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VK McCarty

V.K. McCarty lectures on Ascetical Theology at General Theological Seminary, where she earned an M.A. cum laude in Biblical Studies and served for many years as Acquisitions Librarian. She earned an M. Mus. from the University of Louisville. Her published work focuses on Early Christian women and Byzantine Studies.

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Picture of From Their Lips

From Their Lips

Voices of Early Christian Women
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4255-8
The Church venerates among its saints several Early Christian women whose teaching and wisdom contribute to the depth of our theological heritage. Their inspired voices can be heard at work witnessing: in the New Testament, in the early centuries of the Church Fathers and throughout the Byzantine era. Readers will find this volume bringing female leaders from the Early Church to life from the traditional ancient sources and sharing their experience of the presence of God. Their remembered advice to followers still illuminates issues of faith and justice which bind us together as Christians today.