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e-Gorgias (Issues 10, August 2006)


Issue 10
August 2006
Reading Time: 15 minutes

Welcome to this special tenth issue of eGorgias where we are offering a very exciting Back to School Sale with many FREE books from Gorgias (see below for details). Gorgias is committed to students and scholars, and would like to make your scholarly experience as affordable as possible.

Much has happened during the summer, and we would like to share some news with you. Gorgias has now entered into partnership with Bar Hebraeus Verlag where Gorgias will be an exclusive distributor of Bar Hebraeus Verlag books. Look for offers of Bar Hebraeus Verlag publications in the near future. Further, Oxbow become a distributor of all Gorgias publications giving you an outlet for Gorgias publications in Europe.

We are also excited to announce that Gorgias has just published over 10 books in the fields of modern Assyrian studies and missionary studies. These books are reprints, some with new introductions, of very rare books from the David Malick private collection. The books are listed below under the “Coming Soon” section, and will be shipping in a couple of weeks. David Malick has generously provided Gorgias with digitizations of his valuable books, sharing his treasures which he collected over many years with others.

We added a new section in e-Gorgias called Gorgias Reviews. We will be sharing with you what reviewers thing of Gorgias books. As usual, we will give you conference reports as well.

Gorgiasians have chosen Assistant Professor Jozef Matula as the Gorgias Enthusiast of the Month of August. Read below what Jozef has to say about the activities Gorgias Press.


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For a complete list of our recent releases click here.

The Widmanstadt-Moses of Mardin Editio Princeps of The Syriac Gospels of 1555
By Widmanstadius-Moses of Mardin

ISBN 1-59333-999-2, Cloth Limited Edition, $450

A facsimile reprint of the first edition of the Syriac New Testament, published by J. A. Widmanstadius and Moses of Mardin in 1555. This limited collector edition is custom bound, with long lasting high-quality acid-neutral paper.

Compendious Syriac Grammar
By Theodor Noldeke

ISBN 1-57506-050-7, Hardback, $44.5

This quality Eisenbrauns reprint of Crichton's 1904 translation of Noldeke's Kurzgefasste Syrische Grammatik incorporates for the first time Anton Schall's transcription of the great Semitist's original handwritten supplementary material (translated by Peter T. Daniels). Noldeke outlines in great detail the orthography, phonology, morphology, and syntax of Syriac in this reference grammar.

Typography of Syriac: A Historical Catalogue of Printing Type, 1537-1958
By J. F. Coakley

ISBN 1-58456-192-0, Hardback, $75

Syriac has a long and rich printing history. This study records and abundantly illustrates no fewer than 129 different Syriac types, using archival documents, type-specimens, and the often scattered evidence of the print itself.

Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug / Homiliae Selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis
By Jacob of Sarug

ISBN 1-59333-327-7, Hardback, $1200

Jacob of Sarug is one of the most celebrated poets of Eastern Christianity and the Syriac tradition. The Gorgias Press edition, edited by Sebastian P. Brock, contains over 100,000 lines of poetry based on Bedjan’s 1905 edition.

Al-Tabari's Annals of the Apostles and Kings: A Critical Edition
By Abu Ja`far Mohammad ibn Jarir Al-Tabari

ISBN 1-59333-299-8, Hardback, $1380

This work covers the history of the world form the earliest period of the patriarchs, prophets, and rules down to July 915. It includes the histories of the Sasanian period, the Prohet Muhammad and the first four caliphs, the Umaiyads, and the Abbasids.

The Letters of John of Dalyatha
By Mary Hansbury

ISBN 1-59333-341-2, Paperback, $39

John of Dalyatha outlines the itinerary of those who are baptized: purification, sanctification through silence, tears, wonder, divine light; union through contemplation, praise, assistance of the angels- leading to the vision of God.

Syriac-English-French-Arabic Dictionary
By Louis S.J. Costaz

ISBN 2-7214-2235-9, Hardback, $65

Aimed at the student in mind, Costaz’s Syriac-French-English-Arabic dictionary provides for each Syriac gloss its meaning in French, English, and Arabic. Under each root lemma, all the derivatives of the root are given, with their morphological data. The entries are typeset nicely so one can easily find the meaning in either French, English or Arabic. The dictionary also contains a mini dictionary of proper names.

