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Zena Kamash

Zena Kamash is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford University. She holds a BA Hons in Classics from Oxford University and a D Phil. in Roman archaeology from Magdalen College, Oxford University. She is an expert in Roman water management in the Near East and also has research interests in Roman material culture and religion.

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Archaeologies of Water in the Roman Near East

63 BC – AD 636
ISBN: 978-1-61143-421-7
Water is one of the most benign, and destructive, powers in the lives of all people, in particular in arid areas such as the Near East. This book provides an alternative way of thinking about the Roman Near East by exploring how its inhabitants managed and lived with their water supplies, especially in the wake of the Roman conquest. Through geographical, hydrological, and anthropological perspectives, this study aims to see how water can inform us about the nature of Roman Imperialism, the Roman economy, change and transformation in Late Antiquity.