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Henri Pognon

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Inscriptions sémitiques de la Syrie, de la Mésopotamie et de la région de Mossoul

Edited and Translated by Henri Pognon
ISBN: 978-1-61719-418-4
This impressive volume is a collection of inscriptions, mostly Syriac, but also two in Akkadian and some in Aramaic, collected by Pognon during travels in the Middle East. They are accompanied with detailed notes and French translations.
$185.00 $111.00

Une version syriaque des Aphorismes d'Hippocrate

Texte et traduction
Edited and Translated by Henri Pognon
ISBN: 978-1-60724-879-8
Pognon gives here the Syriac text of Hippocrates’ Aphorisms, together with a French translation. Each part contains detailed textual and translational notes and is prefaced with a thorough introduction. The book concludes with a Syriac-Greek glossary of medical terms.
$130.00 $78.00