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Tabetha Kiraz

Tabetha Gabriella Kiraz is pursuing her elementary degree at St. Matthias School and likes being in 3rd grade. She speaks Aramaic (Syriac): An article about her appeared in the Star Ledger on February 29, 2004. She likes reading and making books. This is her first printed book. She is now working on her next book called The Syriac Book of Opposites.

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Good vs. Evil

ISBN: 978-1-61143-968-7
Three friends go to the library one day and check out a book titled Good vs. Evil. They start reading the book, but soon they find themselves in the story. Find out about the adventures they endure to get out of the book and back into their own world.
$18.00 $10.80
Picture of My Baby Brother Lucian

My Baby Brother Lucian

ISBN: 978-1-61719-081-0
My Baby Brother Lucian is a biography of a baby that is born into a Syriac family as told by his 9-year-old sister. It provides a glimpse of the exciting changes an elder sister faces in the first year of a new baby's life: From what to name the baby, to how the family prepares for a baptism in the Syriac Orthodox tradition, and finally to the one-year birthday party. This book is a simple yet elegant description of the milestones of an infant in his first year of life.
$18.00 $10.80