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Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary field studying Jews and Judaism in all of their geographical, cultural, social, economic, historical, political, religious, and linguistic contexts, from Late Antiquity through the modern period. The Judaism in Context series features monographs and edited collections that traverse the wide landscape of Jewish Studies.

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Studies in the Peshitta of Kings

The Transmission and Revision of the Text, Relations with other Texts, and Translation Features
ISBN: 978-1-59333-853-4
This monograph examines the manuscript variants of the Peshitta (the standard Syriac translation) of Kings, with special attention to the manuscript 9a1. Manuscript 9a1 is of critical importance for the textual history of Kings, and Walter argues that there is overwhelming evidence that the non-9a1 Mss attest to an extensive revision. This monograph also discusses translation features of the Peshitta of Kings with special attention paid to harmonization and the leveling and dissimulation of vocabulary. Walter also treats the vorlage for the translation and treats its relation to the LXX and the Targumim.

Jews in Iraq after the Muslim Conquest

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 110
ISBN: 978-1-59333-601-1
As the oldest organized religion in Sassanian Iraq, Judaism serves as a kind of model for other religious organizations in the region. After considering the growth of Judaism in Iraq during the Sassanian period, Morony notes the connections between the Jewish and Aramaean populations as well as the intermixed ethnic communities in which Jews played a part. Social, administrative, and religious issues are all considered. Messianic expectations as they continued to develop in the Jewish community in diaspora round out this discussion of Judaism as a fully developed religion in Iraq under Islamic rule.

Psychology of Prophecy

A Study of the Prophetic Mind as Manifested by the Ancient Hebrew Prophets
ISBN: 978-1-59333-743-8
Kaplan’s inaugural study of the psychological basis of prophecy is a landmark in the history of prophetic exploration. Setting the standard for future studies of the prophets, this remarkable book covers the various conceptions of prophets and their attendant phenomena of premonition, revelation, dreams, visions, ecstasy, and inspiration.

L’église des deux Alliances

Mémorial Annie Jaubert (1912–1980)
ISBN: 978-1-59333-083-5
The book represents a collection of articles devoted to the memory of Annie Jaubert, a French scholar known for her research on the calendrical teachings of the Hebrew Bible, the Second Temple pseudepigrapha (1 Enoch, the Book of Jubilees), and Qumran literature. The articles discuss various aspects of Jaubert’s work on early Christian and Jewish calendars, including her solution to an old problem of the conflicting chronologies for the Passion Week in the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John. The volume also contains the complete bibliography of Jaubert’s scholarly works and a biographical sketch of her life.

The Improvement of the Moral Qualities, an Ethical Treatise of the Eleventh Century by Solomon ibn Gabirol

Printed from an Unique Arabic Manuscript, Together with a Translation, and an Essay
ISBN: 978-1-59333-673-8
The original manuscript of the Arabic Improvement of the Moral Qualities was examined by Wise in order to prepare this edition. The text includes a copy of the original Arabic, a translation into English, and an essay on the place of Solomon ibn Gabirol in the development of Jewish ethics.

Further Biblical Hebrew (paperback)

Explanations and Exercises
Series: Gorgias Handbooks 11
ISBN: 978-1-61143-662-4
This coursebook is designed for students who have completed at least one year of college study in Biblical Hebrew. It helps students make the transition from the basic grammar books to use of the comprehensive reference grammars and to more advanced analysis of Biblical Hebrew. Constant reference is made to recent works of grammar, and also to the grammatical comments of the medieval Jewish exegetes. A central theme is that medieval and modern Biblical Hebrew scholars have reached essentially similar conclusions, even if the medievals lacked modern terminology.

Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures IV

Comprising the Contents of Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, Vol. 7
Edited by Ehud Ben Zvi
ISBN: 978-1-59333-920-3
This volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published in Volume 7 (2007) of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.

The Coups of Hazael and Jehu

Building an Historical Narrative
ISBN: 978-1-59333-833-6
The Coups of Hazael and Jehu offers a narrative reconstruction of the events surrounding the rise of Hazael to the throne of Aram-Damascus and Jehu to the throne of Israel in the mid-eighth century. These near-simultaneous dynastic changes were parts of a major shift in the political, military, and economic structure of the Levant, which took place as the mighty armies of Assyria pushed into the region. The book argues that Jehu’s bloody overthrow of Joram and Hazael’s irregular seizure of power after the death of his predecessor were not independent events, but responses to the Assyrian threat.

Interpretation, Religion and Culture in Midrash and Beyond

Proceedings of the 2006 and 2007 SBL Midrash Sessions
Series: Judaism in Context 6
ISBN: 978-1-59333-619-6
The third issue of Proceedings of the Midrash session at the SBL Annual meeting published in this series. This volume contains papers on religion in midrash (2006) and modes of biblical interpretation in rabbinic, Syriac and Islamic traditions (2007).

