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Isaac Armalet

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Lettres de Josué, fils de David, surnommé Bar-Kilo, de Sévère Jacques de Bartelli, surnommé Bar-Chac

Edited with an Introduction by Isaac Armalet
ISBN: 978-1-61719-161-9
This volume contains epistolary selections, in vocalized Serto script, of Joshua bar David (also known as bar Kilo), three questions from Jacob bar Shakko’s Dialogue, and letters from David de Beth Rabban.
$165.00 $115.50

The Utmost of Christian Calamities

The Oppression, Aggression, Abduction, Banishment, Slaughter, Captivity, and other Atrocities and Contempts of Christians in Mesopotamia and Mardin in Particular, in 1895 and 1914-1919
ISBN: 978-1-61719-195-4
One of the well-known works of Syrian Catholic Priest Isaac Aramalet, originally published anonymously, this work is an account of the misfortunes suffered by Christians in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Turkey (the Sayfo).
$212.00 $148.40

Papal Authority in the Syrian Church

ISBN: 978-1-61719-166-4
In this work, Syrian Catholic priest Isaac Armalet (d. 1954) investigates the subject of papal authority biblically and historically with respect to the Syrian Catholic Church.
$134.00 $93.80

The Crusades in Syrian Monuments

al-ḥurūb al-ṣalībiyya fī al-āthār al-suryāniyya
ISBN: 978-1-61719-453-5
An account of the Crusades from the Syrian perspective as detailed by the priest Isaac Armala. A non-Western account of the epic battle perfect for students of history.
$92.00 $64.40
Picture of Catalogue of the Syriac and Arabic Manuscripts at the Patriarchal Library of Charfet

Catalogue of the Syriac and Arabic Manuscripts at the Patriarchal Library of Charfet

ISBN: 1-59333-365-X
Isaac Armalet’s catalogue gives the first detailed description of the Syriac, Garshuni and Arabic manuscripts at the Syriac Catholic Patriarchal Library at the Monastery of Charfet in Lebanon. The manuscript collection was established there in the eighteenth century and contains biblical, liturgical, and theological texts of importance to understanding the Christian heritage of the East.
$229.00 $160.30