Transmission and Reception: New Testament Text-Critical and Exegetical Studies
By J.W. Childers and D.C. Parker

ISBN 1-59333-367-6, Hardback, $76

Exploring various topics pertaining to the transmission and reception of the New Testament, this volume presents sixteen new studies that bear important implications for textual criticism, New Testament interpretation, and understanding the formative impact of the New Testament text on Early Christianity.

The Syriac-Speaking People [Suryaniler]
By Melih Duygulu

ISBN 0-00000-030-X, Hardback w/ CD, $47

Referred to by many enthusiasts of the Syriac tradition as the best compilation of Syriac music, This limited supply 2 CD and booklet set is an excellent introduction to Syriac tradition, through the lenses of both religion and culture. The first CD is a highlight of the rich liturgical hymns while the second CD gives a rich taste of popular folk music of this ancient tradition.


An Introduction to Syriac Studies By Sebastian Brock
Primarily intended as a handbook for the student embarking on the field of Syriac studies, this Introduction should also prove a very useful resource for scholars working in adjacent fields who need to make use of Syriac materials.
ISBN 1-59333-349-8, Paperback, $29

The Bible in the Syriac Tradition (English Version) By Sebastian Brock
This is an introduction to the Syriac versions of the Bible, with chapters on the manuscript tradition, the main editions, commentaries, and various aspects of the ways the Bible was interpreted and used in the Syriac literary and liturgical tradition.
ISBN 1-59333-300-5, Paperback, $29

Widmanstadt’s First Syriac Grammar of 1555: Syriacæ linguæ … prima elementa By George Kiraz (ed)
This edition is a reproduction of the first Syriac printed grammar, compiled in 1555 by Johannes Albertus Widmanstadt (1506–1559), probably with the help of Moses of Mardin. Widmanstadt and Moses had just finished printing the first printed Syriac New Testament, and compiled this grammar as a companion. A few tables of the alphabet and various syllabic variations teaches the student how to read Syriac. This is followed by prayers and liturgical texts given in Syriac, Latin transcription, Hebrew transcription and Latin translation. In addition to its value as a collectable item, it can still be used by beginners.
ISBN 1-59333-372-2, Cloth Limited Edition, $195

Century Dictionary By William Dwight Whitney (ed)
The Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedia, edited by William Dwight Whitney and Benjamin E. Smith, comprises thirteen volumes, including over 500,000 defined terms, two volumes of concise encyclopedic entries, and a world atlas. The Century Dictionary contains full, accurate, and clear definitions, and its many supporting quotations are chosen to illustrate, where helpful, the typical uses of a word or sense. Whitney, who is still regarded as the greatest American linguist of his time, gathered together a remarkable staff of general and specialist editors, which included many luminaries of American scholarship to compile this beautiful dictionary.
ISBN 1-59333-375-7, Hardback, $1000

Thomas Allom's Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor By Mark Wilson
Allom traveled through Constantinople, Bursa, and the Aegean region making drawings. Allom’s scenic portraiture, paired with descriptive commentary by Robert Walsh, is a cultural, historical, and artistic treasure of great interest to contemporary travelers and readers.
ISBN 1-59333-139-8, Hardback, $129

Massacres, Resistance, Protectors: Muslim-Christian Relations in Eastern Anatolia during World War I By David Gaunt
This pioneering historical investigation of the genocide of the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syrian Christians of Upper Mesopotamia during World War I uses primary sources of Turkish, Russian, German, French, and Arabic origin, and oral histories by survivors and their descendants.
ISBN 1-59333-301-3, Paperback, $48

Nestorian Questions on the Administration of the Eucharist by Isho'yabh IV By Willem Cornelis Van Unnik
Isho’yabh IV was a schoolmaster of very high repute and later became the Catholicos of the Church of the East. He wrote tracts on liturgical matters in the first two decades of the eleventh in order to restore the traditions of his church. In Nestorian Questions of the Administration of the Eucharist, Willem Cornelis van Unnik gives a comprehensive research of the liturgical writings of Isho’yabh IV in the context of the ‘Nestorian’ liturgical tradition based on the manuscript tradition. After an analysis of the text, the author gives an annotated English translation of the text and a reproduction of the original Syriac text with a critical apparatus.
ISBN 1-59333-409-5, Hardback, $78

