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Duccio Lelli

Duccio Lelli received his BA and MA in Classics from the University of Florence. He holds PhDs from the University of Macerata (2014) and Leiden University (2015), both in the field of Vedic. He has been awarded a Gonda Fellowship to study at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden and another fellowship for the École française d'Extrême-Orient. He currently lives and works in Pistoia, Italy.

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Picture of Kāṇḍa Fifteen

Kāṇḍa Fifteen

Text, translation, commentary
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4204-6
Since its discovery and the initial efforts toward its critical edition, the Paippalādasaṃhitā of the Atharvaveda (PS) has attracted the attention of Vedic scholars and Indologists for several reasons. It constitutes a precious source for the study of the development of the earliest language. The text contains important information about various rites and magical practices, and hints about the oldest Indo-Iranian and Indo-European myths. All of this makes the PS a text of inestimable value for the study of Indian language and culture.
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