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Syriac and Eastern Christianity

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The Ancient Fathers on the Priesthood

On the Office and Work of the Priesthood in the Church of Christ
ISBN: 1-59333-043-X
This book draws upon the works of numerous patristic authorities as well as Bernard of Clairvaux and Peter de Blois. Male synthesized their theological reflection and endeavored to present “the unanimous sentiments of the Church Catholic on its important subject.”

The Maronites in History

Second Edition
ISBN: 1-59333-182-7
In making known the history of his people, Moosa brings the past to light for students and scholars of Christianity and the Middle East. This book offers hope for a community struggling to come to meaningful terms with itself in the midst of cultural upheaval.

Leshono Suryoyo: First Studies in Syriac

Series: Gorgias Handbooks 2
ISBN: 1-59333-190-8
John Healey’s, Leshono Suryoyo, is an introductory grammar for those wishing to learn to read Classical Syriac, one of the major literary dialects of Aramaic and the language of one of the main groups of Middle Eastern churches, including the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Church of the East, and the Chaldaean Church. From the first centuries of the Christian era, Syriac was used by the main theological and historical writers of this tradition (Ephrem the Syrian, Philoxenus of Mabbogh, Thomas of Marga, and Barhebraeus). It also continues to be used in worship.

Edessa: 'The Blessed City'

ISBN: 1-59333-193-2
This book describes events at Edessa, largely through contemporary accounts and incorporates much new material, notably six mosaics found by the writer between 1952 and 1959.

The Conversion of India: From Pantaenus to the Present Time (AD 193-1893)

ISBN: 1-59333-135-5
This book, based on six lectures by the author, gives the history of the conversion of India to Christianity from the earliest times until 1893. Smith’s work is useful for understanding the American missionary mentality of the nineteenth century.

Symbols of the Cross in the Writings of the Early Syriac Fathers

ISBN: 1-59333-230-0
The book takes the reader on a journey of cross symbolism. Karim covers topics from the paradise of Eden to the Crucifixion and Golgotha. He discusses the cross as a symbol of historical, sacramental, and eschatological events.

"Blessed is He who has brought Adam from Sheol"

Christ's Descent to the Dead in the Theology of Saint Ephrem the Syrian
ISBN: 1-59333-228-9
Buchan’s work is an examination of the theological use of the doctrine of Christ's descent to the dead in the works of Saint Ephrem the Syrian (ca. 306-373 C.E.). Ephrem's conception of Christ's descent to Sheol provides us with an important and distinctive vision of the significance of this salvific event. Ephrem's use of Semitic and non-Western poetic forms and structures as a mode of theological discourse, coupled with his preference for imagery and symbolism rather than definition, resulted in a variety of vivid depictions of Christ's descent to Sheol. The doctrine is shown to be an integral and multifaceted component of Ephrem's theology.

The Last Assyrians: A History of Aramaic-Speaking Christians

ISBN: 0-00000-006-X
The Last Assyrians is a film on the survival of the Aramaic-speaking Christians (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs). The U.S. edition is the English version.

Symbols of Church and Kingdom

A Study in Early Syriac Tradition
ISBN: 1-59333-150-9
In this revised and updated edition of his classic work, Robert Murray offers the fullest and most vivid picture yet available of the development and character of the culture. It will be of interest to a wide range of readers.

De Catholicis seu Patriarchis Chaldaeorum et Nestorianorum

ISBN: 1-59333-132-0
This book, originally published in Rome in 1775, remains the major reference to the history of the patriarchs of the Church of the East (Chaldean and "Nestorian"). The volume is appended by another work by J.A. Assemani on church unity.

The Separated Eastern Churches

ISBN: 1-59333-110-X
Janin's work gives an account of the various churches of the East, both Byzantine and oriental. The author gives the history and organizational structure for each branch of the church.

An Introduction to the History of the Assyrian Church

ISBN: 1-59333-103-7
In this book, the Rev. William Ainger Wigram, head of the Mission of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Assyrian Church, gives an introduction to the history of the ancient church, covering its Christology.