The Book of Crumbs: An Anthology of Syriac Texts By Anonymous
An anthology of Syriac texts from the Syriac fathers. Each author is first introduced, in Syriac, and then excerpts from his writings are given. The texts begin with the Abgar Legend (the Acts of Addai) and end with the writings of the sixteenth century author Abdisho of Jazirah.
ISBN 1-59333-415-X, Hardback, $78

The History of Yaballaha III and of His Vicar Bar Sauma By James A. Montgomery
This books gives an introduction and an annotated English translation of the Syriac account of Yaballaha III, Church of the East Patriarch, and his vicar Bar Sauma, the Mongol Ambassador to the Frankish courts at the end of the thirteenth century. The translation is based on Bedjan’s 1895 edition of the Syriac text (also available from Gorgias Press). In addition to the translation, James A. Montgomery, the editor of this volume, gives a survey of the Mongols and their relations to the West, and a brief history of the ‘Nestorian’ Church.
ISBN 1-59333-414-1, Hardback, $58

The Tragedy of the Assyrians By R. S. Stafford
The Tragedy of the Assyrians depicts the massacres that befell the Assyrian in Iraq in 1933, following their uprooting from their homelands during World War I.
ISBN 1-59333-413-3, Hardback, $68

The Measure of a Man: The Life of William Ambrose Shedd, Missionary to Persia By Mary Lewis Shedd
This book gives the biography of William Ambrose Shedd (1876-1918), written by Mary Lewis Shedd, the wife of his last years. W. A. Shedd was an American Protestant missionary who was born in Urmia, Iran, and spent most of his life, after getting educated in Princeton, there amongst the Assyrian Christians of northwestern Iran.
ISBN 1-59333-412-5, Hardback, $68

The Rage of Islam: An Account of the Massacres of Christians by the Turks in Persia By Yonan Shahbaz

The Rage of Islam is a thrilling account of the massacres that befell the Christians of Persia in 1915. The book provides a good description of the massacres of 1915 from the point of view of a native Assyrian.
ISBN 1-59333-411-7, Hardback, $68

A Residence of Eight Years in Persia among the Nestorian Christians with Notices of the Muhammedans By Justin Perkins
Gives a travelogue and a journal of his missionary activities in the Middle East between 1834 and 1841, primarily with the Church of the East.
ISBN 1-59333-410-9, Hardback, $78

History of the Syrian Nation and the Old Evangelical-Apostolic Church of the East By George David Malech
This book is the first account written in English on the history of the Church of the East by one of its own adherents. The basis of the book is a history that was written in Assyrian (Neo-Aramaic) by Shamasha George David Malech (1837-1909).
ISBN 1-59333-408-7, Hardback, $78

The Throne of Saliq: The Condition of Assyrianism in the Era of the Incarnation of Our Lord, and Notes on the History of Assyria By Mirza Dawid Gewargis Malik
Mirza Dawid Gewargis Malik (1876-1931) was a prolific writer in Neo-Aramaic (modern Assyrian). This volume contains the texts of two of his books, a collection of poems, one of which is dedicated to Nicolas II, Emperor of Russia, and Notes on the History of Assyria.
ISBN 1-59333-406-0, Hardback, $48

Christians Under the Crescent in Asia By E. L. Cutts
An account of a journey among the Assyrians in Turkey and Persia in 1876. The author, Edward L. Cutts, was sent on a mission of inquiry by the Archbishop of Canterbury in response to petitions from Assyrians to the Church of England requesting the establishment of a mission to open schools among them in order to bring about their educational and spiritual renewal.
ISBN 1-59333-405-2, Hardback, $78

Missionary Life in the Middle East By Frederick Coan
Depicts the life of the missionary in the Middle East during the nineteenth century. The book begins with a history of Persia and its topography and character. Then the author gives a travelogue of his journeys in the Middle East, describing all aspects of daily life. The modern Assyrians and Kurds get a prominent place in the book. The author describes places in modern Iran, Iraq and Turkey.
ISBN 1-59333-404-4, Hardback, $78

The Catholicos of the East and His People By William Henry Browne Maclean, Arthur John
Describes the life and customs, both ancient and modern, of the modern Assyrians (“Nestorians”) who formed in the nineteenth century a remarkable outpost of Christianity in the Middle East. The authors rely in their descriptions on the Sunhadus, or Book of Canon Law, which governs that Church even today.
ISBN 1-59333-403-6, Hardback, $78

