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Sümeyra Yakar

Dr Sümeyra Yakar specializes in Islamic law and legal anthropology. She received her Ph.D. from Exeter University (2019) and currently works at the University of Iğdır in Turkey. Her studies focuses on the relationship between theory and practice in shar‘ī legal systems, especially in contemporary Saudi Arabia and Iran. She also studies religious practices, sectarian differences, and the influence of religion on politics in the Middle East.

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Picture of Islamic Jurisprudence and the Role of Custom

Islamic Jurisprudence and the Role of Custom

A Comparative Case Study of Saudi Arabia and Iran
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4351-7
An analysis of the connection between Islamic law (sharīʿa) and custom (ʿurf), identifying the ways in which personal and social issues are treated within contemporary Saudi and Iranian legal approaches. Approaches adopted by Saudi-Ḥanbalī and Iranian-Jaʿfarī scholars towards the sharʿī status of ʿurf in three particular categories are examined; the methodological perspective (classic and contemporary), the sharʿī opinions of scholars (fatwā) and the court verdicts of judges (aḥkām). The interaction between custom and textual authority is emphasised, developing an analytical framework of shar‘ī rules that pertain to social relations in general and marital issues in particular.