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William Mahaney

Picture For Author William  Mahaney

William C. Mahaney is the president of Quaternary Surveys an environmental consulting firm and former director of the Geomorphology and Pedology Lab at York University in Toronto. He is professor emertus at York University and is the holder of the G.K. Gilbert award (1993) of the AAG for excellence in geomorphologic research. He has written extensively in the area of Quaternary geologic research.

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Hannibal's Odyssey

The Environmental Background to the Alpine Invasion of Italia
ISBN: 978-1-59333-951-7
Hannibal's invasion of Italia in 218 BC is depicted from the standpoint of environmental evidence elicited from ancient texts, and analyzed against present-day Earth Science databases. The conclusion is that the Punic Army followed the southern route over the Alps; a proposal first made by Sir Gavin de Beer in the 1960's.