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Peter Wick

Peter Wick is professor of New Testament at the Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany). He earned his PhD at the University of Basel, where he also got his Habilitation, and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His publications focus on Paul, Matthew, early Christian services and biblical ethics.

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Picture of Biblical Ethics

Biblical Ethics

Tensions Between Justice and Mercy, Law and Love
ISBN: 978-1-4632-3945-9
Biblical theology is confronted with tensions between love and justice. There are sometimes attempts to avoid these tensions by dissolving one side of the opposing concept. One such attempt is to identify love and mercy as the essence of Christian theology, overcoming law and reciprocal justice. However, such a dissolution is irresponsible not only ethically, but also theologically—as the discussion in a number of the studies collected in the present volume will demonstrate.