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Silviu Nicolae Bunta

Rev. Silviu Nicolae Bunta holds a B.Div. degree in Orthodox theology from the University of Sibiu (Romania), an M.A. in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament from the University of Oradea (Romania), and a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament under the guidance of Deirdre Dempsey from Marquette University (USA). He is currently an Associate Professor in Scripture at the University of Dayton (Ohio) and a Visiting Associate Professor at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Yonkers (New York). He has published and lectured on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, the ascetical-mystical traditions and scriptural hermeneutics of early Judaism, as well as the ancient Christian and Orthodox reading of the Scriptures.

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Picture of The Lord God of Gods

The Lord God of Gods

Divinity and Deification in Early Judaism
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4333-3
The investigation of this book into early Jewish experiences of God begins with calls to discard any categorical and definitional approaches to the literature of early Judaism, and several enduring preconceptions about its mysticism and theology (particularly the relegation of its mysticism to particular texts and themes, and the molding of its theology in the image of medieval and post-medieval Jewish and Christian monotheisms). With this abandonment, the symbolic language of early Jewish texts gives sharper contours to a pre-formal theology, a theology in which God and divinity are more subjects of experience and recognition than of propositions. This clarity leads the investigation to the conclusion that early Judaism is thoroughly mystical and experiences a theology which is neither polytheistic, nor monotheistic, but deificational: there is only one divine selfhood, the divinity of “God,” but he shares his selfhood with “gods,” to varying degrees and always at his discretion. With some important differentiations which are also introduced here, this theology undergirds almost the entirety of early Judaism—the Bible, post-biblical texts, and even classical rabbinic literature. The greatest development over time is only that the boundaries between God and gods become at once clearer and less rigid.
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