to – and embeddedness within – their peculiar context that we can perceive the mindset that produced such baffling texts.
$114.95 $68.97
Picture of From Albania to Arrān

From Albania to Arrān

The East Caucasus between the Ancient and Islamic Worlds (ca. 330 BCE–1000 CE)
Edited by Robert Hoyland
ISBN: 978-1-4632-3988-6
The first ever study in English dedicated to Albania in Late Antiquity to the Medieval period.
$114.95 $68.97
Picture of Justinian's Indecision

Justinian's Indecision

How Social Networks Shaped Imperial Policy
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4227-5
Since the time of Eduard Schwartz, scholars have tended to treat ecclesiastical policy under the influence of Justinian as inconsistent and even capricious. This book argues that such an image of Justinian, although seeming to provide a coherent narrative concerning the emperor’s character, falls apart when the details are scrutinized.
$120.00 $72.00
Picture of The Archaeology of Hatra, the Sacred City

The Archaeology of Hatra, the Sacred City

ISBN: 978-1-4632-4547-4
A study of the archaeology, history, architecture, sculpture and divinities of the ancient city of Hatra.
Picture of Priscillian


The Life and Death of a Christian Dissenter in Late Antiquity
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4559-7
The first historical biography of Priscillian, a controversial figure of great importance for the history of the West, who until now has been considered by the different authors who have approached his figure as a heretic, reformer, apocryphal martyr or non-conformist Christian.