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John Mason Neale

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The Patriarchate of Alexandria

ISBN: 978-1-59333-050-7
The first volume of an ambitious project to document the history of the early church, this is one of John Mason Neale’s crowning achievements. Meticulously researched, Neale’s treatment of the early church in Egypt is among the required reading of any student of oriental Christianity still today. Beginning with the traditions of St. Mark’s foundation of the Egyptian church, the developments of Christianity are traced up through the controversies associated with Nestorius and the Council of Chalcedon. In Neale’s characteristically readable style, the early stages of Eastern Christianity and its noteworthy figures are presented here with historical accuracy and authority. The origins of monasticism, the troubles and triumphs of St. Athanasius, the Arian heresy, and the ecumenical councils are all treated in this important study of the church in Egypt.
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Picture of Hymns of the Eastern Church

Hymns of the Eastern Church

ISBN: 1-59333-054-5
Translated directly from the original Greek, this book was the first anthology of Eastern hymnology available in English. It quickly became popular after its publication and was used in the English-speaking churches of the Anglican Communion.
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Picture of  The Patriarchate of Antioch

The Patriarchate of Antioch

ISBN: 1-59333-045-6
A detailed history of the most ancient Patriarchate of Antioch by a leading scholar of the Eastern Church, published posthumously. Covering the Byzantine right of the Patriarchate, the book also includes The Memoirs of the Patriarchs of Antioch.
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Picture of The Liturgies of Saints Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostomos, and Basil, and the Church of Malabar

The Liturgies of Saints Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostomos, and Basil, and the Church of Malabar

ISBN: 1-931956-58-8
In this reissue of the English version of the Primitive Liturgies, the translation has been carefully revised and compared with the original texts, and a few additional notes have been appended to elucidate difficulties.
$103.00 $61.80