Jan Pieter Nicolaas Land

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Joannis Episcopi Ephesi Syri Monophysitae Commentarii de Beatis Orientalibus et Historiae Ecclesiast

John of Ephesus: Lives of Eastern Saints and Fragments of the Ecclesiastical History
Translated and Annotated by W.J. Van Douwen & J.P.N. Land
ISBN: 978-1-61719-257-9
The present volume contains an annotated Latin translation of the collection of saints’ lives and fragments of the Ecclesiastical History of John of Ephesus, prefaced by a lengthly list of emendations to the Syriac text.

Joannes Bischof von Ephesos

der erste syrische Kirchenhistoriker
ISBN: 978-1-61143-609-9
J. P. N. Land provides here an introduction to John of Edessa, an early leader of the non-Chalcedonian, miaphysite Christian tradition and the first church historian of the Syriac tradition.