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Syriac and Eastern Christianity

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Islam and the Oriental Churches: Their Historical Relations

Students' Lectures on Missions, Princeton Theological Seminary 1902-1903
ISBN: 1-931956-75-8
One of the first publications to tackle this subject, this book was widely read and used as a reference. The lectures cover the influence of Christianity on Islam, the relation of Christianity to Islamic theology, the expansion of Islam, the downfall of Christianity, and a look towards the future.

The Syriac Alphabet for Children (Hardback)

ISBN: 1-59333-113-4
This booklet presents the Syriac alphabet according to the West Syriac script, known also as Serto. With twenty-two illustrations, it is a great introduction to the alphabet for children, parents, and students of Syriac.

The Laughable Stories Collected by Mar Gregory John Bar-Hebraeus

ISBN: 1-59333-123-1
The first complete edition, containing 727 "laughable stories", by Bar-Hebraeus. It was the child of the compiler's old age, and says much for the broadmindedness and versatility of the learned Bar-Hebraeus.

Grammar of Modern Syriac Language as Spoken in Urmia, Persia, and Kurdistan

ISBN: 1-59333-124-X
A detailed grammar, with extensive vocabulary, of the Neo-Aramaic dialect as spoken in Urmia, by a missionary of the American Board in Persia.

The Diacritical Point and the Accents in Syriac

ISBN: 1-59333-125-8
The only detailed study of the diacritical and vocalization system of Syriac. Segal examines the history and usage of the diacritical point, from before the seventh century, up to the thirteenth century, taking into account both the East and West Syriac traditions.

The Nestorians or The Lost Tribe

With a New Introduction by H.L. Murre-van den Berg
ISBN: 1-59333-154-1
Grant gives an account of his interactions with the "Nestorians", arguing that they “are indeed the representatives and lineal descendants of the Ten Tribes.” His vivid descriptions of their lives and traditions are a valuable resource on the "Nestorian" Christians in the early 1800s.

Descriptive List of Syriac and Karshuni Manuscripts in the British Museum

ISBN: 1-59333-155-X
This is a catalogue of Syriac and Karshuni manuscripts purchased by the British Museum by W. Budge in 1889 and 1890 at Mosul, Alkosh, and the Tiari district. This is the sequal to Wright's Catalogue of the Syriac manuscripts in the British Meuseum, also available from Gorgias Press.

Healing in the Theology of Saint Ephrem

ISBN: 1-59333-156-8
Ephrem, the most celebrated writer of the Syriac Church, presents a wide range of theological themes and images that are characteristic of fourth-century Syrian Christianity. A significant theme that no one has yet studied in Ephrem is the concept of sickness and healing. This book presents the significance of healing theology and the ways in which the healing of man - spiritually, mentally, and corporally - is highly valued by Ephrem. The main part of the book deals with the causes of spiritual sickness and the process of healing, and the way in which Ephrem places them in the divine history of salvation.

The Syriac Alphabet for Children (Paperback)

ISBN: 1-59333-112-6
This booklet presents the Syriac alphabet according to the West Syriac script, known also as Serto. With twenty-two illustrations, it is a great introduction to the alphabet for children, parents, and students of Syriac. Paperback version

Amurath to Amurath: A Journey Along the Banks of the Euphrates

ISBN: 1-59333-153-3
Gertrude Bell, the well-known explorer and archaeologist, began her extensive travels in the Near East in 1892. In her trips, she surveyed and photographed the areas which she visited and investigated archeological sites.

Six Months in a Syrian Monastery

Being the Record of a Visit to the Head Quarters of the Syrian Church in Mesopotamia with some Account of the Yazidis or Devil Worshippers of Mosul and El Julwah, their Sacred Book
ISBN: 1-59333-152-5
This is an expert description of the Syrian Orthodox Church and all the more important for being practically the only book of its kind, even now. Parry is among the best writers in the genre of ecclesiastical tourism.

