Stephen Evodius Assemani

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The Works of St. Ephrem the Syrian (6-volume set)

The great Roman edition of Ephrem’s works, based on Vatican manuscripts, contains, in volumes 1-3, Syriac texts with Latin translation, and, in volumes 4-6, works in Greek attributed to Ephrem, these too with Latin translation.

Catalog of Syriac and Garshuni Manuscripts in the Vatican Library (2-volume set)

These two volumes, written by members of the Assemani family intimately familiar with the collection, cover the Vatican Syriac manuscripts and Arabic manuscripts written in Syriac letters (i.e. Garshuni).

Acta Sanctorum Martyrum Orientalium et Occidentalium (2-volume set)

Assemani here presents a large number of Syriac texts of martyrdoms from within and outside the Roman empire. Each text has a brief introduction, parallel Latin translation, and historical and literary notes.