Jewish and Christian Apocalypses

The Schweich Lectures 1913
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 35
ISBN: 978-1-59333-664-6
In this time of intense apocalyptic interests, Burkitt’s study of extra-biblical apocalypses will shed some light. Burkitt is known for his work in early Christianity, and he is well-equipped to deal with this difficult issue. These Schweich Lectures of 1913 address the book of Enoch, minor Jewish and early Christian apocalypses, especially the Ascension of Isaiah.

Jews in Psychology and the Psychology of Judaism

ISBN: 978-1-59333-969-2
Contributions by four of the seven major theoretical innovators in modern psychology, Sigmund Freud, Max Wertheimer, Abraham Maslow, and Noam Chomsky, are explored against the backdrop of their Jewish heritage. The psychological wisdom in Jewish religious practices and culture is highlighted as well, from a psychodynamic perspective.

Jewish Arabic Literature

An Introduction
ISBN: 978-1-59333-858-9
Steinschneider’s first section is a dictionary of Jewish Arabic authors. This includes a careful study of Jewish names. The Second section is a study of the lives and literatures of Jews, and Christians, within Muslim society.

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar and Davidson's Hebrew Syntax

ISBN: 978-1-59333-727-8
A winning combination of two historical grammars, this volume includes both Kautzsch’s edition of Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar and Davidson’s Hebrew Syntax. Together these classic Hebrew resources will be of interest to serious students of Hebrew grammar and those interested in the history of grammatical studies of the language.

Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures III

Comprising the Contents of Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, Vol. 6
ISBN: 978-1-59333-976-0
This volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published in Volume 6 (2006) of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.

A Great Mystery: The Secret of the Jerusalem Temple

The Embracing Cherubim and At-One-Ment with the Divine
ISBN: 978-1-59333-840-4
In this thoroughly provocative book, the late Eugene Seaich makes a detailed study of the intractable mystery of the Jerusalem temple. Using historical sources and ingenious detective work, Seaich suggests that the cherubim in Solomon’s temple were portrayed in a copulatory embrace. Aware that this thesis is not entirely novel, the author builds a substantial case in its favor and traces the influence of the atonement (at-one-ment) theology behind the concept through Israel’s wisdom school, New Testament and Gnostic sources, up through the Middle Ages.

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar and The Influence of Gesenius

as Edited and Enlarged by the late E. Kautzsch
ISBN: 978-1-59333-623-3
Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar is an essential reference tool for any student of classical Hebrew. Apart from the thorough explanation given to each aspect of grammar and syntax, this volume contains an exhaustive scriptural index which leads the user directly to passages that stand as examples of difficult constructions. A full paradigm of the Hebrew verb is also included.

The Jews in the Works of the Church Fathers

Sources for Understanding the Agaddah
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 67
ISBN: 978-1-59333-883-1
In this stellar study of what the works of select patristic authors (Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Eusebius Ephraem, and Jerome) reveal about the Aggadah, Samuel Krauss offers an insightful and provocative reading of the sources.

The Jews in Persia

Their Books and Practice
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 66
ISBN: 978-1-59333-882-4
This essay provides a detailed description of each manuscript the author acquired during this sojourn among the Jews of Persia. A discussion of the rituals of the Jewish people which the author met offers great insight into their liturgical life.

The Songs of the Return (Psalms 120-134)

A Critical Commentary with Historical Introduction, Translation and Indexes
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 76
ISBN: 978-1-59333-890-9
Appended to this thesis is a short work, which stood in place of a proposed work on the precise topic of Stevens’ thesis. The shorter piece, by Professor Paul Haupt focuses specifically on Psalm 130.

History of the Printed Editions of the Old Testament

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 78
ISBN: 978-1-59333-891-6
Offering a comprehensive study of the history of the recensions of the Hebrew Bible down to the author’s day, this essay provides the reader with a veritable genealogy of the different versions of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Book of Nahum

Translation, Commentary, Notes and Edited Text
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 69
ISBN: 978-1-59333-885-5
Presenting an original translation with introduction and commentary as well as an edited Hebrew text along with critical notes, this is an excellent resource for the study of the book of Nahum, both for the layperson and the scholar.

Samaritan Pentateuch Manuscripts

Two First-Hand Accounts
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 79
ISBN: 978-1-59333-892-3
The three essays in this volume address the physical, historical and literary features of what were at the time two of the very earliest clearly datable manuscripts of the Pentateuch known to exist.

The Septuagint Text of Hosea Compared with the Massoretic Text

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 75
ISBN: 978-1-59333-889-3
This essay takes a text critical approach to the comparison between the Septuagint and Massoretic texts of Hosea. Its reproduction seems timely as Septuagint studies have seen increased interest in recent times.

The Book of Micah

Translation, Commentary, Notes and Edited Text
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 68
ISBN: 978-1-59333-884-8
This work is a compilation of two articles by Professor Haupt on the book of Micah. Together, these articles provide an excellent resource for the study of the book of Micah, both for the layperson and the scholar.

The Book of Canticles

Translation, Commentary, Notes and Edited Text
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 74
ISBN: 978-1-59333-887-9
This work is a compilation of three articles by Professor Haupt on the Book of Canticles, also known as the Song of Songs. It is an excellent resource for study, both for the layperson and the scholar.