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Kiraz Historical Dictionaries Archive

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Century Dictionary (12-volume set)

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedia, edited by William Dwight Whitney and Benjamin E. Smith, comprises twelve volumes, including over 500,000 defined terms, and two volumes of concise encyclopedic entries. The Century Dictionary contains full, accurate, and clear definitions, and its many supporting quotations are chosen to illustrate, where helpful, the typical uses of a word or its specific sense. Whitney, who is still regarded as the greatest American linguist of his time, gathered together a remarkable staff of general and specialist editors, that included many luminaries of American scholarship, to compile this beautiful dictionary.
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Dictionnaire Arabe-Francais (2-volume set)

The standard dictionary for the translation of Arabic into French for many years, this massive work contains all known Arabic roots. Apart from standard Arabic, the dialects of Algiers and Morocco are also included in this two-volume set.
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Arabic-Latin Lexicon (4-volume set)

A standard-setting lexicon of classical languages, Freytag’s Arabic-Latin dictionary remains a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of language study or anyone seeking insight into Arabic literature. This four-volume set contains a treasure trove of information.
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Supplement aux Dictionnaires Arabes (2-volume set)

This massive two volume supplemental dictionary was originally intended to complete E. W. Lane’s lexicographical work, but has come to stand as an essential wordbook in its own right. Going beyond a customary dictionary, it is a wealth of information about the Arabic world.
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Al-Lubab (2-volume set)

ISBN: 978-1-59333-549-6
A historical dictionary between two Semitic languages, Cardahi’s Syriac-Arabic dictionary was among the first attempts to bring together the classical languages of Eastern Christianity and Islam. Consistently referred to by subsequent Arabists, this lexicon has become a well-known reference book.
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New Dictionary of the Armenian Language (2-volume set)

Considered to be the most complete dictionary of Old Armenian (also known as Classical Armenian or Grabar, this historic dictionary is essential to the study of this language. Written by three members of the Mekhitarist Order, this project represents the first major attempt to document Old Armenian in any comprehensive way. This two-volume reference work is presented in the Classical Armenian alphabet with definitions given in Latin. The language of this dictionary represents the earliest known form of Armenian, making its value for the history of the language evident.
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A Dictionary of the Bible (5-volume set)

This copious dictionary of the Bible includes maps, an index, and a volume of related articles on various topics.
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