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Ghattas Maqdasi Elias

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Pieces of Late-Ripening Fruit

ISBN: 978-1-60724-276-5
Ghattas Maqdisi Elias, “Malphono Denho,” was perhaps the greatest Syriac poet of the twentieth century and a major figure in the Syriac literary revival which took place then. This book collects together a number of Maqdisi’s writings, including poems, a series of letters written to Abrohom Nouro, selected Syriac and Arabic essays, as well as the Maqdisi’s last interview (conducted in English).
$169.00 $101.40

A Book of Poems and Essays

ISBN: 978-1-60724-151-5
This is a collection of poems and essays by Ghattas Maqdasi Elias, an important figure in twentieth-century Syrian Orthodox letters and education, also known as ‘Malfono Denho.’ The book contains writings previously published in books and journals as well as items published for the first time in this volume.
$148.00 $88.80

Fragrance of the Mountain

By Ghattas Maqdasi Elias; Edited with an Introduction by Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim
ISBN: 978-1-60724-165-2
Ghattas Maqdasi Elias, the ‘Malphono,’ was one of the most important Syriac writers of the twentieth century and devoted much of his life to ensuring that classical Syriac remained a vibrant and living language. For the lover of Syriac and Syriac poetry, therefore, this small book represents a special treat: a collection of twenty five of Elias’ poems are assembled and printed here.
$103.00 $61.80