The Book of the Bee By Solomon of Akhlat
a collection of theological and historical texts compiled by Solomon of Akhlat in the thirteenth century. The book consists of 55 chapters discussing various topics including the creation, heaven and earth, the angels, darkness, paradise, Old Testament patriarchs, New Testament events, lists of kings and patriarchs, and the final day of resurrection. This edition, edited by E. A. W. Budge, gives the original Syriac text with an English translation. The edition also includes an extract from the Arabic version of the same text.
ISBN 1-59333-402-8, Hardback, $78

The Baqubah Refugee Camp By H. H. Austin
This book gives a detailed picture of the Baqubah refugee camp by the commandant of the Camp. .Austin discusses the Camp’s organization and life in the Camp. The book also discusses the work of the “Assyrian Contingent” that was formed in the Camp.
ISBN 1-59333-401-X, Hardback, $48


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Just Published Page
The Recently Published page on the Gorgias web site has now been modified to contain two lists. The first, “Just Published”, contains books in print that are hot off the press. These books are ready to ship.

The second list, “Forthcoming”, lists new books that are either in press (under preparation) or forthcoming. The Gorgias staff will be working hard to get you those books as soon as possible.


Gorgiasians Choose Jozef Matula as the Enthusiast of the Month.

Image above: Jozef Matula with his wife Gabriela and daughter Annamaria

Jozef Matula is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Palacy University in the Czech Republic. He defended his Ph.D. thesis on the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and his understanding of the process of cognition in June, 2001. He has been very excited about Gorgias and its publication for some time now… Jozef says:

When I was trying to find Christopher Livanos´ dissertation on Gennadios Scholarios, I came across the website of Gorgias Press which published his book in an excellent quality and presentation. I carefully searched through the online catalogue and read all the information about the press house and its employees. I find the website and activities of Gorgias Press an admirable project which aims at helping independent authors and institutions to complete their manuscripts and long-time research on various topics.

I was very happy to learn that Gorgias Press has published several books by Prof. Sebastian Brock (Oxford) whom I met during my participation at the Summer School at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary in July, 2004. Prof. Brock presented very important and interesting lectures on Syriac spirituality and the tradition of Syriac translations. At that time my knowledge of Syriac intellectual and monastic tradition was very superficial and the lectures of Prof. Brock awakened my interest in it. The publication The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage (by Sebastian Brock et al.) is, in my opinion, a masterpiece and it deserves great recognition and acknowledgment. Sebastian Brock´s books such as An Introduction to Syriac Studies, The Wisdom of Isaac the Syrian, are one of the best gates to the beauty and richness of Syriac spiritual tradition.

Although I can express only my first impression on the Gorgias Press, I believe that the production of the Gorgias Press will contribute to my interest in the richness of the ancient traditions. To all my colleagues, I strongly recommend the publication by Skarsten, Peder Borgen, Kåre Fuglseth, Roald titled The Complete Works of Philo of Alexandria: A Key-Word-In-Context Concordance which seems to me a very helpful resource containing all the Greek words in the writings of Philo of Alexandria.

The website of the Gorgias Press is excellent and I was happy to read some biographical data about the employees as well. I have had a great experience with the communication with the staff which is an important presupposition of friendly atmosphere and trustworthy cooperation.

Greek Tradition and Latin Influence in the Work of George Scholarios
By Christopher Livanos

ISBN 1-59333-344-7, Hardback, $76

This book attempts to understand the miscommunications between Greeks and westerners in the fifteenth century by concentrating on the work of George Gennadios Scholarios who under the name of Gennadios II became the first Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church during Ottoman Rule.

The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage
By Sebastian Brock (et al.)

ISBN 1-931956-99-5, Hardback, $280

An unprecedented book and album set on the Aramaic heritage, including three one hour documentary video tapes. Vol. I covers the ancient Aramaic heritage, vol. II is on the heirs of the heritage, & vol. III covers one of the witness communities today

An Introduction to Syriac Studies
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-349-8, Paperback, $29

Primarily intended as a handbook for the student embarking on the field of Syriac studies, this Introduction should also prove a very useful resource for scholars working in adjacent fields who need to make use of Syriac materials.