Eastern Liturgies

ISBN: 1-59333-118-5
In one volume, this classic in liturgical studies brings together the main types of Eucharistic liturgy of the various Eastern Christian Churches. For more than a century it has been a reference for students and scholars in comparative liturgy.

Tetraeuangelium Sanctum [Syriac Gospels, A Critical Edition]

ISBN: 1-931956-33-2
The standard critical edition of the Syriac Peshitta Gospels that satisfies requirements of scholarly research by its sound philological principles.

Hymns of the Eastern Church

ISBN: 1-59333-054-5
Translated directly from the original Greek, this book was the first anthology of Eastern hymnology available in English. It quickly became popular after its publication and was used in the English-speaking churches of the Anglican Communion.

The Gospel of the Twelve Apostles With the Apocalypses of Each One of Them

Together with the Apocalypses of Each one of Them, ed. from the Syriac MS.
ISBN: 1-59333-008-1
Harris edits and translates into English an eighth-century Syriac version of the Gospel of the Twelve Apostles that belongs to a well-defined apocalyptic tradition.

A History of the Holy Eastern Church: The Patriarchate of Antioch

ISBN: 1-59333-045-6
A detailed history of the most ancient Patriarchate of Antioch by a leading scholar of the Eastern Church, published posthumously. Covering the Byzantine right of the Patriarchate, the book also includes The Memoirs of the Patriarchs of Antioch.

Lectures on the History of the Eastern Church

ISBN: 1-59333-052-9
Twelve lectures on the branches of the Eastern Church, with an introduction on the province, the methods and the advantages of the study of Church History, by Arthur Stanley, Canon of Canterbury and Regius Prof. of Church History at Oxford (d. 1858).

East Syrian Daily Offices

ISBN: 1-59333-060-X
An English translation of the Daily Offices of the East Syriac rite, used today by the Assyrian Church of the East, the Chaldean Church, and the Syro-Malabar Church.

Narrative of a Visit to the Syrian [Jacobite] Church of Mesopotamia

ISBN: 1-59333-022-7
Southgate's encounters with the Syriac-speaking Christians of Turkey shed a light on the life and status of this ancient Christian minority.

The Festal Letters of Athanasius

ISBN: 1-59333-021-9
The text of the long-lost Festal Letters of St. Athanasius, discovered by Cureton. The volume is dedicated to H.G. Francis, Duke of Bedford.

Extracts from the Ecclesiastical History of John Bishop of Ephesus

ISBN: 1-59333-015-4
Composed in three parts, the book chronicles a critical period in the Syriac Orthodox Church, and represents the greatest literary work by the author. It includes grammatical, historical, and geographical notes in English and German.

Eighteen Centuries of the Orthodox Greek Church

ISBN: 1-59333-051-0
Using the Seven Ecumenical Councils as backbone, Hore provides the reader with an overview of the Greek Orthodox Church. Writing in an era when the Oxford Movement was reaching a wide array of Anglicans with the forgotten connections with orthodoxy, Hore presents a sympathetic view of Byzantine Christianity. Following the trials and difficulties of the early church after it received imperial approval, a sketch of the Greek Church, including the "separatist" Churches, emerges.

The Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius in Syriac

ISBN: 1-59333-041-3
The Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius of Caesarea, who flourished in the fourth century, has long been considered a landmark in Christian historiography. Written originally in Greek, a Syriac translation appeared during or shortly after the lifetime of the author.

A Treatise on Syriac Grammar by Mar Elia of Soba

ISBN: 1-59333-019-7
One of the main sources from which the famous Bar Hebraeus might have drawn his knowledge of Syriac grammar to write his semhe. This book is not only important for the history of Syriac grammars, but can be used to learn grammar itself.

The Eucharist Service of the Syrian Orthodox Church: Meaning and Interpretation

ISBN: 1-59333-023-5
An illustrated commentary on the text, meaning and interpretation of the Qurbono (Eucharist Service), including a discussion of all vestments and church parts, written by a leading bishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church from India.