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History of the Iraqi City of Mosul (3-volume set)

The city of Mosul in northern Iraq, some 396 km (250 miles) northwest of Baghdad, is today a central point in the political struggles of Iraq. This three-volume set is the most comprehensive history of this historical city ever written. The first volume covers the political history of the city, the second volume covers the cultural history of Mosul, and the third volume is a comprehensive survey of the archaeology and art of the city.
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Venerabilis Baedae Historiam Ecclesiasticam (2-volume set)

This edition of Bede's Church History is based on the oldest manuscripts. It gives an account of Christianity in England, and is considered to be the foundation of our knowledge of British history.
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The Book of Governors: The Historia Monastica of Thomas of Marga AD 840 (2-volume set)

This narrative forms a history of the monasticism and asceticism of the Church of the East in the countries east of the Tigris. It is a valuable supplement to this history, as it is a period of existence in which little is known.
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The Histories of Rabban Hormizd and Rabban Bar-Idta (2-volume set)

The importance of these biographies lies in the fact that their subjects founded two great monasteries which became centers for teaching and monasticism at a critical period of the Church of the East, during the seventh and following centuries.
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The Chronography of Bar Hebraeus (2-volume set)

This is the standard edition of the chronicle of Bar Hebraeus in Syriac and English translation. It gives the political history of the world from the creation to the year AD 1286.
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Century Dictionary (12-volume set)

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedia, edited by William Dwight Whitney and Benjamin E. Smith, comprises twelve volumes, including over 500,000 defined terms, and two volumes of concise encyclopedic entries. The Century Dictionary contains full, accurate, and clear definitions, and its many supporting quotations are chosen to illustrate, where helpful, the typical uses of a word or its specific sense. Whitney, who is still regarded as the greatest American linguist of his time, gathered together a remarkable staff of general and specialist editors, that included many luminaries of American scholarship, to compile this beautiful dictionary.
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An English-Arabic Lexicon (4-volume set)

Badger’s historic English-Arabic lexicon has long been noted for its feature of rending English words into literary and colloquial Arabic. Hard to locate even in used form, this historical dictionary is now available to students of the history of language study and those interested in the history of Arabic study.
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Syriac Thesaurus (3-volume set)

This massive work of scholarly erudition is an authoritative Syriac lexicon that is essential for all students of the language. Now available with an English introduction, this monumental lexicographical work is of exceptional utility.
From $230.00

Treasure of the Syriac Language: A Dictionary of Classical Syriac (2-volume set)

Audo’s Syriac dictionary is a reference tool coveted by all students of the Syriac language. As a language tool it represents the Syriac known and used in the nineteenth century in the Middle East. This historic contribution to the understanding of the Syriac language is now available in a Gorgias edition with an English introduction.
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Arabic-English Dictionary (2-volume set)

Wortabet’s dictionary has a staying power not often found among historical dictionaries. In various forms it is still in wide use today. Going back to the historic original form, Gorgias Press is now offering this volume as part of its Historical Dictionary series.
From $128.10