The Complete Works of Philo of Alexandria: A Key-Word-In-Context Concordance
By Roald Skarsten, Peder Borgen, Kåre Fuglseth

ISBN 1-59333-350-1, Hardback, $1480

This concordance is a result of The Norwegian Philo Concordance Project and a printout of a database containing all the Greek words in the writings of Philo of Alexandria. All words of Philo have been tagged and lemmatized. It presents all Philo words within its context in alphabetic order.

The Luminous Eye: The Spiritual World Vision of St. Ephrem
By Sebastian Brock

ISBN 1-59333-455-9, Paperback, $29

All but unknown outside the Syrian tradition, Ephrem's rich theology of symbol, asceticism, and prayer amply deserves to stand beside his more famous Greek contemporaries.


Review of F.E. Brightman's Eastern Liturgies
By Shawn Tribe, The New Liturgical Movement

Some liturgical books are desireable for reason of their contents and some for their scarcity, whereas some are desireable for both reasons. One such book was F.E. Brightman's classic in comparative liturgy, Eastern Liturgies, now republished by Gorgias Press, a publisher that specializes in Eastern and specifically, Arabic, Christian offerings.

F.E. Brightman's book was originally published under the full title of Liturgies Eastern and Western in 1896, of which one volume was to be of Western liturgies and the other of Eastern. The former was never came to fruition and the latter is represented in this volume and is divided into a four-fold division: the Syrian, Egyptian, Persian and Byzantine rites.

Brightman's work is, as has been said, a classic in comparative liturgy, though it is not for the faint of heart. It should be understood that this book is an academic text, and like such texts produced in an era of greater study of the classical languages, many of its Greek and Latin references remain untranslated. Likewise, a number of the liturgies incorporated in the text are also only in Greek and remain untranslated. That being said, even if you are not a scholar of Greek, the book has a significant number of Eastern liturgies which have been translated into the English language and which will be of interest.

Kudos to Gorgias Press for making titles such as Brightman's Eastern Liturgies again available to the general public. [Full Review]

Review of J. Rendal Harris’s The Apology of Aristides on Behalf of the Christians and J. A. Robinson’s, The Passion of Saint Perpetua
By Paul Forbes , The Expository Times

Gorgias Press has recently commenced re-issuing editions of significant, but often neglected texts. [The] volumes are handsomely presented in hardbound format and make available again a number of primary sources that reflect the richness of the early-Christian literary endeavour… Gorgias Press is to be commended for making these important editions available to a new generation of readers.

Review of Jerome Lund’s The Old Syriac Gospel of the Distinct Evangelists, A Key-Word-In-Context Concordance
By David Taylor, Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies

Lund’s impressive concordance of the Curetonian and Sinaitic Old Syriac Gospel manuscripts, which at just under 2500 pages in length, is a work of truly stakhanovite proportions!... I firmly believe that the publication of Jerry Lund’s concordance marks the beginning of a whole new era of text-critical and linguistic study of the Old Syriac Gospels, and I for one would like to thank him enthusiastically for the invaluable resource that he has placed within our hands. [Full Review]

Review of Aphram I Barsaum’s The Scattered Pearls: History of Syriac Literature and Sciences< /a>
By David Taylor,
Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies

For over fifty years Patriarch Ignatios Aphram Barsoum’s introduction to Syriac literature, The Scattered Pearls, has been an essential tool for specialist Syriac scholars, and yet it has not had as wide an impact outside the Middle East as it deserves because it has only been available in the original Arabic version (Kitab al-Lu’lu’ al-Manthur) and in a Syriac translation (Ktobo d-Berulle Bdire), and before their republication by the Bar Hebraeus Press in Holland even copies of these editions were difficult to locate. This complete translation into English by Matti Moosa, the first into any European language, is thus to be warmly welcomed because it will enable a far wider readership to gain access to the riches of Barsoum’s work… Matti Moosa should be warmly congratulated for having made this excellent translation of Barsoum’s pioneering work available to a new generation of scholars and students. [Full Review]
Eastern Liturgies
By F E Brightman

ISBN 1-59333-118-5, Hardback, $88

In one volume, this classic in liturgical studies, brings together the main types of Eucharistic liturgy of the various Eastern Christian Churches. For more than a century it has been a reference for students and scholars in comparative liturgy.

