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Shawn J. Wilhite

Shawn J. WIlhite (Ph.D., New Testament, Th.M., Patristics, Southern Seminary) is Assistant Professor Christian Studies at California Baptist University and Ph.D. candidate in historical and theological studies (Patristics) at Durham University. He is director and research fellow for the Center for Ancient Christian Studies. His primary field of research and research interests include the New Testament and Early Christianity, which include the Christian scriptures (Matthew and Hebrews), Patristic Theology and Patristic Spirituality, Scripture in early Christian thought, and history of New Testament interpretation, Theological Interpretation of Scripture, and Patristic Hermeneutics.

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Picture of “One of Life and One of Death”

“One of Life and One of Death”

Apocalypticism and the Didache’s Two Ways
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4025-7
This book explores the apocalyptic influence upon the Two Ways metaphor in antiquity and more particularly the influence of the Two Ways in the Didache as veering from an apocalyptic worldview. The argument includes essential critical evaluation of the apocalyptic genre and assesses the apocalyptic features in ancient Two Ways texts. The predominant focus of the book will document and critically assess how the Didache veers from maintaining an apocalyptic worldview in its expression of the Two Ways (Did. 1–6).