Antient Liturgies

ISBN: 1-59333-100-2
Antient Liturgies was a valuable resource at an early stage in comparative liturgical studies and continues to provide a broad overview of the diversity of early Christian worship in an accessible and convenient format for students and scholars.

The Syro-Latin Text of the Gospels

ISBN: 1-59333-167-3
This sequel to The Old Syriac Element in the text of the Codex Bezae (also available from Gorgias Press), shows that assimilation to Old Syriac texts was a predominant factor in the formation of the Greek and Latin Western text.

The Old Syriac Element in the Text of Codex Bezae

ISBN: 1-59333-166-5
An investigation into the character of the text contained in Codex Bezae and Codex Laudianus. The book is an independent contribution to the textual criticism of the New Testament. It reminds scholars not to neglect the Syriac perspective on textual problems and will remain useful by the materials it compiles.

The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans

ISBN: 1-59333-077-4
The first and only extensive treatment of the genocide of the Aramaic-speaking Christians of the Middle East, in particular the Syriac Orthodox communities, in the late 1800s and early 1900s under the Ottomans. Courtois bases his study on the diplomatic archives of the French Foreign Affairs office (Quai d'Orsay), the archives of the Dominican Mission at Mosul, Iraq, written eyewitness accounts, and oral interviews with genocide survivors conducted by the author.

Shirin: Christian - Queen - Myth of Love

A Woman of Late Antiquity: Historical Reality and Literary Effect
ISBN: 1-59333-282-3
Shirin, the beloved wife of the Persian shah, Chosroes II (b. 628), pulled political strings behind the scenes and supported the Christian minority in Iran.

Kurds and Christians

ISBN: 1-59333-106-1
This book is a compilation of letters, narratives of journeys and local traditions, and various documents pertaining to the Archbishop of Canterbury's Mission to the Assyrian Church of the East.

The Holy Eastern Church

A Popular Outline of its History, Doctrines, Liturgies and Vestments
ISBN: 1-59333-108-8
A brief introduction to Eastern Orthodoxy written at the time of renewed English interest in its liturgical past, this guidebook provides the essentials of Eastern Christianity for that time. The book provides an overview of the history, doctrines, liturgies, and vestments of the Orthodox tradition.

Early Eastern Christianity

St. Margaret's Lectures
ISBN: 1-59333-101-0
Contains six lectures: early bishops of Edessa, Bible in Syriac, early Syriac theology, marriage and the sacraments, Bardaisan and his disciples, Acts of Judas Thomas, and Hymn of the Soul. They were delivered in 1904 by Burkitt, then lecturer in paleography, at the University of Cambridge.

The Ancient Church Orders

ISBN: 1-59333-099-5
The Church Orders are an interesting series of manuals in The Ancient Church Orders. A. J. Maclean makes them better known to the modern reader, and explains the extent to which they throw light on early Christian worship and customs.

Mosul and Its Minorities

ISBN: 1-59333-107-X
Luke, once Assistant Governor of Jerusalem for the British Mandate government, hopes "to make these singularly interesting peoples better known to English readers, and to win for them additional sympathy in the difficult times through which they are passing."

Monks and Monasteries of the Near East

ISBN: 1-59333-276-9
Jules Leroy, the French art expert, spent several months touring the Near East in search of Early Christian remains. During this time he visited most of the monasteries in Egypt, Syria, the Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq.

The Scattered Pearls: History of Syriac Literature and Sciences

Translated by Matti Moosa
ISBN: 1-931956-04-9
The only history of Syriac literature to make use of hundreds of manuscripts from the east.

History of the Armenians in India

ISBN: 1-59333-049-9
The only history of its kind ever written, this book narrates the advent of the Armenian colony in India and its contribution to the East India Company. Seth describes in detail the Armenians’ commerce and power, as well as their literary and social activities.