The Apology of Aristides on behalf of the Christians
By J Rendel Harris

ISBN 1-59333-278-5, Hardback, $58

This is the first Syriac work of the Cambridge scholar, J. R. Harris. The author gives the Syriac text with an English translation, accompanied by an introduction and notes.

The Passion of S. Perpetua
By J A Robinson

ISBN 1-59333-277-7, Hardback, $58

In this book, the late Cambridge scholar, J. A. Robinson, provides a study of the Greek and Latin texts of the passion and martyrdom of Saint Perpetua, based on newly discovered manuscripts at the time.

The Old Syriac Gospel of the Distinct Evangelists, A Key-Word-In-Context Concordance
By Jerome Lund

ISBN 1-59333-069-3, Hardback, $540

A concordance of the two text witnesses to the Old Syriac Gospel of the Distinct Evangelists (Evangelion da-Mepharreshe), namely Codex Curetonianus and Codex Sinaiticus. The text basis for this concordance is that found in George Anton Kiraz, Comparative Edition of the Syriac Gospels (Gorgias Press, 2nd ed., 2004) with a number of judicious emendations.

The Scattered Pearls: History of Syriac Literature and Sciences
By Aphram (Ephrem) I Barsaum

ISBN 1-931956-04-9, Hardback, $95

The only history of Syriac literature to make use of hundreds of manuscripts from the east. “This is a work which has long been recognized as an essential source of information for anyone with a serious interest in Syriac literature.” Sebastian P. Brock, University of Oxford

Histore des Sciences et de la Littrature Syriaque
By Aphram (Ephrem) I Barsaum

ISBN 1-59333-452-4, Paperback, $68

Barsaum Histoire (known as al-Lulu al-Manthur in the original) gives the history of Syriac sciences and literary production from the beginning of Syriac until the twentieth century.


Gorgias Press at Conferences

Gorgias Press will be exhibiting at the following conferences. Visit our book exhibit to receive conference discount on all our books.

International Congress of Byzantine Studies
August 21-26, 2006, SOAS, London, UK

Aramaic Studies Conference
August 24-27, 2006, Leiden, The Netherlands

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) Annual Meeting
November 15-18, 2006 Capital Hilton, Washington D.C.

American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature (AAR/SBL) Annual Meeting
November 18-21, 2006 in Washington, DC

Report on SBL International

Gorgias Press was represented at the Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting by Jeffrey Volkmer. The conference was held on July 2-5 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The meeting convened at the University of Edinburgh, and provided a wonderful opportunity to present Gorgias Press to a cadre of Biblical scholars from around the world. Our two table display at the meeting served as the hub for those scholars working in Syriac studies of all types, while at the same time specialists from a wide swath of disciplines were pleasantly surprised to see publications applying to their interests. In fact, a constant refrain from those having a previous acquaintance with Gorgias Press only as a publisher of “Syriac materials” had their perception broadened as particular interest was given titles on Midrash, cultic festivals, and Judaic studies.

Another element of our display which elicited delightful comments from conference patrons was their discovery of Gorgias Press’s many reprints. Many stood in awe and flipped through the pages of Layard’s The Monuments of Ninevah and were delighted to see the “Text and Studies” reprints once again, with a new Third Series edited by David Parker and David Taylor. In the end, the SBL International conference was wholly successful in introducing Gorgias Press to scores of Biblical researchers working outside North America and re-orienting those who had encountered the press’s Syriac materials but were less aware of the rich material reaching into other disciplines.

Report on RAI

Gorgias Press was represented at the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale conference, held in Münster, Germany, by Gorgias President George A. Kiraz, Gorgias Vice President Christine Kiraz, and the most highly ranked officer of the press Sebastian Kenoro Kiraz, CFO. The conference was organized by Institut für Altorientalische Philologie und Vorderasiatische Altertumskunde of the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster, and was held in the Schloss Münster, the beautiful former residence of the agha of Münsteristan! The conference was attended by a few hundred scholars from all over the world who are interested in Assyriology and the ancient near east. [Photo: Sebastian Kenoro inspecting quality of Gorgias books.]

The Monuments of Nineveh
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-59333-068-5, Cloth Limited Edition, $780

This is the companion to Ninevah and Its Remains. This large, handsome volume, carefully reproduced from the original edition of 1849-53 and bound in deluxe cloth, contains 170 drawings made by Layard of sculptures, bas-reliefs, and other objects discovered by him among the ruins of Nineveh.


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