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Mouez Khalfaoui

Picture For Author Mouez  Khalfaoui

Mouez Khalfaoui is a Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Thought at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. He graduated from the University of Tunis and got a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Erfurt. He has lectured at the Universities of Tunis and Berlin, and is a member of several publishing, advising, social and political boards in Europe and worldwide. His main research fields are Islamic Law and Ethics, Minority Law, Islamic Education, Law and Society and Arabic Literature.

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Picture of Pluralism and Plurality in Islamic Legal Scholarship

Pluralism and Plurality in Islamic Legal Scholarship

The Case of the Fatāwā l-ʿĀlamgīrīya
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4231-2
This book presents the positions held by ḥanafite Muslim jurists in South Asia in the 17th century with regard to the coexistence of Muslims and non-Muslims, and, secondly, compares the opinions put forth by these South Asian jurists with those maintained by their counterparts in Central Asia and the Middle East.
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